Everything Wrong With Friday in 17 Minutes or Less

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Friday is a '90s comedy classic!! It's awesome. But it still has plenty of sins, so we went to work.
Thursday: recent action/thriller sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we count next?
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0000030331 4 timmar sedan
Sad Hood Movie
KickAHobo 9 timmar sedan
Ice Cube breaking the forth wall in Ride Along is genius and the funniest most unexpected part of that movie.
D K 2 dagar sedan
This movie is the shit. One of the greate's
GhxstBxyYT 2 dagar sedan
This video could have been a minute long
Jeff Trinkle
Jeff Trinkle 3 dagar sedan
I'm just saying I wouldnt mind if this guy did commercial sins
Cora Baum
Cora Baum 4 dagar sedan
I love y’all’s “Prometheus School of Running Away From Things” shirt, but could you make it into a crew neck sweater?? I would personally wear it more and I think other people would too!!
Back2 Front
Back2 Front 5 dagar sedan
The Entire black community can recite the same lines from this movie verbatim . It’s one of the secrets to keeping our people so well knit
Back2 Front
Back2 Front 5 dagar sedan
Dom Dota
Dom Dota 5 dagar sedan
Haven't even watched the video yet. But already got a thumbs down for saying everything "wrong" with Friday
Trell Johnson
Trell Johnson 6 dagar sedan
Didn’t know cinema sins was pc now
ChanceMorgan44 6 dagar sedan
Swing and a miss on this one
Darnell Harris
Darnell Harris 6 dagar sedan
Literally 2 min in and can tell you know nothing about people of color 🤦🏾
Tremayne Sirmons
Tremayne Sirmons 6 dagar sedan
This whole comment section turned on Cinema Sins....
Actually Lil44
Actually Lil44 7 dagar sedan
Ayo somebody better come get they mans for I start acin a fool
Bad Omen
Bad Omen 7 dagar sedan
Ain’t nothing wrong with this movie.
MrAssassin31 Lol
MrAssassin31 Lol 7 dagar sedan
Anyone: *literally does anything* CinemaSins: oh thats gotta be a sin
Winslow09 7 dagar sedan
The cereal thing is because in a black household you are only allowed to open one box of cereal at a time.
LVSkinny 7 dagar sedan
This aint the movie for you lmao
SaJJi Cuhz
SaJJi Cuhz 7 dagar sedan
One But Worm Legendary
Eugene Adams
Eugene Adams 7 dagar sedan
This is a classic
Poineapple 7 dagar sedan
Lets see CinemaSins a white man not understanding black culture and disrespecting it during black history month 😳😳 Definitely a racist
Thomas Hughes
Thomas Hughes 7 dagar sedan
Craig breaks the 4th wall constantly because, yes, he _is_ narrating the story to us. "For most ppl, Friday's just the day before the weekend..." He opens narrating. Deduct 5 sins for not acknowledging this and 3 more for not deducting sins for Ice Cube building a freggin time machine to go back to 1995 to create the "bye, falicia" line which has become a major cultural reference in our society which should be a sin deduction in and of itself. one more sin deduction bcz I had to point this out
David Lopez
David Lopez 7 dagar sedan
Also Smokey had 100 dollars when he saw Worm so did he owe him 300 or 200 dollars
FILNOBEP 8 dagar sedan
Black people can made so many classics with a small budget. Meanwhile, Hollywood is still giving millions for others to produce trash.
Mistweaver 8 dagar sedan
they missed that Miss. Parker was watering dirt
Decorian Hill
Decorian Hill 8 dagar sedan
They finally doing black movies 😂 😂😂😂
Ftd jay
Ftd jay 8 dagar sedan
0:31 bro he’s just always tweaking out it’s all good 😂
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive 8 dagar sedan
Urgh finally I was waiting for this thank you.
King Chino
King Chino 8 dagar sedan
What’s funny is Craig told Smokey he went too pick up his check so he had money how he don’t have 200 dollars
Chucky G
Chucky G 8 dagar sedan
Notthinggggg was wrong wit Friday ....!!!! Respectfully
tegy140 9 dagar sedan
CinemaSins literally always sucks at black movies because he's just to white for it clearly has no black friends love the other stuff though
Jamel Ramseur
Jamel Ramseur 9 dagar sedan
What's the beat from 8:04-8:08?
Damarion Roby
Damarion Roby 10 dagar sedan
Everything after the DEEBO seen funny ash
Cheerful Satanist
Cheerful Satanist 10 dagar sedan
Jeremy here is severely underestimating the absolute danger and potential death that would very swiftly occur for a child of any age should they walk out of an anger fueled rant by a black parent. Seriously, go ahead leave the room at the beginning of "You know what's wrong with you?! Girl/Boy I'ma TELL you what's wrong with you-", leave during that wind up, I dare. If the parent in question is clapping their hands or tilting their head, nevermind, your already dead you just don't know it yet. also damning women you don't know in public very loudly and obviously is a constant and somewhat annoying factor of all life in the hood if you're a female
Red Eye Trey
Red Eye Trey 10 dagar sedan
This is gentrified like shit😂😂
jordan woods
jordan woods 10 dagar sedan
This channel used to be really funny man.. 😞
cj gooch
cj gooch 11 dagar sedan
The black community is not pleased with these sins 😂😂
jonathandetournillon 11 dagar sedan
It's because he was wearing a jump suit bro. You gotta remove it to poop haha
attieyag 11 dagar sedan
You miss the purpose of this movie.
F61 Band
F61 Band 11 dagar sedan
My grandmama wrote that script
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina 12 dagar sedan
What “bold direction” were y’all thinking about that Mia long’s character didn’t need Craig’s help with Deebo? This guy has been watching to many Marvel and Star Wars movies. You really think that just because Debbie has a vagina that she can physically overpower a full grown man like Deebo? If u ask me Debbie did all she could and then some. She stood up to Deebo and told him off in front of everyone. What was she supposed to do? knock Deebo out with one punch, carry Craig in her arms, and Pegg him with her strap on? It’d be one hell of a twist but this movie doesn’t cater to one side like most movies today.
21Nekoda 12 dagar sedan
I was thinking you'd mention craig's gf with the man behind him too. We she talks about her sister in law cousin baby tracy.
Dawda Sarr
Dawda Sarr 12 dagar sedan
title: in 17mins or less time it took 18:26
Coaster Life
Coaster Life 12 dagar sedan
It actually took about 16 minutes because that’s when the sins ended, AND there is literally timer in the top right. The rest after that is just extra
R R 13 dagar sedan
Craig sat on the porch all day and never looked for a job
Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson 13 dagar sedan
Stop redefining meaning of racism. 5:45 isn't racist. It's making fun of a stereotype. And a stereotype is just something that shows a common trend within a group. For example, if you make something with black people and rap, it's just a stereotype with black people liking rap. Nothing racist about it.
UAS Pevnut
UAS Pevnut 13 dagar sedan
Prime example that it’s not for “everyone”
Michael Bryant
Michael Bryant 13 dagar sedan
5:44 hey wait a minute. You must not be familiar with the less than friendly dynamic between black people and Koreans in LA during the 90's. They literally had their own shooting war during the riots. DING.
NICK D 14 dagar sedan
The narrator is spent or what? Sounds like he ran out of juice now
HazzyFcrazy 14 dagar sedan
14:39 She cool and all but bruh that man could easily kill her let alone beat her in a fight. Let’s be real sometimes
D Sanchez
D Sanchez 15 dagar sedan
Lmao this dude said “there’s no way a rebellious young adult would stay” when Craig’s dad was lecturing him. First of all, he ain’t white.
Neice One
Neice One 15 dagar sedan
I love this movie I do but I always wonder why Craig ain't just pawn his gun to get the rest
Mathew Dean
Mathew Dean 15 dagar sedan
Yes finally
Chummy Rorrshrack
Chummy Rorrshrack 15 dagar sedan
Just like to say, I smoke weed every day and basically nonstop and I'm never catatonic haha. You smoke all the time you build up a ridiculous tolerance. I mean Wiz Khalifa reportedly smokes 10k a month and he lost a smoke out to Snoop Dogg lol.
Christian Carolina
Christian Carolina 15 dagar sedan
It should be a crime to talk trash about this movie. Especially when you couldn't make one half this good
Sabrina 16 dagar sedan
It’s a black thang. You wouldn’t understand.
Damien 16 dagar sedan
At 5:52 who else notices Satan's medicine? Illuminati confirmed.
Judson Gaiden
Judson Gaiden 16 dagar sedan
11:23 Gun control advocate. Probably votes for the "D" party (which certainly doesn't stand for "D-FENS") but still wonders why crime is so prevalent in their neighborhood. 15:24 That wouldn't have been "murder." That would have been neighborhood D-FENS. Deebo has clearly presented himself as an enemy combatant. D-FENS of one's self and neighborhood (or other neighborhoods for that matter) is not only a right, it's a duty. Anyone who denies that is a defeatist weakling. Defeatism is appeasement. Appeasement is treason (against The People). *Note:* Vigilantism should be the law of the land. Then all these hellholes would become civilized. Gentrification is part of the problem. It only makes existing socioeconomic issues worse by driving the working class into ghettos. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. 16:10 Peacenik weaklings don't seem to realize that the amygdala, part of the apparatus that controls the fight or flight reflex, IS part of the brain. If we didn't have it, if we didn't have the entire limbic system functioning as intended, then our species wouldn't survive (nor would any species). The "concrete jungle" is still a jungle. Conflict is an inevitable part of the life. The so-called "law" doesn't make that less true. Natural Law is the only law that matters. Using one's brain doesn't just mean accumulating book smarts or street smarts. It also means adding skill points (so to speak) to one's faculties of strategy, tactics, and logistics. Take some martial classes. If applicable, acquire at least one firearm and learn how to use it proficiently. Granted, in this sort of neighborhood, the police and the politicians are on the side of the criminal, not the citizen (true for all government-loving big-city hellscapes and their suburban vassal territories). Anyone who advocates gun control (or bully appeasement) hates the oppressed. The philosophy of "learned helplessness" will only turn more neighborhoods into ghettos lorded over by cartels and warlords. It's not a race issue. It's a class issue. There are only two classes: the citizenry and all the predatory parasites that attack from "above" and "below." Yes, I'm using the imagery of Baphomet as a metaphor to describe the enemies of The People. *Note:* Granted, it might just seem that way to me because I'm a Hoosier. 16:14 Well, the use of the brick did represent a savvy amygdaloid response. Or as Morpheus would say, "Adaptation, improvisation." Think "MacGyver meets Burt Gummer on the set of Deth Wish 3." And if you know why I spelled "Deth" like that, then you have good taste in movies. 17:41 It's "buck" naked, not "butt" naked. I can't believe people still get that wrong!
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 16 dagar sedan
Dedo was Winnie the Poohin it in be wit Felicia!
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 16 dagar sedan
I believe that it is a rule to hallucinate after smoking weed in movies
Demetrius Harris
Demetrius Harris 16 dagar sedan
Petty Tom Petty
Eddie Andino
Eddie Andino 16 dagar sedan
Worst cs video I've seen.
Brian Lokenall
Brian Lokenall 16 dagar sedan
That no vaseline line was beautifully done.
ASexyHusky 16 dagar sedan
You should hire some black people on the cinema sins team to write the sins for these movies so you don't get clowned. I probably would have made the same mistakes haha, I'm a white guy so I don't know the ins and outs of the black community
ASexyHusky 16 dagar sedan
When did these videos get so many damn ads?
ASexyHusky 16 dagar sedan
Damn do other white kids get to walk away from their parents? Guess I got some black roots haha
The Madara
The Madara 16 dagar sedan
Look at all these people triggered Over this in the comments lmfaooo y’all fr coping hard
The Madara
The Madara 11 dagar sedan
@FredFlinstone'sSmokingAddiction people just came to hate, they’re clearly not cinema sins fans since they’d know not to take any video seriously. They think he’s ACTUALLY critiquing the movie, and expect everyone to know somehow how it’s like to be black, no offense but despite people saying whites are racist at this point in time I think black people are probably the most racist in the world, banning words, saying you can’t form opinions based on skin color, what has this world become.
FredFlinstone'sSmokingAddiction 11 dagar sedan
Watch them all go cry to that one black SEmostr (He who name I can't remember right now) hoping he'll crap all over Jeremy for daring to criticize movies with full black casts during Black History Month. He's already made a couple videos on Cinemasins but he's not the only one. There's also racist people in the comments that think Jeremy can't criticize this movie because of the color of his skin.
Patrick 17 dagar sedan
5:35 well his name is Smokey Craig 😂
J. P.
J. P. 17 dagar sedan
#108 It did seem like Craig was complaining about Joi constantly throughout the film. His family did as well. She’s jealous to the point of instability. It’s not a huge leap he’d leave her for a seemingly nice, normal, and prettier girl to whom he’d already shown attraction and affection.
J. P.
J. P. 17 dagar sedan
#52 Isn’t this where “Bye Felisha” originated?
J. P.
J. P. 17 dagar sedan
No sins for him bench pressing maybe 20lbs?
J. P.
J. P. 17 dagar sedan
#20 He was wearing coveralls. How was he supposed to simply lower his pants? He had to unzip them fully in order to use the washroom. Whether they’re lying on the floor next to the toilet or hanging up is irrelevant
J. P.
J. P. 17 dagar sedan
Wait, if he’s impressed with how brief the credits are, why add a sin?
Lovely SirMajesty Daniel
Lovely SirMajesty Daniel 17 dagar sedan
A lot of these sins is jus Jeremy not understanding black ppl🤣
SirOliver 17 dagar sedan
I didn't laugh oNce at this "comedy". Same clercs and mallrats.
Shamarr Jones
Shamarr Jones 18 dagar sedan
Joy was definitely in the movie lol.
Joshu Carmichael
Joshu Carmichael 18 dagar sedan
Yeah bruh, don’t do no more hood classics. You way out of touch
FredFlinstone'sSmokingAddiction 11 dagar sedan
Don't you have some looting and rioting to do ? Racism isn't going to end itself you know. Lol
kyle surma
kyle surma 18 dagar sedan
sins socks and slippers but not animal abuse
Dwayne Williams
Dwayne Williams 19 dagar sedan
I guess this guys never been to the hood in the 90s, yo speak on what you know
J Silvia
J Silvia 19 dagar sedan
Are you under duress? This doesn't sound like cinemasins.
H Pitts
H Pitts 19 dagar sedan
You don’t get socks and slippers cause you not black lol
Nina 19 dagar sedan
When he sinned Craig for wearing socks and slippers I knew this was about to tone deaf🙄 came straight to the comments lol
Josh Martinez
Josh Martinez 19 dagar sedan
I take off my clothes to shit too! Sometimes you need to be free for that extra power
Blubus 20 dagar sedan
So many legendary comedic legends in this movie have passed.
Mr. G 717
Mr. G 717 20 dagar sedan
Wow. This comment section is full of slow butt hurts. This is for comedy and to be taken with a grain of salt. Who cares if something went over his head. This channel went over yours. May I recommend 'everything wrong with cinema sins' and then shut up
FredFlinstone'sSmokingAddiction 11 dagar sedan
Why laugh at a comedy video when there's looting and burning to be done in the name of fighting racism ?
Mr. G 717
Mr. G 717 20 dagar sedan
One of the best movies ever. Thank you
1 20 dagar sedan
“First off you did have some milk.” That killed me haha
Divine to be different
Divine to be different 20 dagar sedan
Joy Is the ghetto girlfriend w the braids
Ryan K
Ryan K 20 dagar sedan
Yall can stfu about Friday bruh...hood Bible story.
FredFlinstone'sSmokingAddiction 11 dagar sedan
Then why did you come here for in the first place ? Is it just to be offended or have an excuse to virtue signal ?
KeveniveK21 20 dagar sedan
And by the way...in the early 90's people would smoke you over 100 dollars. To be honest....some people got smoked for less than that. It's accurate for its time is all I'm saying.
KeveniveK21 20 dagar sedan
Don't review hood movies. You don't understand that most of what happend in Friday is totally realistic in the lives of its target audience. Thats the reason it was such a hit.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 21 dag sedan
Ok. I've seen this movie when it first came out. And hundreds of times over. I have never seen that part at the end when Pop's tells him about his supervisor.
Kevin’s World
Kevin’s World 21 dag sedan
He missed the fact that the girlfriend was checking Craig about being with another woman over the phone, all while a random dude is laying next to her.
Kevin’s World
Kevin’s World 21 dag sedan
Ms Parker watering “grass”
brad luckey
brad luckey 21 dag sedan
this is the first sins where you show you dont have any common sense because you misunderstood a lot of stuff going on in this movie and sinned it when you just dont relate
Mikael Simmons
Mikael Simmons 23 dagar sedan
Ummm y’all outta y’all lane
bhosterman 24 dagar sedan
1. This channel is getting a little too woke. 2. Why isn't Hollywood held responsible for reinforcing stereotypes? 2.1. Humor isn't funny if it's not based in truth.
Jeffrey Tackett
Jeffrey Tackett 24 dagar sedan
How, pray tell, would she NOT need someone to help her with Deebo? What "direction" would you like to have seen the movie go, exactly? Have her beat him up herself? Gun him down? He showed that he's willing to hit her, so she's not going to intellect her way out of the situation. Other than simply leaving the situation, how do you envision her handling it herself? You do know that whole concept of kicking a man in the nuts and the fight ending immediately is nonsense, right? You do realize that an average women can't go toe-to-toe with an above average size/strength/fighter man, right? Your politics show through entirely too often these days.
Yamydoodle 1469
Yamydoodle 1469 24 dagar sedan
This just hating on the movie
Jeffrey Tackett
Jeffrey Tackett 24 dagar sedan
Wait ... Friday has more sins than "How You See Me"?! wtf?
QuidProQuoFilms 24 dagar sedan
I’m ngl dont do black movies anymore dawg 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you missed every joke and have no clue about the culture. Ima fan but stick to stuff like Interstellar ✊🏽
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