Everything Wrong With Galaxy Quest in 18 Minutes or Less

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Galaxy Quest is so good it hurts. It's one of the best Star Trek movies ever made. It's hilarious. We love it.
Still has sins.
Next week: sins--I forget right now.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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jdogburke 6 timmar sedan
C'mon, Tony Shalhoub's delivery on the breathable air joke is perfect. Minus 5 sins!
The80sGeek 18 timmar sedan
Please please pleeeaasse do Dogma!!
Billy Skyline
Billy Skyline Dag sedan
Sigourney rocked the blonde hair in this movie.
SCOTTOCASTER '66 Dag sedan
Sigourney Weaver Demarco with blonde hair?? Remove 10 sins!.
dan pascal
dan pascal Dag sedan
Perfect movie!
speterbilt Dag sedan
Sigourney Weaver is dam hot
Tabitha Goolsby
Tabitha Goolsby 2 dagar sedan
“Whoever wrote this episode should DIE!” Deserved several suns off.
Dr Ghost
Dr Ghost 2 dagar sedan
For some reason this reminds me that they should do a EWW for Zathura: A Space Adventure... That shit will be lit!!
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 2 dagar sedan
Assrape ADR. ARADR There ya go.
Spider Daunte
Spider Daunte 2 dagar sedan
I'm surprised the mysterious unzipping of Gwen's outfit wasn't sinned
Mysterious Sunshine
Mysterious Sunshine 2 dagar sedan
It wouldn't be an alien movie without Sigourney Weaver
Amberscion 2 dagar sedan
11:35 Jeremy goes off on a rant about Gwen showing constant cleavage. *The very next clip* is of a pile of Thermians, every one of which except Laliari having their uniform zipped up to the very top, while she has hers zipped down for maximum cleavage. Not a peep from Jeremy about this sin. And that's racist!
Wendy Lou Who
Wendy Lou Who 2 dagar sedan
Point of Fact at 1:49 at Comic con in Salt Lake City Patrick Stewart DID use the regular bathroom for the rest of the attendees. My sister saw him head in there and chose to not bug him because seriously no one wants to be bugged on the way or from the bathroom.
Draliseth 3 dagar sedan
Dude.. no. Just no.
Tracey Roberts
Tracey Roberts 3 dagar sedan
Galaxy Quest is the greatest fan movie of all time! Even Sir Patrick Stewart likes this film :-)
EnderMcCloud 3 dagar sedan
The rest of the cast appears on a space station, not the hull of the ship. And you did bother sinning the fact that Guy's set belt was scrambled.
Jorganti 4 dagar sedan
By Grabthar's Hammer....what a movie.
Hank THE Patriot
Hank THE Patriot 4 dagar sedan
THEY GOT WILL!!!! 18:15
chinabuzz 4 dagar sedan
Now i remember why I stopped watching CinemaSins.
schlangz 4 dagar sedan
awesome. you guys still have to sin "the core" it wil be easily four digits
Tim Buktu
Tim Buktu 5 dagar sedan
Does CinemaSins understand how humor works?
Wayne Braack
Wayne Braack 5 dagar sedan
When your stretching for content.
brandyn cannon
brandyn cannon 5 dagar sedan
18:28 what is that theme
Arische Setmses
Arische Setmses 5 dagar sedan
4:40 I honestly thought that it was a store and that the part behind it was a factory or industrial park next door or across the street. Also, the low part to the side being a strip mall. Where I live, there are a few strip malls that sort of look like this, albeit with red brick and not white cement. There is even one with the same layout, only the side store used to be the old Macy's before it moved to a mall in the 1970s, and it was taller than this electronics store as it was two floors high and not one.
Yeffrey Ramos
Yeffrey Ramos 6 dagar sedan
we both yelled " Holy shit that's Rain Wilson" together!
FallonFireblade 6 dagar sedan
All I know right now is that I saw Tim Allen, the actor for Elias in Person of Interest, Adrian and Trudy Monk and I think the actress for Violet's mother in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the actor for Larry Your Waiter in Netflix's A Series Of Unfortunate Events all in one place
PetersonZF 6 dagar sedan
11:18 Not necessarily, James Doohan had an argument with a Director on the original Star Trek who had unwittingly told him to operate the transporter 'incorrectly'. Scotty's use of the controls was largely made up by Doohan, but he tried to keep it consistent.
Seth Maki
Seth Maki 6 dagar sedan
Umm, Spock died. Twice. They even made a whole movie about recovering his body lol
Art Westefeld
Art Westefeld 7 dagar sedan
Has Cinemasins never understood that this is supposed to be parady?
Princess Rockman
Princess Rockman 7 dagar sedan
Id take away that sin for being in costume. If I was into that kinda thing like nerd conventions I want to them as their characters. I can see reg people without the nerd swell and hefty ticket price. Like say this was Star Wars. You wanna meet Hans Solo. Not old grey and grizzly Harrison ford!!
Allen Freeman
Allen Freeman 7 dagar sedan
Could not watch all of this as clearly someone (channel creators) does not realize this was a comedy film. “NEVER Give Up”👍
The AJ
The AJ 7 dagar sedan
How dare you! There is nothing wrong with Galaxy Quest. Nothing!
Tim Wessel
Tim Wessel 8 dagar sedan
You owe yourself 1 sin. Spock has died. twice.
Jackson Gibbs
Jackson Gibbs 8 dagar sedan
“Sir, I am Dwight, assistant requisitions officer.” Assistant TO the requisitions officer.
Scott Simpson
Scott Simpson 8 dagar sedan
Actually the stars often use the same bathrooms as the attendees.
KumoRocks 8 dagar sedan
Ashwin Fraser
Ashwin Fraser 8 dagar sedan
Adam Ferber
Adam Ferber 9 dagar sedan
I know this movie like the back of my hand. Great job on this one but I think you forgot to sin 2 things. First, how could the nose of the ship bring against the wall without the "wing" doing it at some point. Second, Justin long's arm would've been ripped off when the ship came back to earth and crashed
Statalyzer 10 dagar sedan
It's not universally a kill-signal gesture either, although it's usually more a "Your dead" than a "we're dead" signal.
rtpoe 10 dagar sedan
What I want to know is WHO OWNS ALL THAT ALIEN TECH that just crashed into the convention center?
EvilBob 10 dagar sedan
6:07 I know it seems like this would be a sin, but it is sort of based on real life. They designed the screens for the helm in Star Trek TNG based on movements made up by Wil Wheaton (who played Wesley Crusher). That child's movements were consistent, planned, and repeatable.
Gene Gray
Gene Gray 11 dagar sedan
Photosynthesis is necessary for oxygen on Earth, but astrophysicists who study exoplanets have determined that oxygen-rich, breathable atmospheres can form without any life at all
G. 'Doc' Swift
G. 'Doc' Swift 11 dagar sedan
I've been to a number of ST cons at which various actors who played Klingons did indeed appear in costume with full makeup.
129das 11 dagar sedan
this is a race on aliens that created a fictional movie ship to exact detail they can pretty much do anything lets be real here
1UpMan 11 dagar sedan
All sins are removed for Sam Rockwell's acting and character.
EbuCallinav 12 dagar sedan
I don't think answering the door with no pants on is much of a sin-able deal when you've already sinned him for living in a glass house.
William Kirwan
William Kirwan 12 dagar sedan
Alan Rickmans character wears his alien cap at his house in the beginning of the movie
Kiko Jones
Kiko Jones 12 dagar sedan
Dude, the bathroom scene actually happened to Shatner at a convention. And the "6 paragraphs" incident to Jeri Ryan.
Zach Foster
Zach Foster 12 dagar sedan
Please I’m begging you to count all the sins of chaos walking
James Priest
James Priest 13 dagar sedan
More star trek then star trek! Better too. Well then the new shit that is.
Philip Evans
Philip Evans 13 dagar sedan
Jeremy gives himself a sin for going to a Star Trek convention. But him thinking Spock doesn't have a surname is much more personal sin worthy.
Nick Llama
Nick Llama 13 dagar sedan
Galaxy Quest is fantastic. How DARE you sin it?!
jack Torrance
jack Torrance 13 dagar sedan
Oh c'mon now. stop.
ramses byron
ramses byron 13 dagar sedan
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 14 dagar sedan
What are you an infant? Use the walkie-talkie!
Kitty Vixen
Kitty Vixen 14 dagar sedan
"The fan at this table can hear you." yeah, and when I met three of the four Red dwarf actors at a convention they bad mouthed Craig Charles in front of us. to us, when we asked why he had cancelled at the last moment. This is not a sin, this happens in real life.
ruste shackleferd
ruste shackleferd 14 dagar sedan
I love these sin total sentences!😍😍
Delivery McGee
Delivery McGee 14 dagar sedan
Re: the cleavage thing: Showing cleavage is pretty tame for Sigourney. In Alien she was in rather skimpy underthings with pokey nips, I'm pretty sure she (and by extension her character) is okay with cleavage.
Delivery McGee
Delivery McGee 14 dagar sedan
Who plays the girl that's usually beside Mathasar/what's her character's name so I can look it up? She looks like somebody that ... is known for that sort of look, but apparently it's not that one, and that character doesn't have a photo on IMDB.
drunkin12Many 14 dagar sedan
no sin for the actor mouth showing through serians mouth?
BDizzle 14 dagar sedan
I hate to nit pick, but Gilligan WAS a last name. They had his first name in a pilot script somewhere, but never bothered to say it in the show. Of course that's useless trivia you'd only know if you watched the specials on the dvd box set you own... I may have overindulged in making-of videos
Adrian Selbst
Adrian Selbst 14 dagar sedan
I'm surprised you didn't sin when he bends down to find his shoes and we CLEARLY see Tim Allen's junk.
ROMANTRA 14 dagar sedan
Where’s the bomb scene at?
joneshugh 14 dagar sedan
LOVE those end credits!! MY FAV!!!
jimmy wrangles
jimmy wrangles 14 dagar sedan
There is nothing wrong with this movie. Why the fuck are you criticizing this work of genius when you yourself haven't created anything near as good? It's a fucking comedy which you seem to have missed.
smashtoad 14 dagar sedan
Nothing...there's nothing wrong with it.
no no
no no 14 dagar sedan
I counted a grand total of zero sins. How about the rest of you?
Philip Ramsden
Philip Ramsden 14 dagar sedan
Damn, look what he did to my boy. I loved this movie
K M 14 dagar sedan
A fun fact, the design of the Klingons for Star Trek Discovery was ripped off of a cosplayer\s costume for a Galaxy Quest convention, the writers of Star Trek Discovery mistook the a costume that was a parody of a Klingon and mistook it for a Klingon outfit they should include in the Star Trek Discovery show.: www.reddit.com/r/startrek/comments/6xig2g/i_spotted_discoverys_klingon_in_galaxy_quest/
jacob drolet
jacob drolet 14 dagar sedan
Funny and I still love galaxy quest.
MrHawger 14 dagar sedan
18 minutes of nothing? That's a bold choice, Cotton.
Jeremy Owens
Jeremy Owens 14 dagar sedan
@4:34 This is 100% a factory! Noooooope- That is 100% a retail parking lot on Wilshire (or maybe the Petersen museum parking lot); the gold shape in the background is the May Building's corner at Wilshire/Fairfax, and there aren't any factories around there.
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 15 dagar sedan
11:21: No, not necessarily. The character of Alexander Dane is portrayed as thinking he's a deep actor. If you watch the original Doctor Who, you'll see that William Hartnell was very specific about the actions he took when flying the TARDIS. It was always the same way. They even labeled the various switches and dials so that when others were flying it, they would do the same thing. He even apparently got into a fight with a director of an episode when the director wanted him to flip a certain switch and Hartnell dressed him down saying that that switch did a certain thing and then explaining what all the switches did. If the character of Dane is in the same mold, that would be exactly the same every time. He might not remember, but it would be the same in each episode.
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 15 dagar sedan
7:13: No, there is a difference between "Cut!" and "Dead." "Cut" is done with all the fingers. With all the fingers out and together, you draw it across your neck. If you're just using a single finger, that's means "Dead" as if you're slicing someone's throat.
Brannen Parrish
Brannen Parrish 15 dagar sedan
One of the best, most underrated movies.
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 15 dagar sedan
0:19, I'm pretty sure that's an Arrowhead water bottle and they're owned by Nestle. And even if it isn't, Coca-Cola's big water brand is Dasani and that isn't a Dasani bottle. Coca-Cola launched Dasani in 1997, which is just before they would have started shooting this movie (it came out in 1999) and they would have likely used it if they had thought to.
Linky Okumura
Linky Okumura 15 dagar sedan
That last jim carrey edit really put me over the edge lmao
SomberSF 15 dagar sedan
“Fire at will.” “THEY GOT WILL!!” Lmao.
Paul Mike
Paul Mike 15 dagar sedan
Dang, I thought for sure when Tim Allen's character says I'm Jason Nesmith... we were gonna get a, "My name is Mrs. Nesbit! Can't you see the hat!"
KM Zoilus
KM Zoilus 15 dagar sedan
the only thing wrong with this movie is that Sigourney and her glorious rack are not in every seen.
Angelo Howland
Angelo Howland 15 dagar sedan
I cant believe he sinned the only good acting moment Tim Allen had. Ever
Grumpy Oldman
Grumpy Oldman 15 dagar sedan
18:21 "Tommy, how's the peeping?"
Jehm Titan
Jehm Titan 15 dagar sedan
"why did the mines switch to Serran's ship and not the ship they were originally magnetized to?" .... because that's how magnets... work.
Warren Marris
Warren Marris 15 dagar sedan
Once upon a time... I would enjoy myself by Sinning CinemaSins in teh comments Section... ...BUT HOLY FUCKING SHIT! If I tried that with this video and pointed out all the GENUINE SINS, It would take and hour and half to read it!
DragonGamer0713 15 dagar sedan
I don't care if this movie has 1 sin or a million sins, I will love this movie until the day I die~ A true sci-fi comedy with an all-star cast that I adore. Easily in my Top 5.
Jack Hagerty
Jack Hagerty 15 dagar sedan
"Give him a hand, he's British!" We still use that all the time at home.
BubbatheScrub 15 dagar sedan
Even if it wasn't for the jokes, this is still the best Star Trek movie.
Amanda 15 dagar sedan
Can I just say, I'm in love with Jeremy's voice.
PutRandomNameHere 15 dagar sedan
Genuinely laughed out loud at "they got Will!"
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Wallace 15 dagar sedan
You missed the best sin removal of all. When Sarris is killing everyone on the bridge, Guy is the only one not getting hit.
txdust80 15 dagar sedan
The second sin....... sorry thats wrong. The horror story of Green rooms for even the rich match this> maybe they ight have moved stuff aside and put up tarps to hide the room but behind the scene is often terrible.
Snake 15 dagar sedan
This was a great movie
Melanie Schwarz
Melanie Schwarz 15 dagar sedan
Has no one mentioned that the actors who played the aliens created a literal school to teach the extras about the made up alien culture? There’s a whole documentary on it and it’s amazing :)
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus 15 dagar sedan
time to watch galaxy quest again; because as far as I remember the kids at 5:05 complain that Nesmith did not show up to the gig they paid him for; I always found it clever of them to track him down here at the commercial shooting
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus 15 dagar sedan
I'd also like to point out that the thing about the controls is probably not a nod to Star Trek but to Doctor Who. William Hartnell was convinced that the audience would pay attention to what switches he used to open the doors of the Tardis and whatnot so he went and gave every single switch his own meaning. To this day differnt Doctor actors who use the same Tardis console try to use the same buttons for the same effects.
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus 15 dagar sedan
oh my god; now you are simply obnoxious; not everything adressed in a later scene has to happen on screen; you sound like you were writing for Murican TV shows for god's sake
Michael Klaus
Michael Klaus 15 dagar sedan
the notion about the Thermians not questioning the actors appearing in different shows is also rather dull... the Thermians do not simply not distinguish actor from character; instead they believe the character to be the actual person; which means that those have to be different persons even if they look and sound completely alike
Raymond Shirey
Raymond Shirey 15 dagar sedan
Everything wrong in 1 second: Nothing.......
NoizEKricket 15 dagar sedan
I like how you say what he should be sorry for when that's exactly what he's sorry for. He's apologizing for continuing the lie rather than telling them out right. Also, I would've removed a sin for the one real moment of acting in Tim Allen's career.
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 15 dagar sedan
You don’t know that nobody at the convention center or on the ship was killed when it crashed. Your just speculating that ship might have killed dozens.
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 15 dagar sedan
“Just do the gooey tube thing again” sounds like my ex wife haha ok I’ll see myself out.
Robert Scannell
Robert Scannell 15 dagar sedan
Everyone knows spocks name is spockson
Bowen M
Bowen M 16 dagar sedan
About time, CinemaSins
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