Everything Wrong With The Old Guard In 15 Minutes or Less

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The Old Guard is about superheroes. Or gods. Or some such. I barely paid attention, but a sh*t-ton of people watched this movie and plenty of them enjoyed it.
We just counted sins, like the emotionless robots that we are.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Anesu Mushayi
Anesu Mushayi 2 dagar sedan
00:08:11 I'm sure you've come across straight couple love proclamation scenes that are more moving, but hey, gotta appease the gay subscribers.
ApostolosFilms 2 dagar sedan
The soundtrack ruined it for me
Shalom Osei-Bonsu
Shalom Osei-Bonsu 4 dagar sedan
it's the braids for me😂😂😂
Lëa Allen
Lëa Allen 7 dagar sedan
Those perfect braids 🤣 the old guarder 🤣
Rose Blossom
Rose Blossom 8 dagar sedan
"Old Guard 2: Old Guarder" Lol
phoeniximperator 8 dagar sedan
The Old Guard 2: Even Older
Raymond gaissert
Raymond gaissert 8 dagar sedan
The girl who got locked in a box comes back in the end
Hadj 11 dagar sedan
Haha I freakin’ love this movie 😭
Moana Maurin
Moana Maurin 11 dagar sedan
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find me
find me 13 dagar sedan
Actually holding my breath at 8:24 but... CinemaSins, you came through
Hasanali Akhmedov
Hasanali Akhmedov 14 dagar sedan
This movie was every action cliche you could imagine
SecretBlue02 18 dagar sedan
I really like this movie. Netflix is good at putting out original stuff
Graham 20 dagar sedan
I would've added 2 more sins: one for Quinn magically generating air during the drowning scene, and another for the Sao Paulo thing. Andy says "Sao Paulo, '34" just so there can be a cute mixup about the 100 year difference. Like, why would she assume they were talking about 1934 when she knows Andy's been alive for thousands of years?
Joel Sarape
Joel Sarape 20 dagar sedan
Yet this has 80% rotten tomatoes review, mean while Tenet has 70%!
Tomas Corvidea
Tomas Corvidea 22 dagar sedan
Andi and the Immortals sounds like the name of an 80's Goth band.
Elias Marlantis
Elias Marlantis 22 dagar sedan
7:07 it said it in the movie “there to powerful together”
Gabe Morse
Gabe Morse 22 dagar sedan
Excuse me, ruelle makes awesome pop music tyvm
Emily Zahurones
Emily Zahurones 22 dagar sedan
How could you not sin the fact that Quyn was drinking a glass of water in her reveal scene after drowning over and over for 500 years?
John Paul
John Paul 24 dagar sedan
Here is another sin: alcohol is poison to humans. There would be little point to drinking if your body just processed and healed from the poison within 1 minute. My gripe is that Andy should have been able to notice the gun was empty by feeling the weight in her hands
Chuck Montecillo
Chuck Montecillo 24 dagar sedan
Wow. You really STRETCHED to come up with this stuff. Hahaha!!!
Timothy steyn
Timothy steyn 27 dagar sedan
Charlie’s Theron is South African like me and is immortal so that means South Africans are immortal
Psycotus Månad sedan
8:26 Oooh I was worried for a moment there but f yeah for sins off, the scene made me tear up.
SuperLady Månad sedan
Just like with Into the Spiderverse, I see you’ve chosen death!
Brittany Cormier
Brittany Cormier Månad sedan
It wasn't that his son wouldn't believe he was immortal. It was that his son wouldn't believe he could turn him immortal. He went to see the son when he was dying and his son looked older then him. His son asked him to save him and make him immortal and he told him he couldn't. We see the son get mad and yell at him to leave in the flashback.
Irishboy06 Månad sedan
5:00 in your neck there is a nerve called the vegas nerve and you just have to apply 3 pounds of pressure to it and you go unconsious
Jman Plays
Jman Plays Månad sedan
Cinema sins cliche
chris bruce
chris bruce Månad sedan
-1 sins for the soundtrack
Kendra Mackall
Kendra Mackall Månad sedan
The only issue with this video is it’s not even 9am and I’m drunk
James Chiofalo
James Chiofalo Månad sedan
Best representation of LGBTQ love in blockbuster-styled movies
M'Baku Månad sedan
I don't see why you took off 3 sins.
Zach Sheffee
Zach Sheffee Månad sedan
Who gives a damn if you ask a woman how old she is!! People ask anybody how old they are these days! How old see you supposed to know how old they are?!
Imma Leaf
Imma Leaf Månad sedan
How does she have earrings if all their wounds heal?
Penelope Chambers
Penelope Chambers Månad sedan
8:26 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Kyle Betts
Kyle Betts Månad sedan
At 4 minutes 55 seconds, those weren't soldiers she was fighting, they were Marines.
H McNamara
H McNamara Månad sedan
I'm never sure what's going on in Hollywood with some good actors. Like C.T., they think, "No one takes me seriously as an actor. Let me dye my hair a drab color, get a bad haircut, leave my shirt on, and conquer this bad dialogue." Ugh!
Mike Goodwin
Mike Goodwin Månad sedan
Why is super tasters a Sin
dickens Dickala
dickens Dickala Månad sedan
With all seriousness this was a good idea 4:30 . I thought the movie lacked a perfect villain
Not Gunna Do It
Not Gunna Do It Månad sedan
FYI THERE IS AN OFF BUTTON ON THE SIDE OF OUR NECKS!!! I WAS A NERVE STRIKE INSTRUCTOR FOR THE DoD. You hit it in the right way hard enough and it gives the aggressor 5 to 20 seconds while the strike victim regains their balance and consciousness . Do not try this at home!
Theodore Cornwall
Theodore Cornwall Månad sedan
@7:10 was explained , they said they were too powerful together as witches and have to be seperated hence they cannot be buried together.....
EinsamPibroch278 Månad sedan
There's a Copley weirdo out there who will find the current whereabouts of the "Late" Christopher Lee... Or should I say King Charlemagne?!?! Nic Cage and Keanu Reeves can't deny the evidence forever.
TheModer8ter Månad sedan
John 6: 47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life
Grinstopher Månad sedan
The thing I hated the most was the terrible screenwriting. Like the gay kissing scene. Sure, emotional and all. But why? Like, does he start an intense 2-minute monologue every single time someone addresses his partner as his "boyfriend"? Probably yes, because that's what they all do virtually in every single scene throughout the whole movie.
Caliburn91 Månad sedan
"They won't believe you " was not about them not believing that you're immortal, it was about them not believing that you couldn't share your "gift" with them. Pay attention to the movie you're sinning.
Naugh Sam
Naugh Sam Månad sedan
I want a coffee table book of all the "my college girlfriend" dialogues and sins. They are almost always hilarious.
HECKproductions Månad sedan
is this discount ajin??
R sativafox
R sativafox Månad sedan
Jeremy removing sins for the gay kiss makes me love cinemasins even more
Miguel Rivera
Miguel Rivera Månad sedan
I am SOOO glad I never watched this movie the Marines depiction would have me screaming at the TV. Thank you cinema sins for the jokes 👍🏽🤪
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz Månad sedan
That "he's not my boyfriend" actually really was damn good. Even my dad looked at me and he was like damn okay now that's love
Turbo the Cat
Turbo the Cat 2 månader sedan
I glad someone is finally calling attention to the Dubble Bubble BULL-SHIT.
Jim Y
Jim Y 2 månader sedan
since the producer didn't create the name of the gum thats an unearned sin. you need to remove one.
Micke MoD
Micke MoD 2 månader sedan
Why didn't you talk about the drowned immortal coming back to recruit the other one left behind for 100 years?? This is the next plot twist
Harfounet HFG
Harfounet HFG 2 månader sedan
Add 500 sins for the air in the lungs of the "500 years drowning woman"...
Γιωργος Ομαλιανακης
Γιωργος Ομαλιανακης 2 månader sedan
Emotionless robots add a sin for movie making them feel bad... Add another one for you mate 😉 Great video, as always 👌🏼
SvMaverick91 2 månader sedan
The Quynh storyline made me angry and i will be siding with her on the sequel - you mean to tell me,that those assholes had over 500 years and gave up searching for her after couple of decades? Fuck off movie,fuck off Immortals
Jae D
Jae D 2 månader sedan
Imma call birdman over here...
Be Honest
Be Honest 2 månader sedan
@5:20 Nile was shot while running away, which means that, the exit wound would’ve been in the front of her head. 🛎 🌝
Raz the Almighty1
Raz the Almighty1 2 månader sedan
A-a-a-Andy and the Tuna!
Benjamim Lomanda
Benjamim Lomanda 2 månader sedan
Add the "cliché"... please add the "cliché" in the cliché parts. Dont know why it bothers me, but it does!
David Braun
David Braun 2 månader sedan
the off button at the side of the neck is called carotid artery, so yes, there is an off button, and we know about it.
Nick Britten
Nick Britten 2 månader sedan
8:33 - anyone else confused as to why this deserved sins off?? Don’t get too woke please cinemasins. Too much of that shit around already.
lion 2 månader sedan
does anyone else watch this instead of the movie there sinning?
watson 49
watson 49 2 månader sedan
twisting 10 secs of footage to twist the narrative. funny people will watch anything. example. family don't believe you about sharing the gift not being immortal.
Yay For Boo
Yay For Boo 2 månader sedan
Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It was a fun little romp that was extremely welcomed in covid times. Is it weird I’m actually excited to see the inevitable sequel?
Tara L. Blackmore
Tara L. Blackmore 2 månader sedan
Just watched the movie thanks to this video. Thank you. It was a beautiful movie. And thank you for not spoiling the true ending :)
Vizzy 2 månader sedan
Am Batman
TheHedgehogGiraffe 2 månader sedan
Surprised they didn’t sin the fact that at 11:38 the “ANDROMAQVE” circled in red...isn’t Greek? They don’t have Qs or Vs in Greek, unless you mean ν as in a lower case N
Toonee 2 månader sedan
If she kept drowning multiple times why did she keep having bubbles come out of her mouth. Surely by like drowning no. 5 there's only water in her lungs, surely not enough of a disturbance to make that many bubbles repeatedly.
Patrick DiNapoli
Patrick DiNapoli 2 månader sedan
swiss army manswiss army manswiss army man
bob johnson
bob johnson 2 månader sedan
This is the reason I do not watch movies anymore. They are all garbage like this.
Christopher Young
Christopher Young 2 månader sedan
Am I the only person who thinks this being in the same universe as Hancock would be amazing?
Rami Yohay
Rami Yohay 2 månader sedan
I would have add totally empty street when Nille and Merrick fall to the car and you see the street pile up only when they leave
Heitor Pedro de Godoi
Heitor Pedro de Godoi 2 månader sedan
0:24 They are running out of money, if they don't reach a certain amount of people paying they woud lose money
seelx 2 månader sedan
You should have removed a point just for Charlize Theron... for science.
Criticitizen 2 månader sedan
Giving someone a book as a gift who happens to be named Booker. Double diiing.
M Slein
M Slein 2 månader sedan
"asking a woman how old she is" **ding** could someone clue me in on, what the friggen deal is with that?! Every woman I've asked about it, doesn't give a shit!!
Dave Voyles
Dave Voyles 2 månader sedan
This movie was so bad. And I’ve never seen a film where the soundtrack fit the action on screen so poorly.
The British officer
The British officer 2 månader sedan
Who here because they tried to look up napoleon old guard?
Mitch Chip
Mitch Chip 2 månader sedan
Silent sin removal is TIGHT!
luke harper is a bitch
luke harper is a bitch 2 månader sedan
Adi Afendi
Adi Afendi 2 månader sedan
They ostracise Booker for a hundred years but forgive Copley?
Without Words
Without Words 2 månader sedan
Sin of humanity: How in the world is a group photo... a SELFie? Please people... pleeeaaaase. I am begging all of humanity... stop using the term selfie. Especially when there is more than one SELF in the photo.
Terrence Williams
Terrence Williams 2 månader sedan
You just earned a sin by calling us soldiers😂
Dog dog
Dog dog 2 månader sedan
This movie was great but yeah I do agree with most of the sins
Elijah Elizer
Elijah Elizer 2 månader sedan
I honestly liked this movie although I felt more could've been done in developing the Guard’s backstories.
LamiNalchor 2 månader sedan
May I assume that not a single person who has watched this movie does even know what a Scythian is.
Robison Langdon
Robison Langdon 2 månader sedan
This movie was trash
Nick C
Nick C 2 månader sedan
The 3 sins off for the kiss ahahhahahaha
Travis Cecil
Travis Cecil 2 månader sedan
Old Guard 2: 2 Old 2 Guard
Jessica Hogan
Jessica Hogan 2 månader sedan
How can a sin video with any substance be made if you "barely paid attention"? C'mon
Heath Slayer
Heath Slayer 2 månader sedan
9:38 that isnt what the scene was about tho. It was about the fact he couldn't share his power.
coolstufftodo 2 månader sedan
Good movie destroy it
Sage 2 månader sedan
I started watching this movie yesterday and was so confused initially as to what exactly the movie was about. Couldn't watch past the first 10 mins
Vongola Ventisettimo
Vongola Ventisettimo 2 månader sedan
Humans do kind of have off button on the Side of the neck
JKL 2 månader sedan
You missed the mid credits scene that sets up the sequel with the immortal from the box coming back.
PiyaM 2 månader sedan
I also spent half the movie wondering why they didn't even try to find her in the ocean, especially in more modern times. They obviously had money, I'm sure there were historical records of the ships. They find ship wrecks all the time!
FirstbornIntoAgonyandDarkness 2 månader sedan
Why did they use CGI on Carlize Theron's face?
JT Garcia
JT Garcia 2 månader sedan
This movie was the shit. Don’t be a cry baby...
Raphael Antonio
Raphael Antonio 2 månader sedan
2021 diamond
Raphael Antonio
Raphael Antonio 2 månader sedan
Every director should watch movie sins
therandomguy519 2 månader sedan
If it's an iron maiden that Quynh was drowned in would she not have escaped it within 500 years due to rust?
Lorénzo Richards
Lorénzo Richards 2 månader sedan
u missed the part when the drowning girl came back
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