Everything Wrong With Starship Troopers in 19 Minutes or Less

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Starship Troopers is almost certainly satire, though some still insist it is not. Your opinion in this matter will impact your enjoyment of the film. Would you like to know more?
Thursday: Recent horror sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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KingLuc305 9 timmar sedan
Here is another Sin that you could add. At the very end of the movie when they were doing that Propaganda Commercial to recruit more people and they were like we need more Officer like Captain Carmen. But before they came to her they said be like this female pilot, I can't remember her name, like we supposed to know who she is. Who the fuck is she? If she was the other female cadet that was there when Carmen was flying the shuttle craft, where was she this entire time
Maarten Allegaert
Maarten Allegaert Dag sedan
2:15 Wow that was quite a sentence
Jeff Dag sedan
Yeah, a government that has a strictly volunteer military that has a strictly volunteer infantry is fascist...
burningb24 Dag sedan
All Sins were the whole Movie.
Boebie 505
Boebie 505 2 dagar sedan
Bruh sin the second starship troopers
baylinkdashyt 2 dagar sedan
The thing most wrong with it is that it exists. Well, and that it's not still called Bug Hunt at Outpost 9, rather than sullying the Heinlein title (and story).
docdizzle666 3 dagar sedan
There’s something wrong with your video title because there’s NOTHING wrong with Starship Troopers. Service Guarantees Citizenship!
Balazs Szikora
Balazs Szikora 3 dagar sedan
CinemaSins thinks Irony is the country where Irons live. "Ed and I disagreed with Robert Heinlein and we felt that we needed to counter with our own narrative," he explains. "Basically the political undercurrent of the film is that these heroes and heroines are living in a fascist utopia - but they are not even aware of it! They think this is normal. And somehow you are seduced to follow them, and at the same time, made aware that they might be fascists." www.digitalspy.com/movies/a823951/starship-troopers-paul-verhoeven-donald-trump-20-years-anniversary/
Nick N
Nick N 4 dagar sedan
12:50 ... I find that rather amusing since you and Tucker have the exact same sounding delivery in oration.
Zwordsman 5 dagar sedan
I love that that Teacher-turned Lt is Dizzy's best wingman ever. he's been shipping them for years i bet
Zwordsman 5 dagar sedan
I mean sure its cinema sins but they do actually explain in annoyingly slow terms that they sent infintry first (instead of carpet bombing) to confirm bug intellegence and as part of the grander testing. Which continues with Diz's death
Zwordsman 5 dagar sedan
whipshadowing.. i NEVER even caught tha\t despite watching this movie many times
Slice of Pepperoni
Slice of Pepperoni 6 dagar sedan
Dudes, seriously do DAYLIGHT
armersuender 6 dagar sedan
I can't believe you didn't mention that they played "Fade Into You" during the bar fight scene. shit's hilarious.
rybářská vrána
rybářská vrána 6 dagar sedan
the actual script is a combination of two works, Heinlein's Starship Trooper and Haldeman's Forever War, both of which are fine reads the first dealing with Moral Philosphy and the later with the consequences of Time Dilatation and the evolution of Human Existence. this movie did neither justice.
Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj
Lkhagwa Lkhagwadorj 7 dagar sedan
12:04 cuz their rifles don't have any iron sights !!!
Practical Bible Studies
Practical Bible Studies 8 dagar sedan
*Rico could have easily gotten into USC*
Kenneth Anderson
Kenneth Anderson 10 dagar sedan
The 1959 novel "Starship Troopers", by Robert Heinlein, describes the coming of age of a young man. He joins the army and is put into the Mobile Infantry (MI). Basic training does the standard job of instilling the military mindset into the young man. Then they give him armor and training that makes Iron Man look ill equipped. A company of MI should be capable of turning a continent into a slag heap. The only problem with this is that the real estate the bugs want is the same real estate mankind wants. So turning a continent into a slag heap would be a tactical success and a strategic loss. There is also the problem ,stated in the novel, "if we lose one trooper for every 10,000 bugs, we will lose the war, because bugs multiply like bugs". So a movie that shows poorly equipped, poorly armed and poorly trained infantry standing shoulder to shoulder and getting slaughtered, makes a travesty of the novel and mocks the way the military treats the modern soldier. Other points: 1)The cgi of the bugs and how destructive they were was outstanding. 2)Almost everything dealing with pilots and their training was tacked on by Hollywood. 3)Communal shower scenes are just an excuse by Hollywood to show naked bodies. The comments about recruits being unable to arrange training schedules was spot on.
jacob dow
jacob dow 10 dagar sedan
kingizo 11 dagar sedan
Lol so the super fast promoting explains how the other guy became a pilot trainer right away
graham pilcher
graham pilcher 11 dagar sedan
Jeremy is Legen...Wait For It...Dary...
Jan Orszulik
Jan Orszulik 12 dagar sedan
9:12+ because NP problems are very difficult to solve, but their correct solution is easy to verify. Hence most algorithms solving them are pretty much elaborated guess work :) 11:27+ death from above seems pretty legit for dropship infantry
Mogens Munch Madsen
Mogens Munch Madsen 12 dagar sedan
funny 2021 and still same logo from adidas
The Woodio Bros
The Woodio Bros 13 dagar sedan
i can't watch past the point that you think a university can't be around for another 300 years if oxford university is around for another 300 years that's less than 50% than it has been already so not only is it possible harvard is still around i wouldn't be surprised if harvard is still around when the USA isn't.... americans are hilarious with their warped view of time
Deathstroke 5
Deathstroke 5 13 dagar sedan
Another sin for Denise getting a a bug spike to the shoulder and not being phased at all after-the-fact, AND for Xander's hair changing right before his brains are sucked out. LOL.
Jack West
Jack West 14 dagar sedan
Considering the drill instructor of Full Metal Jacket was a real Drill Instructor, would it seem too crazy if most mock drill instructors in movies derived from it?
Jack West
Jack West 14 dagar sedan
Considering the drill instructor of Full Metal Jacket was a real Drill Instructor, would it seem too crazy if most mock drill instructors in movies derived from it?
Travis Mathews
Travis Mathews 16 dagar sedan
Learn what fascism actually is
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres 16 dagar sedan
I remember when my fascist high school teacher also became my fascist boss in adulthood in a completely different profession
Adan Garcia
Adan Garcia 16 dagar sedan
Lex Luthor and Darkseid in one movie.
marco thommen
marco thommen 17 dagar sedan
11:45 "Bonjour mademoiselle, je suis americain!"
Nommadd57 17 dagar sedan
Carmen gets skewered through the shoulder and shortly after is walking with the same arm around one of the guys. Ding!
August Drengberg
August Drengberg 17 dagar sedan
Please sin The Black Hole from 1979.
VRK 17 dagar sedan
I'm surprised CS still hasn't declared "Michael Ironside loosing body parts" as a cliché yet.
James Saville
James Saville 17 dagar sedan
+10 points for Hamilton reference.
Anonneemuss 18 dagar sedan
I have a Ricoh printer. Its name is Suavé. Ricoh Suavé.
Orin B
Orin B 19 dagar sedan
So.. The lady is training to be a pilot of this starship. And a pilot, any pilot, must have a navigator and direction from the captain. But yet she just does what she wants. That is a court martial and a half.
Grand Springdale
Grand Springdale 19 dagar sedan
I never could understand how people could ever confuse the society in this as fascism. This isn't even close to fascism or socialism what's so ever🤦‍♂️
Robby 123
Robby 123 20 dagar sedan
Fun fact for all you walking dead fans sugar Watkins, the black dude who dies with the nuke at the end, also plays father Gabriel.
Deck Heroes Deck#2
Deck Heroes Deck#2 21 dag sedan
Literally picking up small dumb things you're making up about this movie like how douggy howser doesn't say a line and other shit. Unsub.
Trumanium C
Trumanium C 22 dagar sedan
Arch destroys this video. Arch makes Cinemasins opinions look pretty dumb. Everything wrong with this video is that it exposes cinemasins lack of research and intelligence.
saber 24 dagar sedan
Nothing is wrong with Starship troopers
James Kelvin
James Kelvin 24 dagar sedan
Before watching this, I wonder how he's going to fill the 18 minutes and 59 seconds of this video?
Steve Lowe
Steve Lowe 25 dagar sedan
I wonder if Black Lives matter in the 23rd century.
D 32
D 32 25 dagar sedan
This movie is good. there isnt that much wrong it, thanks
lrader77 25 dagar sedan
It’s nice that he included Hamilton “He shit the bed at the battle of marmeth”
Krigs Fodt
Krigs Fodt 26 dagar sedan
The dude that does these is fucking hilarious. Laughed my ass off throughout the whole thing.
Jeebus 23
Jeebus 23 26 dagar sedan
Jeremy... I know you've obviously never been in the military or gone through boot camp, and admittedly neither have I, but... Pretty sure anyone who actually has would tell you the way you see drill instructors act in movies is pretty accurate to the way they are in real life.
J B 26 dagar sedan
Wooooow there's a lot of butthurt people in the comments who larp starship troopers while they sleep. Holy eff.
Tonne Black
Tonne Black 27 dagar sedan
When that dude went gun-crazy against the Bugs, you forgot that he mentioned that getting into Harvard would "cost him an arm and a leg", and then he gets his arms and legs ripped off...
cidshroom 27 dagar sedan
In the future Buenos Aires was a modern metropolis, equal to New York or LA. It's just that simple, and kind of telling about your own mindset that you don't think Buenos Aires could ever be capable of that. Resonate a bit with Trump's "shithole countries" statement?
Rick Bourne
Rick Bourne 28 dagar sedan
OMG yes, aim for the brain stem. How did every trooper miss that video?????
Grayden 28 dagar sedan
I love how the score is replaced with a temp score. I deffo remember the original score not being as good as the temp used.
Mike 28 dagar sedan
This is still one of my favorite movies Idk why it's so cheese but it's so good too😅
Pete Zhang
Pete Zhang 29 dagar sedan
The malicious anethesiologist concurrently ban because swedish canonically slip around a numberless pie. changeable, black-and-white semicircle
Sean Moore
Sean Moore 29 dagar sedan
You forgot that the troops had almost unlimited ammunition
Hellwarden WOT
Hellwarden WOT Månad sedan
This review is bad and dumb on so many levels.
Brian L
Brian L Månad sedan
Alleged satire about real satire. The comedy writes itself. Fortunately it didn't have to with Birdman around.
charles hetrick
charles hetrick Månad sedan
Hey numb nuts you know Ermey was a real Drill Instructor? The reason his performance is copied is because he was the real deal before becoming an actor. If it makes you feel any better the military is phasing out the “shark attack” portion of training so you’ll be happy to know when we lose to China it will be because drill instructors weren’t mean enough.
Jacob Rice
Jacob Rice Månad sedan
He really didn't be watching the movie huh
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell Månad sedan
8:49. I'm surprised you did not add a sin for the slow pan out from above while someone is grieving and shouting out to the heavens cliché.
yacabo Månad sedan
My favorite part of the movie is that there is no way the bugs would of been able to launch a meteorite at the humans who are literally on the other side of the galaxy, and that's probably not a plot hole
yacabo 23 dagar sedan
@Michael Sangster and in the movie they have none of that
Michael Sangster
Michael Sangster 23 dagar sedan
In the book the bugs are intelligent, operate machines, carry guns and have the capability of space travel.
therubicOn Tim Pools Ombudsman
therubicOn Tim Pools Ombudsman Månad sedan
There's nothing wrong with this motion picture!
Liquid Metal
Liquid Metal Månad sedan
9:45 gonna talk about the idea that that asteroid was allegedly shot towards earth from another solar system that was clear on the other side of the Galaxy tens of thousands of light years away. Light year being the distance light the fastest thing traveling through space travels in one year
The Fandom Menace
The Fandom Menace 17 dagar sedan
@Liquid Metal It’s very poorly plotted out. The only real implication is that “brain bugs are smart” and direct the rest of them somehow. Still, as my dad pointed out when we saw it, “what kind of evolutionary pressure exists to adapt bugs to be capable of launching plasma into space??”
Liquid Metal
Liquid Metal 17 dagar sedan
@The Fandom Menace I didn't know anything about that. If so then I wonder how what are for the most part a bunch of primative animals could possibly utilize something like a worm hole to quickly move an asteroid across the Galaxy to earth, even the tick brain bugs. They don't have anything even remotely close to any kind of space program.
The Fandom Menace
The Fandom Menace 17 dagar sedan
They didn't show the part where you see the asteroid coming out of a wormhole.
Liquid Metal
Liquid Metal Månad sedan
2:18 the teacher with glasses is the woman who played blanch on the golden girls TV show
Tom Dixon
Tom Dixon Månad sedan
This is hands down one of my favorite movies of all time. That said your break down had me rolling!!! Thanks buddy.
Jayson Bucy
Jayson Bucy Månad sedan
Generally love your videos but this made it clear you have little to know knowledge of the military, military lingo, or military personnel. Maybe do some research before hand? Oh and actually watching the movie instead of skimming it helps too.
The Man On The Mountain
The Man On The Mountain Månad sedan
Jesus Christ, they said that this channel was absolutely BS, but is worse! 😂 You didn't get a single point right. Read the book. Read about history. Read about ancient history. Read something.
TragedyTrousers Månad sedan
this didnt age well
Bill B.
Bill B. Månad sedan
Lot of people keep bringing up that director Paul Verhoeven never read the book. I feel like it should be mentioned that while it's true that Verhoeven didn't read past the first couple chapters (he started reading it in preparation for the production of the movie, but stopped because it made him feel "bored and depressed"), the screenplay writer, Ed Neumeier, apparently did (as did actor Michael Ironside, who plays Lieutenant Jean Rasczak) and was a fan of the book since his youth. It's also worth mentioning that Verhoeven grew up in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands. which Verhoeven himself said was an influence on his creative decisions.
The Fandom Menace
The Fandom Menace 17 dagar sedan
I think the reason he made it satirical is because there’s no way you could present the Heinlein WW2-era “rah rah” patriotic propaganda b.s. with a straight face after Vietnam.
Bill B.
Bill B. Månad sedan
@Halesburg I don't understand how it's ironic, since the movie is meant to be seen as anti-authoritarian (i.e. the government and society of the Terran/United Citizens Federation is supposed to be portrayed negatively, despite being the faction the protagonist fights for), and libertarians are supposed to be in favor of small government.
Halesburg Månad sedan
Which is ironic because he created a libertarian must see movie.
Ami Dark
Ami Dark Månad sedan
They reused the chemical plant idea for the Superman and Lois first episode.
Calbeck Månad sedan
If I didn't consider CinemaSins to be pure entertainment and not so much "informative", I'd have to sin this video numerous times. -;)
Giacomo Landi
Giacomo Landi Månad sedan
i just realized Barney Fucking Stinson is in this movie
doomie21 Månad sedan
If they are so far in the future..why didn't they used tanks, Artillery, planetary bombardment ect.
Raphael Bataglia Rodrigues
Raphael Bataglia Rodrigues Månad sedan
Now now sir, why would you dare destroy such a classic film?
Ben Walker
Ben Walker Månad sedan
Because they're CinemaSins
EpicLulz000 Månad sedan
As an Argentinian who lives in Buenos Aires I can assure you the bugs sure hate Peronistas. Let them destroy us, thank you.
Palepuppy Månad sedan
Shouldn’t hilariously brutal ways to die be a sin off?
codenamelj Månad sedan
Well considering how our society is turning out I'm not surprised by the coed showering
Michael Boterf
Michael Boterf Månad sedan
It’s like you don’t even get it. Please just go back to bashing “The Incredibles”.
Jan Zdunek
Jan Zdunek Månad sedan
Dude is speaking so fast I haven't noticed I have 1.25 speed
Wulf104 Månad sedan
Did...did you guys actually watch this
NorthForkFisherman Månad sedan
Why would they do that when they've already made up their mind?
odølf mariner
odølf mariner Månad sedan
Trash video get roasted.
NasToy Månad sedan
basically dumping a bunch of sin points on a satire movie for being satirical.
whitedevil2 Månad sedan
he sins Harvard for being around in the 23rd century? which had already been in existance for over 350 years at the time the movie came out? while Oxford's been around for literally a thousand years?
justinother2001 Månad sedan
10:39 - The commanding officer is played by Dean Norris, otherwise known as "Hank" from Breaking Bad
The Fandom Menace
The Fandom Menace 17 dagar sedan
And “Tony” from _Total Recall_
alueshen Månad sedan
"This is how everything Tucker Carson sounds to me".....It's been 30 minutes and I've stopped laughing and my side doesn't hurt so much I can't lift my hands to write this. Nice one.
When the guy accidentally got his head blown off he yelled medic but I'm not sure a medic can help with that because it seems like he has a hole in his head that the doctor can't fix
bertrach Månad sedan
Nab Ahmadi
Nab Ahmadi Månad sedan
i still love this movie...although....you would think even if still using bullets, they would be armed with more potent stuff by now?! lol
Blah Anger
Blah Anger Månad sedan
All the good people...
Happy Fox
Happy Fox Månad sedan
surprised you didn't take a shot at the co-ed showers and license to procreate in the same clip, I sure would have, especially when you're asking teens not to have babies in a society that is very centric about sexual health being well... satesfied.
Figment Image
Figment Image Månad sedan
How do you not sin their use of Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" as background music during the Rico/Zander fight scene? That remains one of the strangest decisions in cinematic history.
Germo Dante
Germo Dante Månad sedan
"Movie about military is fashy!" Cinemasins.
Tom Blackfyre
Tom Blackfyre Månad sedan
Can anyone tell me why the drill instructor at the end was demoted to private?
Wozzi Humperdink
Wozzi Humperdink Månad sedan
Can confirm, real drill instructors are all derivative of R. Lee Ermey from Full Metal Jacket.
Wozzi Humperdink
Wozzi Humperdink Månad sedan
Can you really argue that it's a fascist response to defend your planet after being attacked?
naughtybeast Månad sedan
It is common for people to graduate with one being an officer and one being an enlisted rank. The people who are accepted into officer training start as ensigns and become lieutenants once they graduate, the enlisted start as privates and will remain as privates with some becoming sergeants and corporals once they graduate.
rwarren58 Månad sedan
What's becoming weird is that all of this slowly seems to becoming true. If Buenos Ares goes boom.... Oh and I loved this movie...except for killing off the best and favorite character of Diz, It was fun to watch.
Positive vibes only Tv
Positive vibes only Tv Månad sedan
I love this movie!
Gercho-San Andrade
Gercho-San Andrade Månad sedan
I used to love this movie when I was a kid, and I refuse to watch it again over fear of it being crap.
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