Everything Wrong With The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in 13 Minutes or Less

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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a bad movie. It's every bit as bad as you've heard, yet somehow still worse than that. You just can't believe how bad it is. So naturally it has a lot of sins.
Next week: '90s action & a bad superhero movie.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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mikeyj80 2 dagar sedan
The Weezer song ‘Africa?’ Weezer song??? gah!
Fancysharkman 2 dagar sedan
I actually like this film haha
Charles Curran
Charles Curran 2 dagar sedan
So this is where the snarky robots from Mystery Science Theatre got off too.
Mattia Salvetti
Mattia Salvetti 3 dagar sedan
fun fact - i unironically love this movie
Rachel Grinbergs
Rachel Grinbergs 3 dagar sedan
I actually really like this movie. Anyone else realize just how much 2012 Avengers took cues from it??! The story structure, character parallels (ex. Jekyll/Hyde and Hulk), Nautilus and Helicarrier, etc. I see you, Marvel.
Art Westefeld
Art Westefeld 4 dagar sedan
Waiting for Cinemasins to ruin my childhood by sinning Logan's Run.
asif kamal
asif kamal 6 dagar sedan
This movie is way better than WW84...And first crossover type movie I had seen at the time.
iAmAnonymousTom 6 dagar sedan
Fuck you. This is literally one of my all time favorite movies ever.
Osiris Smith
Osiris Smith 7 dagar sedan
Rest In Peace 🥺🥺
DrJones 97
DrJones 97 8 dagar sedan
Definitely, a guilty pleasure for me, don't care for its issues. It's a great movie.
Jeffrey Fredricksen
Jeffrey Fredricksen 8 dagar sedan
This movie made Sean Connery stop acting....for that it should never be watched again.
Jade 9 dagar sedan
I loved this movie a bunch as a kid, mostly for sean connery lol Thanks for covering it
Silias Vencr0v
Silias Vencr0v 10 dagar sedan
Ne parece una película ideal y excelente
Randall Myrick
Randall Myrick 11 dagar sedan
Watch yourself cinema sims this is one of my favorite movies 💪
Altronza 11 dagar sedan
My favorite movie of all time. Time to see it get ripped to shreds.
Money4Nothing 12 dagar sedan
I love watching Everything Spoilers Wrong Duh With
H.O. 12 dagar sedan
Van Helsing was a goood fucking movie
Elantra Dude XD
Elantra Dude XD 13 dagar sedan
Can we just acknowledge that this is The Avengers 1899 and it is awesome
Vince K
Vince K 13 dagar sedan
Quartermaine missed jekyl on purpose, to maneuver him into the leagues trap
Wil Edge
Wil Edge 13 dagar sedan
I actually really like this movie despite the fact I know I shouldn't
Lizzie's Lukas
Lizzie's Lukas 15 dagar sedan
It's a movie that doesn't have to be perfectly good to be enjoyed as guilty pleasure
Zachary Powell
Zachary Powell 15 dagar sedan
weezer's "africa". lol nice troll Cinema Sins.
Eric Whitney
Eric Whitney 15 dagar sedan
The only problem with this movie is it came out in the early 2000’s instead of mid- to late-90’s when it would’ve been more acceptable for that kind of CGI. At least it’s still a better movie than the Justice League movie... @2:16 Why is #22 a sin? Your own clip @7:43 explains this. @6:19 #51 is wrong, meaning you clearly haven’t watched this movie yourself. When Tom Sawyer says “You missed”, Quatermain EXPLAINS he did so on purpose to trap Hyde because they aren’t trying to kill him. 🙄 @8:35 #66 is wrong too. A later scene shows that it CAN reverse. 🙄 @8:18 Is it just me, or is the shadow on the wall actual HYDE’S silhouette? That’s a great small detail. This movie may be bad, but as a fan of classic novels, it’s still one of my favorites!
thamsan101 15 dagar sedan
No amount of movie sins will make up for saying that Africa is a Weezer song.
piramaniak 16 dagar sedan
It’s not without its flaws but I really love this movie!
Kng Tch
Kng Tch 16 dagar sedan
I am probably the only one I know that literally likes this movie
Armygamr117 17 dagar sedan
I love this movie this and van helsing are great movies
BlackTungsten 17 dagar sedan
I legit saw this three times in theaters. No regrets.
Karl Sweeney
Karl Sweeney 19 dagar sedan
Vampires CAN control bats, you goon.
Ugly German Truths
Ugly German Truths 19 dagar sedan
The guy that fetches Quartermain from Africa was supposed to be (Campion) Bond... another fusion of two different stories, thus the M references based on the James Bond franchise.
Ava Pascale
Ava Pascale 19 dagar sedan
i think the real sin of the god damn awful movie , was making gray, a man who gay sex in his book, the heterosexual villan character. lovely.
Nineteen-Sixty-Seven Ford Mustang
Nineteen-Sixty-Seven Ford Mustang 20 dagar sedan
Comics were better. The only problem is that the literary references were even MORE atrocious in the comics. But at least they were better written. Mostly.
Daniel Rossy
Daniel Rossy 20 dagar sedan
BUT.. I like this movie.
The Gaming Cathedral
The Gaming Cathedral 21 dag sedan
6:17 Sinning something that the movie literally explains a couple of seconds later is a sin.
Samaul Redman
Samaul Redman 21 dag sedan
I've had the wonderful chance to stand with the exact car they used from the movie. Absolute mammoth of a vehicle. Based on a Cadillac front wheel drive chassis. It's in the DezerLand Museum in Orlando now.
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen 21 dag sedan
Much better that Affleck and his friends lol
lion 21 dag sedan
Rip Sean Connery 😢
Dunca Edge
Dunca Edge 21 dag sedan
This channel really has gone to shit, you just nitpick the dumbest things. Connery said stay back if you value your life, you say what if I don't and you tally a sin??????? we need a Everything Wrong With CinemaSins at this point
Liberi Arcano
Liberi Arcano 22 dagar sedan
Actually, the Hyde soldier was Dante, Moriarty's right-hand man. Sanderson (the man who "recruited" Quatermain in the beginning) became invsibile so that he could ambush Tom.
Liberi Arcano
Liberi Arcano 18 dagar sedan
@Gogoroth2 Yes, you can recognize him by his voice, when he says "What makes you think I'm Skinner, huh?".
Gogoroth2 18 dagar sedan
That was the guy from the beginning? I never put that together
Titty Leds
Titty Leds 22 dagar sedan
I actually loved this film as a kid, ontop of that Hyde arleast looks like a monster in this unlike the mummy movie. Honestly id love to see this remade ..
Andy 22 dagar sedan
Add a sin for not knowing Africa is not originally a Weezer song
Jeffery Cox
Jeffery Cox 23 dagar sedan
Weezer song?
Maria Cowle
Maria Cowle 23 dagar sedan
I liked this movie tbh lol. Also..you watched the movie right? He never meant to hit Hyde...he even says that lol. He wants him to go in the direction of the trap they set. 👍🏻 I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows this but you defo should lol.
Jonathan Lugo
Jonathan Lugo 24 dagar sedan
Funny because his first initial wouldn't be M it would be J because his first name is James!
ben trimble
ben trimble 25 dagar sedan
Is it just my imagination, or does it seem like someone p!$$ed in Jeremy's Wheaties the day this was recorded?
Texan-American 25 dagar sedan
Everything so very wrong with "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" that Sean Connery daclared, "F IT! I'VE HAD IT WITH ACTING!"
Maddie Hatter
Maddie Hatter 25 dagar sedan
...I accept those sins but I still love this movie. IT WAS MY CHILDHOOD.
Charles Hardesty
Charles Hardesty 25 dagar sedan
9:20 Dude YES! They should have just made a cartoon! I do love this movie, but mostly out of nostalgia. It was a movie I watched a lot as a kid, but I would have loved it so much more if it had been a (well animated) cartoon.
Kevin Mccoy
Kevin Mccoy 25 dagar sedan
I've been waiting for this one for YEARS now! I just knew that they wouldn't give Mr. Hydes giant top hat the series of questions/sins it deserved-- As in: Did Mr. Hyde go into a hatters and ask to be sized for a giant top hat? Didn't the hatter run out the door, screaming about the GIANT MONSTER that was in his shop? Was it Doctor Jekyll who went into the hatters? How could he get the right size for Mr. Hyde? Did Dr. Jekyll think that Mr. Hyde would somehow look "Normal" because of the top hat? Did the hatter keep Mr. Hydes size as a reference, for the inevitability of Hyde losing it while running around at night and destroying things?
Izniiana 25 dagar sedan
My mom always had this movie on in the background when she was doing things around the house. I know so much of the dialogue, and love this movie to this day.
Jupiter Jones
Jupiter Jones 25 dagar sedan
I didn't watch Cinemasins for quite a while and it seems it only got super insulting
Tony Coln
Tony Coln 26 dagar sedan
Van Helsing was a good movie. Fight me.
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 26 dagar sedan
I actually like this film. I know it's not perfect and the CGI isn't great, although it is nudging 20 years old, but i just think it's a fun film and a good yarn. It certainly shouldn't deserve all the hatred it receives, and there are far worse, more boring films than this.
Kyteo Aguon
Kyteo Aguon 27 dagar sedan
“George and Lenny as MI6 agents” made me laugh my ass off
Patar 27 dagar sedan
I liked this movie, also a childhood movie
Audio Arcturia
Audio Arcturia 27 dagar sedan
I will not forgive you for sinning Quartermain missing Hyde. He wasn't trying to hit him. YUDODIS D:
Nova Anicas
Nova Anicas 27 dagar sedan
2:16 But how many sins do you get for perpetuating the incorrect pronunciation throughout your review? If the movie otherwise spells it Quatermain (and per IMDB, it does), it doesn't matter how Connery pronounces it, it's not pronounced QuaRtermain.
black9897 28 dagar sedan
I actually like this movie.
A guy under a bridge.
A guy under a bridge. 28 dagar sedan
Movie about famous fictional literature. Sins literature refrences.
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 28 dagar sedan
I love the setup. I've always loved compilations of acting troupes or crossovers, I seriously lost my mind as a kid when shows like The Flintstones meet The Jetsons, it was simply bringing things to one world. So hearing a mashup of heroes the likes of which we've not seen since The Monster Squad gave us Dracula and Pals Vs Scary German Guy, I was on this like a polar bear on a baby seal. Story, meh. Movie... . I wish I were Ants In My Eyes Johnson my entire life.
Adizabeth Torres
Adizabeth Torres 28 dagar sedan
Quinton Walker
Quinton Walker 28 dagar sedan
Please do Leprechaun 'N the hood
Jared McClelland
Jared McClelland 28 dagar sedan
12:13 going all human torch is generally what happens to anything hit by a liquid fuel flamethrower tho.
2nd3rd1st 29 dagar sedan
7:00 "The solar PANELS are fully charged." gets a pass?? We know there was no photovoltaic technology in 1899, but there sure was in 2003 and there is now and you don't charge the panels, you charge the battery! DING!
Peaches Rambo
Peaches Rambo 29 dagar sedan
this was a freaking great movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just wish they had made more. And as for Sawyer, would you rather have Jim West and Artimus Gordon show up?
trueedge2097 29 dagar sedan
Well you do realize the literary references were the thing, right? This movie is based on the graphic novel (check the credits). That was the idea behind Alan Moore's story - it takes place in this world where all the major literary characters from Victorian England lived and interacted. There are actually much more in the book, too. Yeah, Tom Sawyer is an aberration. He was added to give an American flavor to the film. Actually a lot of CGI in those days (2003) was a jaunty when mixed with live action footage. You have to remember we were watching all this in SD back then. Much of the "bad" was covered up due to low resolution and definition. It is only in HD where the difference in color and the seams are shown. This was actually pretty good for 2003. Those criticisms are invalid.
Tophatcat 29 dagar sedan
When I was around 8 I got this movie on dvd along with a dvd player for Christmas and I remember loving this movie so much
Callum McInnes
Callum McInnes 29 dagar sedan
I just watched this on Disney+. I had watched it as a kid and even then knew it was terrible. The first thing that came to my mind whilst watching it was "I wonder if Cinema Sins has done a video on this." hahhahaha
Arno Deinum
Arno Deinum Månad sedan
Terrible movie?? I actually like it Yeah its bad but its funs
Zoinks Månad sedan
Rush reference! Nice!
FallenProdigy Månad sedan
Bring On The Whales!
wertdeg Månad sedan
He was missing on purpose dummy
bongformer sluys
bongformer sluys Månad sedan
They should have called the movie the league of the super best friends
Deus69xxx1 Månad sedan
people are already hitting the 'he wasn't trying to hit Hyde' thing, so i'll get the other: Quartermaine doesn't die from getting stabbed in the 'shoulder'. that is most certainly a lung shot from how far down it is. he's a long way from help for having a punctured lung.
Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow Månad sedan
I hate this movie, but this channel is even worse.
Josh Shields
Josh Shields Månad sedan
Add 100 sins to Cinema Sins just for saying that Africa was Weezer's song. It's their cover of Toto's song Africa.
R cloud
R cloud Månad sedan
but i loved this movie
Phillip Burbo
Phillip Burbo Månad sedan
You dare suggest this piece of cinamatic pefection has any flaws! How dare!
By Rachel C.
By Rachel C. Månad sedan
Kid Rach loved this movie for whatever reason 😅😅😅😅😅😅
Edward Chance
Edward Chance Månad sedan
I saw the car from this movie for sale on Ebay
Edward Chance
Edward Chance Månad sedan
I'm naked in the snow normally it's bigger but I'm really cold
Dominic Donovan
Dominic Donovan Månad sedan
The only people who like this movie are 40 year old white Dads who are also obsessed with U.S. History ad Politics.
Mark Ferraro
Mark Ferraro Månad sedan
Dude man, I've been watching this channel for years. This was definitely my favorite episode ever. It made me laugh the most!
lonewhitewolf1 Månad sedan
In 2020 this would be called extraordinary people
Derrick Brown
Derrick Brown Månad sedan
I love this shitty movie.
Arctr00per Månad sedan
so many ads... sheesh
Adile Månad sedan
I actually really enjoyed this movie
Darren Z
Darren Z Månad sedan
This was the movie Sean Connery chose after his mistake of turning down the role of Gandalf in Peter Jackson's THE LORD OF THE RINGS. It didn't turn into the successful multi-film franchise he was hoping for, and I think he retired out of embarrassment.
tyrant fox
tyrant fox Månad sedan
Still one of my favourite
JAFO-PTY Månad sedan
this is a guilty pleasure of mine ❤️❤️
Christoph Brinkmann
Christoph Brinkmann Månad sedan
"Well Quartermaine just wanted to make Hyde-" yeah nobody gives a shit. This movie is trash.
Game Dean777
Game Dean777 Månad sedan
You should do a video on dragonheart the acter that play the leader of the gentlemen voices the dragon and it just a dame good movie.
AnewsHurt Månad sedan
Dudes, he just asked whether the submarine has reverse or not :-: Still sins it, even after seeing it does (duh) have a astern propulsion.
shant hagopian
shant hagopian Månad sedan
The CGI was bad?? I honestly don't see how that can be called bad XD
Nekrubbobby Månad sedan
Morgil Månad sedan
Iirc, Dracula takes place in the exact same year as this movie. So Mina got bitten, turned into a vampire, and immediately hauled ass to join this group of idiots.
DoughyInTheMiddle Månad sedan
This was a shit movie (even though fun to watch), but this is also like the third or fourth CS that's made references to movies AFTER the film came out as if it was stealing the scene.
Travel Hog
Travel Hog Månad sedan
You mean the Toto song Africa. Bringing up a sound alike cover instead of the band which made it famous to begin with. That's a sin for you!
Christian Carolina
Christian Carolina Månad sedan
You must really hate this movie lol Everyone i know loves it as do i
Adam McLaughlin
Adam McLaughlin Månad sedan
Yes boats reverse.. - 1 sin.
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