Everything Wrong With Prince of Persia in 18 Minutes or Less

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Prince of Persia is a movie based on a video game, so right out of the gate you should lower your expectations. Then... lower them some more. We counted all the sins so you don't have to.
Thursday: Princess sins.
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Charlie Timme sedan
"What they lack in beauty they make up for in fighting spirit" Hey that's our staff 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Synthetic Reign
Synthetic Reign 4 timmar sedan
Always on-board for silly sins. But the constant sinning of not using the dagger even though Tamina says RIGHT OFF THE BAT when Dastan uses it that he used up a lot of the sand, thus making it evident that there is limited use of the dagger, so they wouldn't use it unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, was irritating.
RalfsStuff 11 timmar sedan
I forgot all about the plot. The only thing I remember is being one of four viewers and the staff forgetting to start the movie.
Arc 13 timmar sedan
There is a camel in this video 18:14
Hunter O' Tails
Hunter O' Tails 15 timmar sedan
How about a sin for those British accents in Persia?
John Avenger
John Avenger 23 timmar sedan
I hated this movie!I'm not even a fan of the games.
Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu
Emmanuel Ofori-Kuragu Dag sedan
The "camel-riding" is just as useful as that stupid parkour move Jake did when running from the horseman. and also a little bit racist
Kiowa BlackWolf
Kiowa BlackWolf Dag sedan
And 1k sins for bad accent's
Xzane Dag sedan
Is it me or is Gemma Arterton weirdly hot?
Leon Paelinck
Leon Paelinck Dag sedan
This movie is stupid but damn you can't deny it's fun
FlamingAtheist Dag sedan
Lets not forget the biggest sin Movie set in middle eastern country cast by 98% white people doing weird english accents in the most hilarious way
Noctua Dag sedan
I loved this movie.
Kev Sincere
Kev Sincere Dag sedan
That moment when he spells *Minas Tirith wrong too
A Black Guy
A Black Guy Dag sedan
The movie didnt have those moments where he panic rewind before using the last sand to die in slow motion.... 0/10
Asurael 2 dagar sedan
So... no sin for papyrus font?
Steven Farmer
Steven Farmer 2 dagar sedan
Missed me a good bonus round
55TheInTIMidator55 2 dagar sedan
Gyllenhaal's a great actor but this ain't it, chief.
Hannah Trivass
Hannah Trivass 2 dagar sedan
This is my guilty pleasure film!!!! I love Jake Gyllenhaal in any movie he is in!! This was just a fun film for me!!!!
Nick Papageorgio
Nick Papageorgio 2 dagar sedan
When he did that pointless little jump off the wall all I could think about is “hardcore parkour!” From the office.
Christopher Alejandro Meza Parra
Christopher Alejandro Meza Parra 2 dagar sedan
Camel poop.
2nd3rd1st 2 dagar sedan
Also known as Brownface, The Movie
Avi Chetri
Avi Chetri 3 dagar sedan
The biggest sin was getting a non-Iranian actor to play the Prince of Persia.
Terence Johunkin
Terence Johunkin 3 dagar sedan
You can't really sin the jumping and parkour. It's true to the game series pretty much. Even the 2d prince of persia was about parkour and jumping out/over dangerous situations.
Afrofuturism Productions
Afrofuturism Productions 3 dagar sedan
They didn't dig the hole in hours, they have been digging since the king died.
Genomcyber 3 dagar sedan
Now I feel like watching this movie.... for the 1000000th time.
Lizzie87 3 dagar sedan
Can't believe you missed how a male ostrich is being called a female in the scene where Alfred Molina catches them again.
fellatio rodriguez
fellatio rodriguez 3 dagar sedan
*"Swallow it like a real Man"*
Brandon Fischer
Brandon Fischer 3 dagar sedan
this movie is my guilty pleasure
Yzdjan Ali
Yzdjan Ali 3 dagar sedan
This movie 🎥 is shit mugals empire WES IN 1600 and HASASI ORDAR IN Alamut WES IN 1187
Ms. Joy Ngcobo
Ms. Joy Ngcobo 4 dagar sedan
Idk why 'fuck this urn!!' had me dead 😭😂😂😂😂
Jakk Frost
Jakk Frost 4 dagar sedan
Just to further add to your engagement, 4:03 is not a useless parkour move, not by the movies physics at least. He does that to build momentum for the move immediately after, where he gets a little higher up the other wall and launches himself at the horse's rider. Basically he uses the wall as a halfpipe, even if that might not be how it works irl. But you knew that already, I'm well aware. 🖕😜
George Oldsterd
George Oldsterd 4 dagar sedan
Molina's character claims to have bought skeletons from some gypsies in Bukhara. That's impossible from a historic point of view. *DING!*
George Oldsterd
George Oldsterd 4 dagar sedan
Finally! A CS video that points out ACTUAL sins of a movie!
Just Time
Just Time 4 dagar sedan
99.98% recovery rate and no homeless deaths. Keep wearing dat dere mask you stupid sheep.
Just Time
Just Time 4 dagar sedan
So Taiwan is no longer sovereign? Huh...
Just Time
Just Time 4 dagar sedan
What ever happened to "Free Tibet"?
Stuart Fury
Stuart Fury 4 dagar sedan
One of my greatest fears is this shit autoplays while busy in another room and i have to hear the distant ranting of this edgelord.
Drum Monkey
Drum Monkey 4 dagar sedan
Always love the super Mario Bros bonus round music.
Shaznit 4 dagar sedan
Prince of Parkour
2cool0 4 dagar sedan
the king or sultan or whatever didn't wear a fucking crown in real life. don't think any middle eeastern countries had crowns like that. that's a total european thing...especially british. not to mention the fact all these people are straight european not even remotely middle eastern. the temple in the movie or maybe it was a castle or something had hindu gods....like wtf hollywood you piece of shit you can't even get that right? why is the prince and many others speaking in a full british accent?
Sentinel creed
Sentinel creed 4 dagar sedan
This movie was my childhood. Idk why I liked it so much but I did. Still sticks with me to this day
Tobias Bäcklund
Tobias Bäcklund 5 dagar sedan
So it is not offensive go to blackface when it is not completely black?
Tobias Bäcklund
Tobias Bäcklund 5 dagar sedan
Is anyone persian in this movie? At all?
joseph frank
joseph frank 5 dagar sedan
I think I will rewatch the Prince of Persia just because nothing else is on..
John D
John D 5 dagar sedan
Admittedly I didn’t have the patience to watch through the whole video so if he comments on this later on then fair enough, but is anybody talking about how Jake Gyllenhaal is white in what realistically is a role for a middle eastern actor? I love Jake, but his presence here doesn’t really feel appropriate. He’s certainly not the only whitewashed role, either. Just bears mentioning I feel
Eucenor 5 dagar sedan
8:29 aurangzeb intensifies
Cynfael Alek-Walker
Cynfael Alek-Walker 5 dagar sedan
This movie is so American it doesn't even have a persian rug, and it doesn't know that Persian's are not arabs
Jim Nixon
Jim Nixon 5 dagar sedan
There are not enough sins for how bad this garbage fire was.
Alöys Schíkélgrübér
Alöys Schíkélgrübér 5 dagar sedan
"Meet me In Montauk"😂🤣🤣🤣
Beat The Yeet
Beat The Yeet 5 dagar sedan
OMG it’s the kid from day after tommorow
Daryl Gonyer
Daryl Gonyer 5 dagar sedan
So, we're going to ignore the similarities to the plot of Ocarina of Time? I mean, not exact, but... yeah. A blade made by the gods? Check. Time travel to fix things? Check. "We've never met, but you have this air about you that tells me you've gained knowledge of things that you couldn't possible know"? Check.
Mukhtar "Billy" Vanmali
Mukhtar "Billy" Vanmali 5 dagar sedan
More whitewashing bs. Yeah yeah I also read something about Persians being technically Caucasian or something at the time, but besides Ben Kingsley, would it have killed them to cast someone with a little brown in them??? Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes from 300 or the Persians in "Alexander" had the right idea, and it looked authentic or at least not as odd as Jake and Gemma in these roles
TheRiddick27 5 dagar sedan
Alfred Molina was far & away the best thing about this movie. Not only should he be in more comedies, he should be in more films.
JC 5 dagar sedan
4:06 Weeeeeee!!!!
ssj4rebellion 5 dagar sedan
Is it cameo camel? Or camelflage?
Seeds to Sow
Seeds to Sow 5 dagar sedan
This movie must have been very boring because I'm tired of even watching this cinemasins.
MR.C&A Video911Game
MR.C&A Video911Game 6 dagar sedan
I liked the movie :D to a certain point :p
Xavier Kane
Xavier Kane 6 dagar sedan
This was a good one
LucianDevine 6 dagar sedan
:Loved the movie and loved the video! Plz keep them coming, especially the older Indiana Jones movies! As for why Tamina didn't use the dagger after she got it from Dastan the first time, she had said that he'd used up all the sand when he used it what I think was 3 times in a row, maybe 4. He tried to fill it with normal sand, but it won't work without special sand. She was trying to get as much distance as possible before using the sand from around her neck, but wasn't able to do it.
blk 6 dagar sedan
it was a good movie
Gamerdweeb Entertainment
Gamerdweeb Entertainment 6 dagar sedan
Took me a while to realise, Prince's name is Dastan... wait Prince had a name???
Niminae 6 dagar sedan
I genuinely enjoyed this movie despite it being so bad. I guess I was just craving a new unique adventure series and this was the best attempt.
Michal Pecz
Michal Pecz 6 dagar sedan
11:08 what is so bad on putting his head in tent? shouldn´t it be sin off? it makes sence to protect him too.
Matt Fick
Matt Fick 6 dagar sedan
For years, this was the movie that made me the most irrationally angry. It was replaced by Dark Tower, but it's still up there
indefinableification 6 dagar sedan
it's not even based on the original game but the 2003 remake, which the original creator didn't want to touch after the disastrous Prince of Persia 3D. -shudders- i really want a film about the origins of Nagash. You're rooting for this guy, you want him to win and then you find out he's the big bad guy that turns the country into the land of the dead.
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 6 dagar sedan
You see he's been through the desert on a horse with no name. it felt good to be out of the rain. in the desert you can't remember your name cause there ain't no one who won't give you no blame. La La La... La La La La La... La La La La La... La La La... La La La La La...La La La La La...
Patrick Wentzell
Patrick Wentzell 6 dagar sedan
I noticed something about a Creepshow story titled The Raft. those young horney teenagers could have jumped into the water and swam away from whatever that Blob thing was in the water. in the first Creepshow Ted Danson and Leslie Nielson looked good back then. it was kind of like old versions of a Tales From The Crypt movie.
Sam. A.K
Sam. A.K 6 dagar sedan
The reason why dastan and tamina weren't using the dagger at certain situations is because the sand in the dagger is limited..it can't be used multiple times. Like ammo for a gun..u can't keep shooting if u're outta ammo
sam taylor
sam taylor 6 dagar sedan
All I remember about this movie is there is a really fit bird in it
Dave Gentleman
Dave Gentleman 6 dagar sedan
Ben Kingsley is an amazing character actor. Watch that old Sherlock film of his. Understated humor, and pitch perfect acting!
Daniela Belova
Daniela Belova 6 dagar sedan
I really like it don't know why but I really like fantasy adventure unrealistic movies maybe that's why
Bend Mind
Bend Mind 6 dagar sedan
Only for those who don’t know this. PoP is a game series. Don’t expect any realistic plots.
Brandon Urso
Brandon Urso 6 dagar sedan
Can we just give it 200,000 sins for having an almost all-white cast and be done with it? This movie was so cringey I couldn't even finish this video
Phoenix Ed
Phoenix Ed 6 dagar sedan
Y'all are just now covering this? Lol Y'all may need to contact me for an extended version 1. The fact it was made. 2. Gyllenhaal is a good actor, but isn't persian 3. The prince wasn't adopted. 4. The only person who's name they got right was the prince's father, but spelled it wrong. 5. They had a whole videogame with the story and script before them and still messed up I could go on.
Nienke Hollands
Nienke Hollands 6 dagar sedan
I don't care what anyone says, I loved this movie, mostly because of Gemma and jake's tension throughout the film lmao
Darcy Moss
Darcy Moss 6 dagar sedan
i think picking on this movies a bit of cheap shot because we all knew it was a bit shit haha
Tom Hools
Tom Hools 6 dagar sedan
They should have made a movie about the 1st game.
S1ipperyJim 6 dagar sedan
@5:35 - @5:51 all these 'sins' are explained if you watched the movie...the dagger can only go back 1 minute in time and any further than that requires releasing the sands that could destroy the world, and many of the subsequent "sins" are explained, again if you watch the movie, by the fact they have limited sands of time with them and used up most of it in the first couple of uses
Global00Vintage 6 dagar sedan
The biggest problem for me is that fucking accent they made Jake Gyllenhaal use. Who's decision was that? Why? Who approved it???! It is so distracting.
გიორგი ჭაღიაშვილი
გიორგი ჭაღიაშვილი 6 dagar sedan
Did they.... even watch the movie? The dagger needs sands of time as fuel to do any time traveling and even then it doesn't go back THAT far so using it to avoid general danger isn't always possible.
Prashant Sharma
Prashant Sharma 6 dagar sedan
dude wtf is this, oh she is that actress... sin 1, oh there is sun in day time... sin 2. etc etc, if u just only notice something u should not count it as a sin like 10 seconds logo, sin 3 oh 100 seconds of logo, sin 4 what the f*** is this man although there are few mistakes, but u are doing forcefully to make a sin count
jshah 7r9
jshah 7r9 6 dagar sedan
i just can't calling out sin while watching a new movie all thanks to cinema sins
Cheggerhans™ 6 dagar sedan
Still one of the better video game movies out there
Mason Pellazar
Mason Pellazar 6 dagar sedan
I always wondered what the thought process is to see some one in anguish over someone else's death (usually cradling the dead body) and immediately go "It was them! Get 'em!"
Janice Columbus
Janice Columbus 6 dagar sedan
(Fake) English accents and "brown-face" = 1000 sins!
Alex Svech
Alex Svech 6 dagar sedan
I wish they would do a movie about the worrie within game
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos 6 dagar sedan
Sometimes cinemasins remind me how bad a movie is
ShaunicusPrime 6 dagar sedan
What’s funny, there is so little about this move I remember.
American Hero
American Hero 6 dagar sedan
This was such a good game at the time, the movie destroyed the franchise.
Auran Crash
Auran Crash 6 dagar sedan
*I wonder if anyone has sinned the game just so we can have a comparison* lol
Manga Addict 2
Manga Addict 2 6 dagar sedan
Cant believe I actually enjoyed this film
Alexander Rizzo
Alexander Rizzo 6 dagar sedan
Your voice reminds me of Tim from BrainPOP
Michael Finnigan
Michael Finnigan 6 dagar sedan
the bonus sins seemed excesive. its a movie based on aplatforming game and you DONT expect there to be gratuitus jumping?
Super Hiro
Super Hiro 6 dagar sedan
Holy fuck I forgot how hot she was all tanned up.
Drac Onis
Drac Onis 6 dagar sedan
The prince of jolly old England.
Scott Mantooth
Scott Mantooth 6 dagar sedan
*the allure of running around with sharp pointy objects while you being chased by those intent on popping the more popular bits from your body then jumping up and down on them before setting them on fire never grows old...unless you are actually caught and you do in fact lose those bits of your body you might have been really, really fond of and had looked forward on using later recreationally*
jews beans
jews beans 6 dagar sedan
100 extra sins for being another foreign based movie staring a white actor instead of middle eastern
Mr FriesAndShake
Mr FriesAndShake 6 dagar sedan
I use to be addicted to this movie as a kid lol would wait for it on HBO
Shawn Breaux
Shawn Breaux 6 dagar sedan
No! This was a terrible movie and everyone knows it!
Ashley 6 dagar sedan
omg i remember reading the book to this in middle school and watching the movie with my dad...i did not know it was based on a video game lol
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