Everything Wrong With Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole in 16 Minutes or Less

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23 dagar sedan

Before the Snyder Cut... there was Legend of the Guardians: the Owls of Ga'Hoole, an animated adventure that is pretty confusing but not terrible. Shoot... I don't review movies; I count sins. And I did that, so here we go.
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LpsNoirin 2.0
LpsNoirin 2.0 41 minut sedan
I love these books and this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. What really irritates me is how unfaithful to the books this movie is. The animation is quite gorgeous though.
John Queen
John Queen 6 timmar sedan
I actually read these books they were pretty good.
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari 12 timmar sedan
Read the book series and you will understand why there is a snake in the nest jeez
Zaid Al-omari
Zaid Al-omari 12 timmar sedan
Ok, I love cinemasins, but I can NOT forgive you insulting one of my favorite movies/books series.
Ryan Seney Cunningham
Ryan Seney Cunningham 15 timmar sedan
I’d convinced myself that I’d dreamed this movie and it only existed to me.
Tallulah. 22 timmar sedan
This movie Fucking traumatised me and I love it
PocketPJ 22 timmar sedan
i love this movie as much as treasure planet therefore there is nothing wrong with it.
albert mooney
albert mooney 23 timmar sedan
hehe, sequel.
evil art fox
evil art fox Dag sedan
I don't watch it for the plot, the plot was a bit boring but the visuals- **dies of diabetes from the eye candy**
Swordterranean40 Dag sedan
12:55 I spotted an uncensor
moon yu
moon yu Dag sedan
I don't care how weak the plot was, because this movie was so goddamn beautiful
Jojo Dag sedan
I remember watching this as a small kid, can't remember anything apart from being depressing or something. I think I watched it twice or something then never saw it again
tatsukagemarou Dag sedan
😆Hoobastank fuckin hoobastank🤣
Debi Burke
Debi Burke Dag sedan
Okay in all honesty this needs to be a series instead of a movie There's just way to much in the first book alone to cover in a movie I mean they didn't reach the Great tree until book 2 if I'm remembering it right Not to mention all the shit with the Pure Ones Metal Beak Star sight.........I could go on all day but I would love a show of this
Lust 4 Chaos
Lust 4 Chaos Dag sedan
Anybody else catch the reference of that "European swallow lugging a coconut" line? I did, and it fucking killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sylvia Abreu
Sylvia Abreu Dag sedan
Sylvia Abreu
Sylvia Abreu Dag sedan
This movie scared the sh t outta me when I was younger!! When their eyes turned white, then I tried to wake up my friends but opening their eyelids and i stg I nearly died!!!!!
IamGrooot77 Dag sedan
As a kid I was obsessed with the book series and for me, the movies were a massive let down cos they barely followed the story line of the books and it mish mashed different parts of the books and I really wish it was put together better
Ginger The Barn Owl
Ginger The Barn Owl Dag sedan
I not only still love this movie, but at this point I also feel really bad for it. It had SO MUCH potential! And it went yeep and face planted compared to the masterpiece it strived to be. If the writing and dialogue had been a little better and the tone had been steadier, this likely would have gotten a LOT more attention as a franchise, and maybe even earned itself a sequel. But the movie is going on eleven years old now, and there is none in sight...What a shame. What a waste of potential...
SugarGirl 188
SugarGirl 188 2 dagar sedan
I loved this movie :/ and I'm glad someone like you got to see it! Even though the critiques could have been better haha.
DISnut 2 dagar sedan
I don't know who reads off the sins, but his voice made me laugh at least once in this one.
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More
RayneDoesStuff - Games, Vlogs, and More 3 dagar sedan
I'm gonna be honest, the movie adaptation kinda sucked. They tried to compress like 10 books into a couple hours of movie and it shows.
Crazy Carver
Crazy Carver 3 dagar sedan
Lies it’s 17 mins and 9 seconds
51stcenturygirl 4 dagar sedan
Thanks for the poetry cinema sins. "like I've been litellary penetrated without lubricant" - I'm stealing that one. British parliament comparison was apt.
Midnight Lupus
Midnight Lupus 4 dagar sedan
This movie was so disappointing. The original set of books was so solid and explained everything really well, but this movie took two completely separate enemies and combined them to where it made no sense, changed a bunch of major plot points, and didn't even bother to give the barn owls black eyes (which they have and is pointed out over and over in the books). The Ga'Hoole books would have made a good cartoon series, but this movie basically did the same thing as the Hobbit trilogy did.
Dragon Master
Dragon Master 4 dagar sedan
Ngl I thought I was the only person on earth who actually saw this movie because I didn’t even know it existed until about a year ago
this man
this man 4 dagar sedan
I'm pretty sure 2 words aren't a sentence
Jesse P
Jesse P 4 dagar sedan
Can't believe you didn't give a sin for When they reveal that Kludd becomes the next Metal beak
Duvmasta 4 dagar sedan
When owls cough up pellets, they’re basically crapping out of their mouths, like on South Park.
Trickpants 5 dagar sedan
Why is it annoying that fantasy plots name everything? I get that spouting a bunch of new and weird-sounding names at you rapid-fire will likely mean you don't remember any of them 5 minutes later, but why is it annoying that happens in general?
Chloé Prapuolenis
Chloé Prapuolenis 5 dagar sedan
The animations are incredibles but it's so different from the book that it ruined the whole movie for me
Siren Cloud
Siren Cloud 5 dagar sedan
They literally crammed 5 books into one movie
Silviux93ableTv "Silviux"
Silviux93ableTv "Silviux" 5 dagar sedan
Cool ^^
Split Insanity
Split Insanity 5 dagar sedan
Favourite movie has been sinned... life is over
_straight_like_a_rainbow_ 5 dagar sedan
Me completely forgetting this movie ever existed despite the fact that I watched it religiously as a child
Ismira Merowingowie
Ismira Merowingowie 5 dagar sedan
Hey, what would you say an Netflix "Godzilla", anime franchise? Three full-length anime movies, a bit...specific. The fight scenes are good, the music is decent, the character desings too... but, when I was playing counting anvantages and disanvantages, it turned out equally. XD
høpeless_winter 5 dagar sedan
im sure that this movie wasn't as true to the books, and that sucks. but its my god damn childhood. its GORGEOUS and I really enjoyed it. its still one of my favorite movies of all time. im sure the books are awesome too, but its a matter of perspective, I like this movie on its own, maybe its not good in comparison to the books but im kinda sad its getting so bashed on.
Chani 6 dagar sedan
i really thought my favourite movie would be save from this channel huh
TheWeirdsound 6 dagar sedan
Yo. Not watching this video yet. Don't want spoilers. Just dropping a comment to thank you for making me aware this movie exists. Guardians of Ga'Hoole were some of my favorite books back in middle school. I somehow missed all press for this movie and had no clue it was a think until this popped up on my timeline.
Ida Söderström
Ida Söderström 6 dagar sedan
14:54 he became a chicken nugget:D
GNranger 6 dagar sedan
When i was in elementary school, I watched the movie and read the books. I have no recollection of the plot or characters in either. That just shows how bad they were.
Cloudy Days
Cloudy Days 6 dagar sedan
The book series was amazing, there were 2 books and SO MUCH story, I was extremely excited to watch the movie and *extremely* disappointed. The animation is gorgeous but the story is absolutely butchered and the characters are all wrong.
jack belmont
jack belmont 6 dagar sedan
I remember reading the 3 first books which covered the movie but dang
Abigail Rius
Abigail Rius 6 dagar sedan
The books were way better
John Eusebio
John Eusebio 7 dagar sedan
7:36 The Twilight baby was CGI. They didn't go with the animatronic version because it was somehow even more horrifying.
Ryan Simmons
Ryan Simmons 7 dagar sedan
3:34 never gave much thought about it. Then I debated, " well they could've gored any of the owl prisons with them to keep the tips red, right?" Then I thought, "wait, this is a children's movie, of course they wouldn't do that?" Unfortunately now I can't NOT think about it as a possibility. So, sin on Jeremy for making me imagine such a morbid sight, lol. Definitely would've made this movie more like watership down though. Can't confirm if that's a good thing or not. . .
abigail franklin
abigail franklin 7 dagar sedan
The names make more sense in the books, it all makes more sense in the books this movie is like the bad cousin who isn’t really a cousin but it’s kinda there and related to the family, the family being the books
Angela Kelley
Angela Kelley 7 dagar sedan
I love this movie but I HATE OWLS. They're assholes.
not heather
not heather 7 dagar sedan
0:45you just gonna name all my favorite movies/shows like that huh/j
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos 7 dagar sedan
Thats a weird movie
Nishinoya Yuu, the Ultimate Libero
Nishinoya Yuu, the Ultimate Libero 7 dagar sedan
the movie music (made by sia) is a sin
Arceus Flute
Arceus Flute 7 dagar sedan
I loved the books as a kid, and honestly this movie was a blessing. It's one of those where the changes in the movie are done in a very skillful way that doesn't detract from the source material(sans twilitght, digger not so much as they could've developed him in a sequel or a series or something). This vid made me go back and read the series and reignited my love for it! Thanks dude! Here's to wishing for a sequel from Snyder even though we may never get one :')
Seph Dark18
Seph Dark18 7 dagar sedan
Mmm I’m pretty happy I watched the movie first as a kid, since I ended up being pretty blind to what the actual story was and was able to enjoy reading it even if things didn’t line up between the movie and the book :’)
Ash McLean
Ash McLean 8 dagar sedan
Man now I wanna reread the books
K. Katona
K. Katona 8 dagar sedan
I thought this movie was just a dream of mine O.o
Kenna Early
Kenna Early 8 dagar sedan
I was obsessed with this franchise as a young teen - it had such a beautiful world and was like Warriors, but with Owls (something I was obsessed with as a kid) My only problem was that, like Warriors, it went on far longer than it should've.
s u r u d o i B l u e
s u r u d o i B l u e 8 dagar sedan
netflix took this movie away from me.. ; v ;
Dark Spyro
Dark Spyro 8 dagar sedan
Who doesn't love baggywrinkles
SarahMarie 8 dagar sedan
you're 5 minutes into the movie and think it has mutiple mashups, I'm 2 1/2 minutes into your video and I realized you have nothing intelligent to actually say.
JAMAL MANYALA 8 dagar sedan
Soren's brother was a massive D**K I hate him till this day.
Zcross17 8 dagar sedan
I hate this movie, please mean everything you say about it XD it spat on the books really hard, his parents aren't even supposed to be alive and they fit 3 books into it while cutting out a lot of important things
Jerepasaurus 8 dagar sedan
*DING* A fucking huge sin: *OWL'S EYES DO NOT MOVE IN THEIR SOCKETS.* That's why they twist and bob their head around, to try and get better depth perception.
- Zachary -
- Zachary - 8 dagar sedan
never did i think id see this on cinema sins
angelart 4evr
angelart 4evr 8 dagar sedan
Love the scientology truth bomb guys👌🏼
Raisans Grapeon
Raisans Grapeon 8 dagar sedan
The original book series is, by far, better than this movie and I will agree on every plot contrivance and vague motivation because these books were honest to god never meant for cinema, and condensing so much lore and story and worldbuilding without gross simplification is impossible. Like: humans have long since died out in this universe, and there's actually great trade in old human artifacts from decrepit buildings and such. Owls are now basically the dominant species. There's so much history in the lands and how civilizations are developing. You can actually see how the owls view other bird species as many don't have the developed language they have (seagulls being of particular ridicule for shitting everywhere) There's just so much more to this book series that couldn't ever be touched upon without an entire movie series (which would be impossible to fund in the first place)
Zara D
Zara D 9 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but sin 45 killed me. Why can't you read the books?
Sara Vinceljak
Sara Vinceljak 9 dagar sedan
I know i will get hate for this im But I am 16 years old and I still love this movie and I have watched it at least seven times as a child and as a teenager and I still adore it, i dont see much why do many people hate this move. Plss dont sent hate on me bc i love this move lol
Niop Tres
Niop Tres 9 dagar sedan
Hey hey, I hear a lot of hate for the plot of this movie. But lets not lie, teh animation and detail in the movie is all but perfect. It is astonishing how much work they put into it
Redacted-90 9 dagar sedan
I would like to mention that he name dropped a tone of moves that came way after this one, which means this movie was probably an inspiration to a lot of those
Mory 9 dagar sedan
The book is better lmao
BSP015 10 dagar sedan
No lie I legit get this movie mixed up with Rise of the guardians and Guardians of the galaxy
GT Davies
GT Davies 10 dagar sedan
Thanks for reminding me this movie exists
Random Kiki
Random Kiki 10 dagar sedan
I’m sad now🥺my face the whole video☹️
Al Bowlly
Al Bowlly 10 dagar sedan
I remember reading these books in middle School.
Debbie Chan
Debbie Chan 10 dagar sedan
I watched this at some point when I was very young. I've never read or even heard of the books, and I was too dumb to understand complicated plots and character developments and stuff, so all I can remember from this movie was that its visuals are super stunning and the owls are undoubtedly beautiful. I'll read the original books sometime.
Miltiades Spyrou
Miltiades Spyrou 10 dagar sedan
3:07 very funny
William Fount
William Fount 10 dagar sedan
I'm both happy and said because this is my childhood favorite movie because I loved it and happy he did a cinema on it but I wish it was a win but now I have a reason to watch it again and again and again then force my sister to watch it at least2 times so Thx cinema sin 👍🏽
The Jackal Animatronic
The Jackal Animatronic 10 dagar sedan
The movie is even worse if you've read the books
Baylee Mckeand
Baylee Mckeand 10 dagar sedan
Ok but the books were good
Sultan2769 10 dagar sedan
This movie’s a hidden gem. I remember the special effects were amazing when I first saw it. And if there is any movie I thought these guys would never do it’s this.
Logan Bent
Logan Bent 10 dagar sedan
Right, who's skull do i have to crack
Potato General
Potato General 10 dagar sedan
I like this movie
simon gohst riley
simon gohst riley 10 dagar sedan
This was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theater
Connar 10 dagar sedan
Cant believe you still complain about logos when you keep putting a logo in front of your stuff now
Christiaan Bothma
Christiaan Bothma 10 dagar sedan
I saw this movie in cinemas on opening weekend back in the first grade and it is still my favorite childhood movie. I actually want to adapt the books into the TV series one day.
fisher340 11 dagar sedan
I remember reading the books and discovering it had a movie
Renee Wade
Renee Wade 11 dagar sedan
You question me words of the mighty GORGEOUS CINEMASIN?!
Mateusz Marciniak
Mateusz Marciniak 11 dagar sedan
Seriously, why the f*** am I still subscribed to this thing?
OracleScrolls 11 dagar sedan
Things I like about this movie. The acting The animation The landscapes and scenery The moon blinking scene What I don’t like. Cramming four books into a single movie and adding in characters that don’t exist until later. DELETING THE ROMANCE OF OCTAVIA AND SOREN and the parents being alive. They died Soren, you need to move on. This isn’t real. Wake up.
ChemicalXII 11 dagar sedan
#RestoreTheOwlSnyderVerse .
Owni 11 dagar sedan
But this is my fav movie....
who 11 dagar sedan
grilled gizzard omg it is so fucking good
Nicolas Kiergras
Nicolas Kiergras 11 dagar sedan
Two new things I'm excited for. *it is Time for me to peruse the new video again*
ny ra
ny ra 11 dagar sedan
the second sin was just stupid. basically just saying 'theres a fear for this, i won't stand for this!!!!!!!!'
Jade Alderson
Jade Alderson 12 dagar sedan
There is no denying how beautiful this movie is the animation is STUNNING for its time
Johannes Seyfried
Johannes Seyfried 12 dagar sedan
What about Humans? Humans have apparently gone extinct. No, seriously. In the third Book, it was mentioned that the Ruins and Barns that these Characters lived in, were created by wingless, featherless Creatures that are long gone now. When I first read these Books, I didn't expect the Story to suddenly turn into Adventure Time. 😆
marsha tucker
marsha tucker 12 dagar sedan
For those who wine it's nothing like the books who cares I never read them and I absolutely love the movie. Because of this it's so underrated to the point it's never going to get a sequel to those who never even read the books.
UnwantedAttention 12 dagar sedan
I thought this movie was a fucking fever dream
Furkali 12 dagar sedan
The movie is good on its own, perhaps could’ve explained things better. But when compared to the books, what the HECK happened-
End Me
End Me 12 dagar sedan
this was one of my favorite movies growing up :)
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