Everything Wrong With The Phantom of the Opera in 17 Minutes or Less

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The Phantom of the Opera is certainly a movie. And there is "singing" at times. The plot is pretty darn confusing. I guess people love the original stage show and music so much they don't care. But we care! We count sins, dammit!
Next week: '90s comedy sins & recent action-ish sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 3 timmar sedan
The phantom killed the dude because he saw who was ans what he looked like.
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 3 timmar sedan
Wasn't it implied that the phantom's voice was enchanting, hence why Christine and even others seemed to be under his spell?
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 3 timmar sedan
Why is he shocked they were partying? In the song they say the phantom had disappeared for months.
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 3 timmar sedan
Not only did Christine appear with eye shadow but she passed out with stockings on and then woke up with them off.
Priscilla Jimenez
Priscilla Jimenez 3 timmar sedan
Why does he get on them for singing...it's a musical!
Vali Bunneh
Vali Bunneh 16 timmar sedan
My friend and I played a drinking game once where we took a shot every time someone said "christine" ," the phantom of the opera" , or "raoul"; we didn't even make it halfway through the movie 😅
Laura Tude
Laura Tude Dag sedan
"Aaaaaaaawwww eeeeeewwww" hilarious
kathrynm37 2 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does the woman wearing a boat in her hair look kind of like January Jones? 10:00
Christiana Crispen
Christiana Crispen 2 dagar sedan
Watch the other one he stitches his face in the beginning
Zachary Arcand
Zachary Arcand 2 dagar sedan
17:18 Hey Joker! You won't believe who's joining Smash Bros! Another Phantom!
Amarie 2 dagar sedan
I never thought this all took place in like 3 days lmao I dont think the first opera and the one where Carlotta returns are meant to be one day apart.
Ślepa Gienia
Ślepa Gienia 2 dagar sedan
10:41 It wasn't 24 hours - it took a few weeks or months
Aidan Phillips
Aidan Phillips 4 dagar sedan
Actually it's reasonably common for repertory houses like the Paris Opera to stage different operas almost every day of the week. Usually though its due to stage crew working tirelessly through the night to strike down and store sets - and the lake underneath the opera house was historically used for barges to come through from the River Seine and take the previous evenings set into storage elsewhere in the city (probably near the docks).
phanfinger 4 dagar sedan
Let's just be honest here, Gerard's voice is not remotely good in this movie.
D Desmedt
D Desmedt 4 dagar sedan
God I lasted 1 minute and 10 seconds... dreadful voice over and clip!
Handmaiden to Death
Handmaiden to Death 5 dagar sedan
Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing Phantom of the Opera! I love the movie, but there's a lot wrong.
Leslie Ann Salmon
Leslie Ann Salmon 5 dagar sedan
Can you guys do a Niel Brien movie? I would absolutely watch the heck out of that....
NicolaiAAA 5 dagar sedan
lmao calling Gerard Butler Geostorm got me good
Sidney Rose
Sidney Rose 7 dagar sedan
One of most popular musicals of all time is about a woman being stalked and lewed by two jealousy possessive men . . . *y i k e s*
Tornado Girl
Tornado Girl 7 dagar sedan
19:11 Any time there is a sword fighting scene in a movie they always use the audio from The Princess Bride.🤣🤣🤣
Cooper Creations
Cooper Creations 7 dagar sedan
Biggest sin of phantom is that Daroga is not in it. How the heck can you not have the best character in the book in the musical? Can we agree to boot someone out like Madame Giry and write Daroga in!!!??? Also I would love to see him do love never dies. (Laughs in evil)
Sunflower 9 dagar sedan
The horse actually exits in the book, I remember that very clearly. There is even an explanation why its there. So sadly, she wasn't riding the Phantom
Aaron Fangheart
Aaron Fangheart 9 dagar sedan
I grew up with The Phantom of the Opera it's a wonderful movie and a great book also. It's beautiful and I think it's underrated
Aileen Schneider
Aileen Schneider 10 dagar sedan
Being able to perform a totally different show every night is kind of the system every big German opera house for example maintains. It's called repertoire system. You have all the costumes, stage pieces etc. stashed away and when you need it, it can be build in 8 hours or so. The singers and the dancers have several roles and routines (which were at that time often the same for different operas) memorized and ready for when they are requested. I think, even some of the set pieces were often reused and therefore it was and is totally possible to have different shows for every day of the week.
Amara Woolery
Amara Woolery 10 dagar sedan
The 25th Anniversary live version of this musical is infinitely better than the movie and i will die on this hill
Cooper Creations
Cooper Creations 7 dagar sedan
And I will die on that hill with you as well! Long live the 25th anniversary!
John Sheehan
John Sheehan 10 dagar sedan
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎. You are entitled to your opinion about this movie but. I know a bully when I see one. And you are bullying and insulting Andrew Lloyd Webber. simply by creating this video
Amara Woolery
Amara Woolery 10 dagar sedan
When you came in with "male nipples pasties" I almost spit out my tea
killjoyskeepmakingnoise 10 dagar sedan
There needed to be another sin added because the Phantom's Masquerade costume is so much cooler in the musical and should have been in the movie
Deja Noel
Deja Noel 11 dagar sedan
I've always wondered why she suddenly had a Smokey eye in the beginning T~T
Lissandale 11 dagar sedan
The real irony is he isn't even ugly with the mask removed. A little bit of scarring can't make Gerard Butler ugly.
FutureBerea Alumn
FutureBerea Alumn 11 dagar sedan
Don Juan rehearsals begin after the cemetery scene in the stage production. The actual performance is most certainly NOT the next day.
FutureBerea Alumn
FutureBerea Alumn 11 dagar sedan
“He killed a dude just a few weeks ago.” Bouquet has been dead for about 6 months.
Nicolas Kiergras
Nicolas Kiergras 11 dagar sedan
YEEAAAAASS JUST GOT THIS IN THE RECOMENDATIONS RIP THIS APART! but I do love this... But also am loathe to know that we could've had Huge jackman and Ann Hathaway as our leads... *Cries in what should have been*
RandomFunLex 11 dagar sedan
1,032 to 1 😂😂😂
_Screeching_tenor_ 12 dagar sedan
*He's batman*
_Screeching_tenor_ 12 dagar sedan
Still better than cats
Eren Stormborn Atreides
Eren Stormborn Atreides 12 dagar sedan
These are starting to get less and less views right? It's- like the novelty's worn off. It's too random and arbitrary. He needs to do like a Key so that people can keep up and anticipate the Sins he's gonna hand out. There are a few mainstays. Everybody knows the logos are gonna be one. Everybody knows what's gonna get a "That's racist". He's gotta codify the shit
Eleanor Shakespeare
Eleanor Shakespeare 12 dagar sedan
The boat in the woman's hair was actually the fashion during the time period of the opera setting. During the reigns of Louis XV and Louis XVI having big wigs with different decorations was the thing, such as boats, fruit, nests, birds, other animals etc.
Cyndra Kent
Cyndra Kent 13 dagar sedan
I hope this is satire.
Ew I can’t even
Ew I can’t even 13 dagar sedan
I thought 'wow, 118 sins is a lot less than I thought!'... and then the bonus candle round happened.
Serasia 13 dagar sedan
Of course the horse in that underground sequence was just a dream, and Christine really was riding Erik. There were no horses after the Horse Plague. Just ask Baldrick from Blackadder. He had to stand-in as a mount when Blackadder became a highwayman.
ghosttclubb 13 dagar sedan
LMAOO the ending harry potter scene got me
Jade O'Malley
Jade O'Malley 14 dagar sedan
You guys need to watch the BBC version that’s not a musical. It has Charles Dance as the phantom.
Sa Mos
Sa Mos 14 dagar sedan
Can't unsee young Ramin Karimloo as Harry Styles. THANKS A LOT!
Gabrielle Park
Gabrielle Park 14 dagar sedan
actually there are quite a few operas in english. however i dont believe so at that time period
sorry, i have rehearsal
sorry, i have rehearsal 15 dagar sedan
Jer Lewis
Jer Lewis 15 dagar sedan
This is the standard for why a play should not be made into a film.
Valerie vB
Valerie vB 15 dagar sedan
I really like this musical/ movie yet I almost died laughing a couple times and had to rewind XD
Greenlee Taylor
Greenlee Taylor 15 dagar sedan
Raoul is one of the worst characters. I don't know if I hate him or Marius more. Really, like we need some decent romantic leads in musicals. Doesn't help that Patrick Wilson is like if beige were a person
Jacob Dean
Jacob Dean 16 dagar sedan
I’ve always loved this movie. Does it compare to the Michael Crawford and Sarah brightman version? Not so much. But Emmy rossum plays a wonderful and charming Christine, and Gerard butler should be credited for a pretty decent vocal performance with no history in musical theater. Also, you can’t tell me that the movie doesn’t look pristine. It’s beautifully designed by the people who designed the original stage play. It would have done much better if released to today’s audience. The hair styles, the fashion, it’s all much more suited to a gen z/ millennial audience.
Dana Mackaaij
Dana Mackaaij 16 dagar sedan
I prefer the 25th anniversary cd over this anytime though i have to admit i liked the movie scenery a lot. From both, a lot of the plot is not explained and changed MASSIVE from the book and at some aspects don't even make sense at all
Sophie Hagedorn
Sophie Hagedorn 17 dagar sedan
I am SO here for the Raoul slander. He sucks.
tik tak
tik tak 17 dagar sedan
*And honestly this plot can go f*ck itself* ... 😂😂😂 ROFL
Biiibs Thompson Aron
Biiibs Thompson Aron 19 dagar sedan
NO criticising the beautiful, timeless and goosebump-inducing first few seconds of the Phantom of the Opera's song and motif. ITS BEAUTIFUL, TIMELESS AND -
Dee Elle Bee
Dee Elle Bee 19 dagar sedan
my biggest issue with the 2004 Phantom, is that they moved it to a time when the story COULD NOT have taken place. in 1870, France was in the middle of the Franco-Prussian War, and the opera house, which was called the Palais Garnier, not the Opera Populaire, wasn't even finished or opened yet. It was, in fact, used for a field hospital/base both for the French in the war, and by the rebels in the revolution right after. one thing i find both hilarious and mildly embarrassing for the film industry; in 1925, Lon Cheney used tape, cotton balls, and piano wire to make his face look more funkily skeletal. and even to date, almost 100 years later, it's still the closest deformity to the original book
Mira Lang
Mira Lang 20 dagar sedan
Christine and Raoul are the most useless protagonists I've ever seen.
Li-Li Mandragon
Li-Li Mandragon 19 dagar sedan
The musical and this did em dirty, they’re much better in the book. Christine has a brain and so does Raoul.
Alex Stanek
Alex Stanek 20 dagar sedan
I feel like there should've been a sin round for all the "There are too many props in these scenes" and "This shot goes on for way too long"
Noice Froog
Noice Froog 20 dagar sedan
dont get me wrong this video I love and its right in time for my reoccurring phantom boner. But he killed the "stagehand" because he was spreading bad rumors in that previous scene and ms giry even forshadows that he should watch his tongue and trys to intimidate that behavior out of him so surely she would know that that behavior wouldnt be passable. Also Its kinda genius that he makes 2 points at once "disaster beyond imagination" for not listening and dont talk shit about the phantom hes sensitive.
Noice Froog
Noice Froog 20 dagar sedan
Yikes im annoying
Noice Froog
Noice Froog 20 dagar sedan
and as a general rule the keep your hand at the level of your eye was a good rule of thumb sure doesnt help with the water trap w/e the fuck that was but he dropped his hand with the gate jump scare and dropped his hand got choked........and no you can never have enough candles.
Noice Froog
Noice Froog 20 dagar sedan
13:00 and no act 2 makes every production, final lair and point of no return are also fucking bangers with loads of nuance that the cast get to really shine their acting skills on, in my opinion the most satisfying of the show
Victoriess 21 dag sedan
All of the things he says like “wouldn’t they ask you about the thing before?” Almost all the things he says are explained or said in the book lol I still like the vid
Finnian 21 dag sedan
Lmao when you give sins for French architecture like fr I'm confused
Aaron Fangheart
Aaron Fangheart 23 dagar sedan
I cannot believe you did it y'all actually did it and this is why I love this channel. Now the question remains can you sin The Outsiders ? You know why you can't BECAUSE THAT MOVIE IS FLAWLESS
Void Critter
Void Critter 23 dagar sedan
ProductBasement 25 dagar sedan
The main theme deserves at least 10 sins. Not just for the cheesy synth they recorded it with either. da da Da DA DAAAAA..... DA DA Da da daaaa.... da da Da DA DAAAA... Honestly, it sounds like something a 10 year old would come up with while learning scales. Plus the rhythm is so hokey. Sounds like if Weird Al did part of a Volbeat song in one of his polka-rama songs. That might be passable as _a_ song in a musical that has some truly gorgeous, haunting pieces, but the main theme??
Doodle 26 dagar sedan
Something that really irks me about this movie is that they take lines from songs and turn them into lines instead of lyrics
Akane Tsunemori
Akane Tsunemori 26 dagar sedan
14:03 finally someone notice
Lucas Viana
Lucas Viana 27 dagar sedan
"I've been looking so long for you, now you won't get away from my grasp You've been living so long in hiding, and hiding behind that false mask You know, and I know that you ain't got long now to last Your looks and your feelings are just the remains of your past You're standing in the wings, there you wait for the curtain to fall And knowing the terror and holding you have on us all Now, I know that you're gonna scratch me and maim me and maul And you know I'm helpless from your mesmerizing cat call Keep your distance, walk away, don't take his bait Don't you stray, don't fade away, yeah Watch your step, he's out to get you, come what may Don't you stray from the narrow way, yeah I'm running and hiding in my dreams, you're always there You're the Phantom of the Opera, you're the devil, you're just out to scare You damaged my mind and my soul, it just floats through the air You haunt me, you taunt me you torture me back at your lair"
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly 27 dagar sedan
Patrick Wilson. I remember watching him on those Conjuring movies.
Anchen Kok
Anchen Kok Månad sedan
You missed the roll credits at the 33s mark
Luna Beekhuizen
Luna Beekhuizen Månad sedan
After watching so much cinemasins I'm starting to wonder if there's a way to start a movie that isn't a cliche and/or sin
Serious Silliness
Serious Silliness Månad sedan
Kim Friedrich
Kim Friedrich Månad sedan
There has never been an English language opera? How about Tommy and Hamilton? I know Hamilton is called a musical but there is almost no spoken words so that really makes it an opera.
Coco Clifford-jones
Coco Clifford-jones Månad sedan
billy budd
Intony96 Månad sedan
Just lower your standards
Melly Moore
Melly Moore Månad sedan
I love this movie and have watched it probably 100 times by now, have seen various recordings of it staged, and I also recently read the original novel for the first time, so trust me when I say that you missed a FUCKLOAD of sins that I've caught over the years XD
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor Månad sedan
Haha “when you realize you brought a monkey to a diamond fight”! Yes... the plot doesn’t make much sense but I still love the music!
Stars Landing
Stars Landing Månad sedan
I laughed way more than I should have watching this video but honestly as a Phantom of the opera stage musical fan, this movie is *something for better or for worse*, maybe thats why it was so hilarious to me
PhoenixDZK Månad sedan
Frederick Forsyth wrote the Phantom of Manhattan, an unofficial sequel to this. And in the prologue basically called out every single anachronism in the original. I guess you could say he'd be excellent at Cinemasins
Ellie Adkinson
Ellie Adkinson Månad sedan
This video exists. Fucking DING.
William Plaud
William Plaud Månad sedan
I saw the play and the movie. Still love it for all their mistakes ^_^
Greninjastorm Månad sedan
Finally! It’s about time you made fun of this movie!
scooter Månad sedan
just here to dislike it
Lia Stining
Lia Stining Månad sedan
I really love seeing the movie being roasted but the phantom fangirl in me really wants to defend the story yes Emma Rossum (or however you spell ) was 16 when it was being filmed but the character of Christine is suppose to be 20 or 21 also the voice training in literally was supposed to be 3 years back at tops this movie sucks on so many levels not to mention they got the chick who did the Elizabeth Frankenstein makeup to do this makeup and they screwed it up soooo bad. Also you can really tell that the 25th anniversary recording was suppose to distract and redeem this film
Bubble Bath Tissues
Bubble Bath Tissues Månad sedan
ed warren i-
Evelina Music
Evelina Music Månad sedan
Beauty! ☺️💕👍.
SharottoViper Månad sedan
when i was younger, i used to think i was so damn good at singing the high note- i wasnt.
Spring Leah
Spring Leah Månad sedan
I've seen Phantom once. And in that version, the Carlotta was also much better than Christine. I think it's an unwritten rule that Carlotta should be better than Christine
sara Månad sedan
I love phantom but not a big fan of the movie so I think I’ll let this video slide....
JuliaSings Månad sedan
3:09 I mean... most of her problems are 'you' problems lol And as an edit, I wont respond to all the comments here (great video and all coming from a phantom fan but like... I gotta mention these cause they're common criticisms) but I wish to mention two from the title song. 1. It's not made clear in the movie and it's kinda weird but in the original novel the horse actually did exist. His name is Cèsar. He was kidnapped from the stables of the opera house by what the stablemen (who were promptly fired by the managers) described as a shadow And 2. The eye shadow. It's apparently... intentional? Yeah. I mean, obviously, as its applied by people, but they intended to make it that much darker in that particular sequence. I've heard it was actually intended as a symbol that christine had found her darker, more mature self with the phantom, in contrast to the innocent, light christine of the upper world. Unnecessary? Yes. Makes her look completely different from the doll? (Oh yeah bonus 3. That actually is an exact copy of christine because its Emmy rossum, they couldnt make her doll look right so they made her look more waxy and told her to stand really still. Well, she volunteered for it, but still) yes, my first exposure to the show was music of the night from this and upon seeing the doll I was like 'that's supposed to be her? Okay then' cause it didnt look anything like her with the contrasts, lighting, and such. It's a cool idea but not as great in execution
ACLotRFan Månad sedan
Call me uncultured, call me musically deaf (I am), but I really like Gerard Butler's Phantom.
quic grid
quic grid Månad sedan
But I love candles...
Tech It Out
Tech It Out Månad sedan
I prefer the Terry Pratchet version.
Xander What
Xander What Månad sedan
One sin for every frame that Emmy Rossum is not my girlfriend?
James Bishop
James Bishop Månad sedan
When are you really going to challenge yourself and do Full Metal Jacket?
Patboy Walton
Patboy Walton Månad sedan
Reading the original novel might make you take more than half of the sins off. Admittedly a film must makes sense on its own, but it's a mystery novel.
Camille McKenzie
Camille McKenzie Månad sedan
Even though I like the movie, I'd like to see you take on "What Lies Beneath"
Laura Neal
Laura Neal Månad sedan
Please do In Bruges next! Went through my Top 10 list to find one you hadn’t done it ... made it to number 2.
Teresa Johnson
Teresa Johnson Månad sedan
Wow! 2 min in and I am out. You’re so annoying. Give me the movie any day!
sabyspellman1216 Månad sedan
This doesn't happen over a couple days. This happens over a few months. Apparently CinemaSins doesn't understand montages.
Alaric Linlaw
Alaric Linlaw Månad sedan
i LOVE the " he called me little lotte"...eeeewwwww.....i laugh everytime
Li-Li Mandragon
Li-Li Mandragon Månad sedan
Weird too, her dad called her that in the book.
DeadPool Månad sedan
At this point I just believe that Jeremy just hates candles....
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