Everything Wrong With Where the Wild Things Are In 14 Minutes Or Less

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A beloved children's book. An acclaimed director. What could go wrong?
Where the Wild Things Are suffers from bloat first and foremost. But also it has lots of sins! And that's what we do here: we count sins!
Thursday: Comic action from the aughts.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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evvo clan
evvo clan 58 minuter sedan
I want to decimate u this movie is so good
Albert Boulding
Albert Boulding Dag sedan
This movie makes me depressed every time I watch it for a good few weeks, not sure way. Nostalgia?
irealydont give a shit
irealydont give a shit 7 dagar sedan
This movie terrified me
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 7 dagar sedan
3:40 Lmao
Ckicken 9 dagar sedan
This movie gave me PTSD
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
I could and still relate to this movie. Mostly because im an outcast and can't deal with all the retards i know. From my family to the teens at school they all just seem unreasonable. I sometimes fantasize about running away and living alone. Yet i know i will never do it. I'd love to just get away from society for a long while And i aint no pussy like the girls u know who always say they are outcasts. Yeah Fuck you who thought that. YES IM TALKING TO YOU
Kevin mchebri
Kevin mchebri 10 dagar sedan
Damn, makes me miss James gandolfini
ᑕᕼᗴᖇᖇY ᒍ
ᑕᕼᗴᖇᖇY ᒍ 11 dagar sedan
This was some acid trip tbh and i barely rember the part where the boy climbed into the one of the monsters mouth to hide
veee 11 dagar sedan
2:56 every classroom at my middle and high school had a list of words just like that because of some PBIS shit lmao
Mrs. Winter Grace
Mrs. Winter Grace 12 dagar sedan
If I see one more comment about a person getting scared of this movie I’m going off. I’m only 17 and I never got scared of this movie.
Mrs. Winter Grace
Mrs. Winter Grace 9 dagar sedan
@s b same
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
I watched this when i was 7 and i was never scared. Instead i could completely relate and loved the story. All the kids i know were scared shitless for some reason. Either they are idiotic or im just an outcast
Unforgettable - Roblox and more!
Unforgettable - Roblox and more! 15 dagar sedan
i really liked the movie, but the ending was super sad, i cant really remember what they did but i was so sad i was threw up
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
He came back home hugged his mom.
Timo Korthuis
Timo Korthuis 16 dagar sedan
just now realized cinemasins suck
Miguel Chacon
Miguel Chacon 16 dagar sedan
12 years after this movie comes out I happen to start watching Cinemasins, and this movie happens to randomly come back into my head. Imagine my surprise when I say he made this 2 months ago, what are the odds?
Nikky 17 dagar sedan
i watched this movie as a kid and im fucking traumatized
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
I watched this very young and loved the movie. Legitimate question are you popular in school? Because i noted that all the normal/popular kids were scared shitless and i was mezmorized
Mrs. Winter Grace
Mrs. Winter Grace 12 dagar sedan
Cap 🧢
Santiago Vilchis
Santiago Vilchis 18 dagar sedan
13:11 why vore?
TheSpazTwins 19 dagar sedan
this movie scared me more than some horror movies did as a kid. The idea that his "friends" would eat him at any moment freaked me out.
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
I love this movie.
Evanna lottlie
Evanna lottlie 18 dagar sedan
phanfinger 23 dagar sedan
This movie came out when I was 15 and I found it weird. I'm 26 now and I apparently didn't retain literally anything from this movie ahaha
Vexi clan
Vexi clan 24 dagar sedan
It's funny reading this stuff about hiw this movie scared them. This was my favorite movie and I never got scared. And I watched it when I was 5
s b
s b 9 dagar sedan
I watched incredibly young as well and i still love it. I can relate to this movie so much and find peace watching it. Im also the kid who everyone hates at school so that might be a reason i relate to this movie so much. Overall the kids who are scared are just normies
Mrs. Winter Grace
Mrs. Winter Grace 12 dagar sedan
Exactly and people in the comments talking about they have ptsd and some shit of watching the movie
Shaun Garcia
Shaun Garcia 26 dagar sedan
this is why i stopped watching this channel. it’s so annoying haha
Bad Luck
Bad Luck 26 dagar sedan
One of my favourite songs from this movie was igloo if you have not heard it I suggest you should listen to it
Inferno Knight
Inferno Knight 26 dagar sedan
You mean the whole movie
Ambrosiapples 28 dagar sedan
I was waiting for a clip of Atreyu flying on Falkor.
Smil3 More it looks good on you
Smil3 More it looks good on you 16 dagar sedan
Omg same 🤣
crying is so fun
crying is so fun 28 dagar sedan
wow i can’t believe this was my favorite movie as a kid.
Undernerd Cosplays
Undernerd Cosplays 28 dagar sedan
That scene where the creature pulled off the other creature’s arm really traumatized me as a kid. I never watched it again after the first time and the only thing I can remember about the movie is that scene.
Lucas Agnew
Lucas Agnew 29 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who played the video game? I loved it and I finished it in like less than a week. The end was so happy :).
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin Månad sedan
3:23 based kid
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin Månad sedan
God my daycare teacher showed this to 4 year olds, I had nightmares for so long
bongformer sluys
bongformer sluys Månad sedan
Why do the wild things look like child molesters
fiscal-spoon Månad sedan
I remember this movie omg
SuperFireTurtle14 Månad sedan
Do you believe in God? And are you saved? If so go tell someone else and tell them to tell someone else if not then go read the Bible take Jesus as your saver. If you don't want to then well you don't have to......
Lou Wilson
Lou Wilson Månad sedan
I remember hiding behind the couch one night when we had family friends babysitting us and I turned around on the arm ripping scene
Maia Parker
Maia Parker Månad sedan
2:24 to be fair, at my school(s) we learned about the solar system in early elementary school, and then for some reason we were taught it AGAIN in like 6th grade. And I’ve lived in the same district my whole life.
Hippotripo Månad sedan
I completely forgot about the book After watching this I still can’t remember what the book is about...
Dugan Chase
Dugan Chase Månad sedan
BTW that tackle kickball game is called smeer the queer, its pretty fun
crunchy_ crop
crunchy_ crop Månad sedan
I grew up with this movie and completely forgot it existed.
Random Shit
Random Shit Månad sedan
The movie came out when I was really little and I loved the book but all I remember from this movie is small bits and pieces
Dj Månad sedan
this movie is so relatable and I loved it I guess kids who didn't get attention much and is always the troublemaker in the family are the ones who felt the movie
devon jones
devon jones Månad sedan
The game is actually called kill the man with the ball and it’s fun af 😭
Chloe Iacovou
Chloe Iacovou Månad sedan
This is the movie that inspired me to go to film school! Such love for the monsters, I think they're stunning. I'd love to make costumes like that one day
Lima Bean
Lima Bean Månad sedan
Press X to Max
jayden newcomb
jayden newcomb Månad sedan
I think the book was better
YaBoiDevin_ Månad sedan
this movies a lot darker than I rememeber
President Toilet The 3rd
President Toilet The 3rd Månad sedan
Spoiler it was all real he died in the end
President Toilet The 3rd
President Toilet The 3rd Månad sedan
When cinema sins is over everyone is just gonna look back and say Not any movie is perfect it probably didnt take this entire channel to prove that but eh and i dont think Fixing the sins would make a good movie.
Evanna lottlie
Evanna lottlie 18 dagar sedan
dude ur right
Wali Hamid
Wali Hamid Månad sedan
I hate this kid.
basilisk Månad sedan
I don't understand why this movie gets so much hate like it was actually pretty good imo.
Cuan Evers-Nolan
Cuan Evers-Nolan Månad sedan
i watched this movie when it came out and for some ression it pissed me off so so much
Austin 303
Austin 303 Månad sedan
Did anyone else not know it was his imagination I thought the monsters were real
Eton Eton
Eton Eton Månad sedan
Please dont go ill eat you whole i love you so i love you so i love you so
Shahraj Ibrahim
Shahraj Ibrahim Månad sedan
This movies haunted me when i was a kid lol
Cod Mrguy
Cod Mrguy Månad sedan
I always wanted to watch this movie but I never did
Vincent Calcagno
Vincent Calcagno Månad sedan
Loved this movie as a kid but left me depressed
Fenrir Månad sedan
"WOMAN, FEED ME". If I said that to my mom, I'm eating bugs and whatever I can find ina dumpster that night.
innocent dog793
innocent dog793 Månad sedan
that movie was just creepy
Bolt Aier
Bolt Aier Månad sedan
I'm 14 never seen this movie and it scares me
Jev S15
Jev S15 Månad sedan
I guess I’m the only fortunate soul that never heard of this movie.
Caden Brown
Caden Brown Månad sedan
I completely forgot about this movie for 6 years. This my first time seeing it again. I thought this movie was one of my dreams until now
Idontlketacos l
Idontlketacos l Månad sedan
the book never scared me when i was like 4 but the movie scared the fucking shit out of me
Trent Cannell
Trent Cannell Månad sedan
I own the book "where the wild things are" and it's one of my favourite childhood books
Gryphon Master935
Gryphon Master935 Månad sedan
They made a movie of a book i read when I was like 2?
A person who likes anime
A person who likes anime Månad sedan
The book is better
FlawPbewbs V2
FlawPbewbs V2 Månad sedan
Ima be honest, only movie I’ve ever cried to.
Explosive Månad sedan
XD it says 14 or less.... it's 16
Dinosaurs Are Cool
Dinosaurs Are Cool Månad sedan
Who else actually liked this movie?
khao Månad sedan
this man needs to direct a movie. After stating so many bad things of shows he'll be able to do it to his own film and then fix them, ending up with an insanely good movie. Also, he's fairly popular on youtube so it will at least get more than 1 million copys bought.
Assassin pug
Assassin pug Månad sedan
Thats not how it works lol
Mello Månad sedan
i remember the book being WAY more terrifying than the movie and the movie was TRYING to make it hyper realistic
Kuroka Steele
Kuroka Steele Månad sedan
6:09 You know... As weird as that is it actually isn't the worst saying. Like, sometimes getting rid of the 'bad' can do a lot more than chasing the 'good' when you're trying to be happy.
Dylan Urquiaga
Dylan Urquiaga Månad sedan
I watched this movie when I was 7 and still is the only movie that ever made me cry
Octopus Vlogs
Octopus Vlogs Månad sedan
I remember 7 year old me going to see this film in cinema when it came out in 2009 and left halfway through cause I got scared
Tommy Tucker
Tommy Tucker Månad sedan
I grew up with this book
xGabriel_Games Månad sedan
you missed the intro song there's something wrong with the intro song the intro song is so creepy the humming is more creepier and the creepiest thing is the intro song was the creepy tiktok song from "if you get scared by this picture you have a phobia"
Mr UpperDecker
Mr UpperDecker Månad sedan
I killed my self yesterday because of this movie
Xman !
Xman ! Månad sedan
One of my favorite books and you ruined it for me
Grey Wolf-San
Grey Wolf-San Månad sedan
I have no clue why, but I feel bad, and a little bit sad watching this.
Creationator Månad sedan
In 14 minutes or less? *sees 16 minutes* Oh I don’t think so.
DEATH CHARGE Månad sedan
I watched this movie multiple times, and I still don’t know what this movie is
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964
legendary gojira & fnaf 1964 Månad sedan
I remember this this was the only movie my familly walked out on because they thought it was too scary for 3 year old me and my 5 year old brother
Johan Cisneros
Johan Cisneros Månad sedan
The wild things are in jeremys college girlfriend’s dorm
Theshadow Nemesis
Theshadow Nemesis Månad sedan
This movie is why I want to be a hunter so I can kill these hell beasts 👺👹
Gaming4G0 Månad sedan
I did a play on this movie
The_Grey_phoenix Månad sedan
This movie is indescribable in a bad way
broskee.mp3 00
broskee.mp3 00 Månad sedan
This movie terrified me
Matt Moore
Matt Moore Månad sedan
i really hated this movie the first time i watched it lol
Nigeljij Johnson
Nigeljij Johnson Månad sedan
Is my favourite movie in Netflix
Sofía Linares
Sofía Linares Månad sedan
I forgot about this book/movie for so long
fockin great
fockin great Månad sedan
Unpopular opinion but this was one of my favorite movies as a kid, my family loved it too, that weird short with Meryl Street that came with the movie scared me more that this lol In fairness the short is absolutely terrifying so
polski pieróg
polski pieróg Månad sedan
the book where the wild things are was basically my childhood but the movie is more depressing than the book.
Marshallz Månad sedan
I actually loved this movie when I was a kid tbh.
Lee's Boots and Such
Lee's Boots and Such Månad sedan
This movie was an exercise in hipster garbage
OpticCookies01 Månad sedan
Hallelujah was originally written by Leonard Cohen and covered by Jeff Buckley. +1 Sin
Bruh_ Månad sedan
How is it a sin a the film makers studios being plugged that’s what every movie does you sin is not valid
Emeraldwolf34 Månad sedan
All I knew is that this was a book that I never read, never knew it had a movie and never watched it, and never will.
Lively lopunny
Lively lopunny Månad sedan
Good idea it's pretty sad.
TAS Månad sedan
As a kid this was my favorite movie and would play it every day
luka lux
luka lux Månad sedan
This is the sun it keeps us alive but It could burn us all alive so fast that we wouldn't even know what happened. The planet earth would just become a flaming rock with no signs of life like it was before, nothing would survive but you wouldn't feel it or know it happen because it happen so fast. Everything can just be removed out of existance almost instantly any second now, we literally have no idea how, why and when it happens and we have no way of stopping it so enjoy your existential crisis while you still can. Or can't because it might just happen while you are reading this comment...
aoyama yuga
aoyama yuga Månad sedan
yep def under 14 minutes
Charly Proctor
Charly Proctor Månad sedan
That game 2:00 is called kill the dill with the pill and it’s exactly what it sounds like, kill em
Good Sports Evening
Good Sports Evening Månad sedan
This used to scare me as a little kid. Edit: I’m still scared of it.
Jev S15
Jev S15 Månad sedan
Avenging Dreams
Avenging Dreams Månad sedan
This movie has terrified me for the past 12 years :')
Steven Kasten
Steven Kasten Månad sedan
I had to watch this in school as a kid and was both confused entirely and freaked out by the wild things
Alexs_almost_ dead_art
Alexs_almost_ dead_art Månad sedan
This movie was my childhood lmao, well the book was at least, i still have a wild thing are t-shirt, I loved it so much as a child
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