Everything Wrong With The Mighty Ducks In Flying V Minutes

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Jeremy's new memoir: cinemasins.com/original-sin
The Mighty Ducks sure is a movie that people love. It had a couple sequels and is now back as a Disney+ TV show. Despite all that, the original movie is kind of enjoyably terrible. Cute kids, but that's about it. And sins galore.
Next week: Video game sins and princess sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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roosduster 4 timmar sedan
Interesting how at 11:36 the Cardinals are 8 wins and 4 losses despite the game they had the tie with the Ducks. Then at 11:41 it is now magically 8 wins, 3 losses and a tie.
TexanTube 18 timmar sedan
Why does Emilio Estevez look like how Martin Sheen's son Charlie SHOULD'VE looked like? They're damn-near twins!
Mahvimcoo Dag sedan
Listen... I'm like 95% sure Fulton is just a young Bucky Barnes.
Jess N
Jess N Dag sedan
Funny, but hockey is a serious business in MN so some of the outlandish things like Pee Wee Hockey in the newspapers and youth teams from different cities having or sharing home rinks is a thing. Though I have never met someone who’s life went to hell because they missed a penalty shot in PeeWee hockey... that’s all Disney!
Andy Holland
Andy Holland Dag sedan
When I played peewee hockey we played about 50 or so games a season. From September to March you played two games a week and tournaments of 3-5 games thanksgiving, Christmas, and one In February. Then you had 3-5 games for playoffs. Gretzky scored 378 goals his last year of peewee hockey.
IEtonewowo I
IEtonewowo I Dag sedan
Bitch, our high school doesn’t even have their own rink, and I live in Minnesota
Robert Snider
Robert Snider Dag sedan
You fucked up. Now you gotta do all of them.
Bryan Newcombe
Bryan Newcombe Dag sedan
You forgot to mention that when they came across the blue line in their "so awesome" flying V formation, they were offside.
Patrick Davidson
Patrick Davidson Dag sedan
I've always had more nostalgia for pt 2.
Jason Groom
Jason Groom 2 dagar sedan
I don't think you understand how important peewee hockey is in some parts of the upper midwest. Here in Iowa our local peewee team shares a name with our minor league team, and their banners hang on the opposite side of the arena.
kayce851 2 dagar sedan
17:48 Is clearly supposed to be a shot from inside the ice, not a reflection. If it were a reflection, when the puck is dropped, we would have seen the actual puck drop into the shot, but instead we continue to see what looks like a reflection (but is actually just the camera being pointed through some scratched up plexiglass with some translucent paint on it).
Beetlebum71 2 dagar sedan
1. This is fantastic. 2. You are clearly not from Minnesota. We definitely have newspapers dedicated solely to hockey news, and they routinely recap youth games. Also, the top Pee Wee team from my town played 56 games this year, so 25 is, indeed, ridiculous, in that it's not nearly enough. Minnesota is hockey-crazy. 3. The major plot flaw in this movie is that geography is made central to the story, but Fulton is from Stillwater, MN, which is on the border of MN and WI, and would never be playing on a team with players from Minneapolis. Movie can't have it both ways!
Movie Collecter
Movie Collecter 2 dagar sedan
Still a classic
B Stanley
B Stanley 2 dagar sedan
Imagine being such a jaded piece of shit that you don't recognise Mighty Ducks as the absolute masterpiece it is
Nathan McKenzie
Nathan McKenzie 2 dagar sedan
I guess "cinema sins" has a nice to ring to it but calling the sundry blunders of popular motion pictures "sins" is a sin in itself.
RTG Animation
RTG Animation 2 dagar sedan
Oh my, good thing I watched this beloved movie only few times, when I was around 8 or 10, it reaaly seems to be 100% nostalgia :O
Nick Papageorgio
Nick Papageorgio 3 dagar sedan
Your college Ex girl really did a number on you, eh? In every video lmao
soshiangel90 3 dagar sedan
I never watched this...and after this, I'm so very very glad I never did....
Fierce Carton392
Fierce Carton392 3 dagar sedan
Why did you the lions like that 😂
Fierce Carton392
Fierce Carton392 3 dagar sedan
I’m mean why did you do the lions like that
mike roebauls
mike roebauls 3 dagar sedan
his name is Basil (said Bazzle) McCrae
tgguitarguy 4 dagar sedan
Am I missing something here? Or is this no April Fools joke in this?
Micah Morgan
Micah Morgan 4 dagar sedan
Calling Charlie "Pacey" 😂
tony schreier
tony schreier 4 dagar sedan
Rat bastard Corey Perry is the best line
Mrtfarrugia 4 dagar sedan
I'm actually really confused about how this league is set up. If it's house league then most leagues would try to balance the teams or if it's anything higher then they would have to tryout and I'm trying to figure out how these players would have made a team in the first place.
Curtis Robinson
Curtis Robinson 5 dagar sedan
Systemic racism in hockey: the ref is OK with that Oreo comment. Also c'mon man Pewee is where the kids who will become pros start playing seriously; hasn't anyone at CinemaSins ever heard of the Quebec Pewee tournament? Mike Modano played there in 82. I'm sinning you for not doing any hockey homework! Also watch Les Pewee its a soft reboot of this movie set in Quebec
Coolspot Coolspot
Coolspot Coolspot 5 dagar sedan
You gonna do D2 and D3?
Ecchi Kun
Ecchi Kun 5 dagar sedan
5:26 I'm glad I wasn't the only one who found this annoying
Ben Rivera
Ben Rivera 5 dagar sedan
Always love your content, but minor correction on this one. Pee-wee hockey clubs do in fact usually have their own home ice rinks. Normally each local rink will be the home to one specific team and will have banners up like that. As for Gordon not knowing this was their rink, could be a solid sin or the Hawks could have moved to a different rink in the time since he was affiliated and he was just unaware.
Carmen Panaro
Carmen Panaro 6 dagar sedan
He said that pee-wee hockey seasons did not have 25 games but my pee-wee team had 47 games in one season.
Stephen Ring
Stephen Ring 6 dagar sedan
All the times you mentioned Gordon missing the shot and it being a tie etc, he literally says in the diner scene the missed shot means they tied and lost in overtime
Brandon Hyatt
Brandon Hyatt 6 dagar sedan
The stars were still a Minnesota team when this movie was made so they weren’t in Texas
Kelepar 6 dagar sedan
Lol "cake eater" at 12:42 IS a Minnesota insult. It's what we call the rich kids from Edina and Minnetonka.
Global00Vintage 6 dagar sedan
You've clearly never been drunk. White Castle is everything. Only where I'm from it's Krystals, and that shit is nasty, disgusting meat product that feels so good going down after a night of tequila shots and beer chasers.
Auron Sin
Auron Sin 7 dagar sedan
We're not gonna talk about Jussie swooning over Tammy when he mentions her in the beginning, even though he's more Rainbow than a bag of Skittles?..........Ok. 🙁
Dollas 78
Dollas 78 7 dagar sedan
I wish one of the clips at the end had some scene with “Diplomatic Immunity” in it for Hans
Sirknightsalot 7 dagar sedan
my guy violated corey perry
David Edwards
David Edwards 7 dagar sedan
while your doing the Mighty Ducks would you be able to do the Three Ninjas as well?
Michael Hiltz
Michael Hiltz 7 dagar sedan
Pee wee hockey teams don't have home arenas, but the associations that have pee wee, and other age groups of hockey teams, do. Also just because 2 kids hit the one kid, isn't boarding
NYDelly Dell
NYDelly Dell 7 dagar sedan
waymanbrian 7 dagar sedan
"What kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name their team, "The Ducks"?" - Bugs Bunny
ventusToonz 7 dagar sedan
No way 'Oreo Line' was used in a movie bro and I don't remember to that's so bad xD
DaisyWorld 7 dagar sedan
PLEASE DO d2 and d3
Hammertown 7 dagar sedan
Im 12min in and still hoping for some kind of Denomolos joke
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos
Ana Carolina Buzelim dos Santos 7 dagar sedan
When i played we yell fake moves so the other teams thought we actually had a plan
Frank Lahache
Frank Lahache 7 dagar sedan
yeah, pee-wee hockey teams have their own arenas in Canada lol
Kyle Dorsty
Kyle Dorsty 7 dagar sedan
@11:28 that paper actually does exist
David Peterson
David Peterson 7 dagar sedan
3:42 *ding. They're playing on a flooded rink, not a pond. Many parks in Minnesota have this style rinks, you just put up boards and pour a bunch of water. You can't "fall through" the ice. Classic LA script writing not knowing how cold weather works.
Amore Mortefin
Amore Mortefin 7 dagar sedan
This is one of the best CinemaSins I've ever watched! 😂
Amaya 7 dagar sedan
Liked for the Corey Perry comment and shared at the NHL couple make out comment
John Klaus
John Klaus 7 dagar sedan
While funny, I played lots of travel teams of this type during the 80s and early 90s, and a lot of the things you pilloried were very real in so many towns I visited here ncludimg my own: 1) whole team in same class 2) teams would have their own town sponsored field, rink, etc. 3) you missed it, thy were implying this town was so poor, they couldn’t afford their own and had to play all their games away. I’m gonna stop. This aged well for me. Better than I thought.
BriefcaseBlues 8 dagar sedan
So was the coach right? Did you swing like a bird? Are you as good a ball player as your older brother? Why does truth hurt so bad lol
Katlin Fergusson
Katlin Fergusson 8 dagar sedan
Every Duck would of had an Interference penalty on the flying V play. As soon as they enter the zone, they start checking players and sending them to the ice.
Christoph Brinkmann
Christoph Brinkmann 8 dagar sedan
Loved this movie as a kid, but I was a kid. Yeah this movie deserves even more sins.
Slice of Pepperoni
Slice of Pepperoni 8 dagar sedan
You need to do DAYLIGHT. This is urgent
Lewa, Toa of Air
Lewa, Toa of Air 8 dagar sedan
[pulls out the record player again and plays it] "Stan Marsh is a washed-up fourth grader. He's got no job, no bicycle. And his only way out is to coach..." [pulls the needle off the record] "a pee wee hockey team!" [puts it on again] "And now, he's about to find out that to coach, you've got to grow."
WhiteNoise417 8 dagar sedan
The Corey Perry line was epic hahaha
Full Life 3
Full Life 3 8 dagar sedan
5:50 Or... Consultant: Yeahh... Uhhh, that's crossh-checking and that is uhh.. illegal there. Producers: Yeah... Uhhh we don't really care and uhhh... You're fired.
matneo27 8 dagar sedan
I'm not from the Minnesota area, but most rinks I know of host only 1 or 2 youth teams like the "hawks" or "ducks" - they have a few teams from each age group (midget, bantam, peewee, squirt) split up by skill level (aaa, aa, a, empire), but they are all the "hawks." And even if its a house league with only a few rinks, the ice cost would be higher at a nicer place, so maybe only the Hawks could afford to play their home games at the best rink? Gordon should have know it was a Hawk rink, though. Also, even the little rink I manage has plexi-glass replacements ready for all its glass. One guy can knock out the old piece, clean up any pieces and put in the plexiglass, 5-10 mins at most. Do you have a rink guy consultant?
Mike AwesomeX
Mike AwesomeX 8 dagar sedan
I was like emilooooo
Jermaine J
Jermaine J 8 dagar sedan
Yeah I am going to need the other movies to also get sinned.
Nat Acchione
Nat Acchione 8 dagar sedan
Cinemasins, #hockeyguy
Tomas Kubinski
Tomas Kubinski 8 dagar sedan
I am so glad I have never watched this movie.. I never plan to either lol.
luv2bevl 8 dagar sedan
DUCKS FLY TOGETHER! Sin me for it! Lol
Dan Angell
Dan Angell 8 dagar sedan
Please do the other two, and the Major League movies.
Dallas Fuller
Dallas Fuller 8 dagar sedan
If it’s tied then it goes to a shootout and they lost the shootout
Hector Guzman
Hector Guzman 8 dagar sedan
Geeeeezus 🤦🏽‍♂️ anything to avoid WW84
Ben John
Ben John 8 dagar sedan
Who else remembers seeing the cartoon on Jetix before knowing there was a movie
Moon Princess TSH 4 ever
Moon Princess TSH 4 ever 9 dagar sedan
"...Pee-wee hockey Jesus!" 😂🤣😂🤣
UberNugget 9 dagar sedan
Calling out all those drunk driving offenders and 2:04 is absolutely priceless, I'm dying over here🤣
walonsubi 9 dagar sedan
5:28 Butch Goring, my man 5:48 clearly boarding, not cross checking
Riley James
Riley James 9 dagar sedan
Waited years for this one.
Preston Jobe
Preston Jobe 9 dagar sedan
You know, I actually watched this movie last week and came to this channel to see if there was a vid on it yet...the fact that there is now one just several days later makes me think you're living in my head rent free now.
enigma1863 9 dagar sedan
That’s not a reflection of the ice. It’s from underneath the ice. You can tell because the puck lands on the other side.
Michael Cox
Michael Cox 9 dagar sedan
Yeah never saw this movie remember when it came out thought it looked awful and the awkward "tickle" scene ummmm yeah WTF? Every kids sports movie anymore is just ripping the only good kids sports movie the original "The Bad News Bears"
Windwalker57 9 dagar sedan
Jeremy, you are correct that the flying V is dumb. However, you are wrong about why. It's perfectly common for a team to bring both defensemen forward on an offensive push; it's a calculated risk, like pulling the goalie. The real issue is that the V has *FOUR SKATERS COMMIT SIMULTANEOUS INTERFERENCE.*
coolman spaceguy
coolman spaceguy 9 dagar sedan
Problem: youth hockey teams, especially travel hockey, have a home rink that already exists. In my youth league, we had our own rink and all the teams we played did to.
That guy from Aggretsuko
That guy from Aggretsuko 9 dagar sedan
"The coach sucks, but all we need is ONE GUY who can shoot the puck" *Laugh in Wayne Gretzky*
Jon Robinson
Jon Robinson 9 dagar sedan
more ducks sins please
Brendan Sullivan
Brendan Sullivan 9 dagar sedan
Do Godzilla Vs. Kong
Lucas Liso
Lucas Liso 9 dagar sedan
What about Rebound (2005) with Martin Lawrence. That movie bombed so bad...
Matthew Tingle
Matthew Tingle 9 dagar sedan
On a more random thought. Why would Mr duckman sponsor the team and drop all that money then clearly side with the hawks and fire his most successful lawyer lol.
ocularnervosa 9 dagar sedan
Wait, that was the plot of the Devi's Advocate? Man, either I wasn't playing attention or they really failed in explaining the storyline there.
JonTheSkinny 9 dagar sedan
Do the tom and jerry movie
Etxempire g
Etxempire g 9 dagar sedan
If you’re not first you’re last .
Carpet Running
Carpet Running 9 dagar sedan
I so wanna see you do the breakfast club.
BUBBLES kim 9 dagar sedan
i swear i saw the trilogy a day ago and he is looking at my history and spying on me
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 9 dagar sedan
Never understood the Oreo line thing until now, 24 years after seeing this for the first time
IMTIAZ 9 dagar sedan
IMTIAZ 9 dagar sedan
Chris Simmons
Chris Simmons 9 dagar sedan
If you can get the necessary permissions from Tom Grossi, there needs to be one of these for the NFC/AFC East Saga.
jibb 294
jibb 294 9 dagar sedan
I beggin for you to do "kung fu hustle"
LowKey LowKey
LowKey LowKey 9 dagar sedan
As a kid I was forced to watch this trash film...I forgot it.....annnnd now I remember how much I hate it >_>
Zalis116 9 dagar sedan
So let's say the Hawks coach gets his wish and they take that 2nd place banner down. "Hmm, they were champions in '71, '72, '74... Wow, that '73 team must've really sucked, they didn't even make the finals!"
josh storms
josh storms 9 dagar sedan
I give Jeremey credit that he is a genuine Hockey fan and I acknowledge that this movie is not perfect and has a fair number of flaws when it comes to the plot and Hockey logistics, but I think he was way to harsh on it. I still think its a classic. If your going to get that up tight about how EVERY single plays /calls are not true to life in the realm of fiction, then why bother watching to begin with. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to be realistic to the rules/calls of the game, but to expect a sports movie to be ALWAYS true to life at every little second is a bit much. Also while I understand why Jeremey (and a few people from today) might not like the sports clichés and plot points (i.e. the sarcasm/third act break-up) keep in mind that the only reason why people are complaining about them now is due to the over flow of 90s kids sports movies that tried to copy the Ducks success/storyline. So if anything Im willing to give the Mighty Ducks some leeway since it was one of the earlier kids sports films (aside from Bad News Bears) and compared to other kids sports flicks, it handles them much better.
Rebekah Jackson
Rebekah Jackson 9 dagar sedan
Do It Takes Two!!!!!!
Bjorn Reeve
Bjorn Reeve 9 dagar sedan
Can you do everything wrong with ace Ventura pet detective
Fraser MacAlpine
Fraser MacAlpine 9 dagar sedan
I'm a little sad you didn't include a Jussie Smolett joke somehow since he was the third wheel of the Oreo line. The Gaetz joke was gold tho!
kryceksangel 4 dagar sedan
He probably supports Smolett
RightB00B 9 dagar sedan
Everything thing wrong with notorious
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