Everything Wrong With Office Space in 18 Minutes or Less

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Office Space is an all-time classic and one of the most quotable movies ever. Still has sins.
Thursday: Sci-fi action film sins.
Remember no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Caleb Short
Caleb Short 20 minuter sedan
2:27 yeah you'd think wouldn't you?
Sandia Barrera
Sandia Barrera 19 timmar sedan
REALLY?!?!? This movie is GOLD!
Nick Papageorgio
Nick Papageorgio 19 timmar sedan
You literally had 40+ seconds of ads and intro but you shit on every movie that had ads and intros. Noice
The Median Man
The Median Man 2 dagar sedan
If you are in credit or accounts receivable, then you likely check your aging reports Monday AM to see what accounts are due and in need of collection that week. That the corresponding accounts payable gets a lot of calls Monday AM would not be too surprising. That said, if their AP department owes an overdue invoice every 5 seconds, there probably wouldn't be enough money in the treasury to embezzle at any significant rate.
Bren Wright
Bren Wright 2 dagar sedan
That’s not “riding your brakes”. Minus 1 sin.
Patrick Coston
Patrick Coston 2 dagar sedan
You missed that his computer looked like a PC clone probably running Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, but the progress bars used an Apple Mac user interface, but then it shut-down to a DOS C: prompt. Windows 95 and 98 did not shut-down a C: prompt. Windows 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x ran on top of DOS and shut-down to a DOS prompt. That's 2 sins right there!
James Noble
James Noble 2 dagar sedan
What's up with the zombie pale complexion of the woman standing to the left of Milton during the cake scene? Bad makeup or lighting? It doesn't match the skin tone of her arms Also a sin should've been awarded for the magazine guy claiming he made way more money selling subscriptions door to door than his former IT job. I find that impossible to believe unless he sold, like, 300 subscriptions a day every day
Walter Burton
Walter Burton 3 dagar sedan
The writers at CinemaSins shouldn't cover any movies released prior to 2010 or so.
Walter Burton
Walter Burton 3 dagar sedan
HEY KIDS: That is not what "riding your brakes" is. Not at all.
volsman1978 3 dagar sedan
the Nodder...he is today's mask nazi
Zachary 3 dagar sedan
How dare you...
GodEmperor Bigfoot
GodEmperor Bigfoot 4 dagar sedan
Haven't done much day labor jobs have used CinemaSins. You got a massive construction cleanup job go to your local labor ready or whatever temp agency that does that sort of thing And yeah there's a good chance you're going to be working on that. Also have you worked in an office before much less these days because having 5 plus bosses is kind of normal. It's ridiculous and garbage but yeah last office job I worked We had 3 team leads 4 shift leads 2department heads And the office manager. And oh God the amount of times you would have people giving conflicting orders on what they want done and what priorities they had.
dish rag
dish rag 4 dagar sedan
I just realized that office space was most likely the inspiration for workaholics
Jupi 4 dagar sedan
I once got approached by four different managers because I was putting 14 pieces of pepperoni on the 8-inch pizzas as opposed to the correct quantity of 12. Yes. Two bosses CAN get that bent out of shape over something as dumb as a cover sheet.
Tom Evans
Tom Evans 4 dagar sedan
Peter looks like Glenn Quagmire. GIGGITY!
tony vaughn
tony vaughn 4 dagar sedan
this is a great movie.
john bush
john bush 5 dagar sedan
Please do the tomb raider reboot, that movie deserves to be sinned straight to hell
Caleb Lambert
Caleb Lambert 6 dagar sedan
Lmao bro you are so wrong. The only sin here was performed by you yourself. Silly head. Office space is the holy Grail of perfect genius at work. Absolutely hilerous. Forgiven. Lol
ML 6 dagar sedan
More like everything right with Office Space in 18 minutes.
MetalmaT 6 dagar sedan
This movie is such a fucking classic
Jimmy Nobody
Jimmy Nobody 6 dagar sedan
“Two chicks at the same time.” My all time favorite movie line.
Kroninn 6 dagar sedan
Holy shit dude. Is this a troll or do you just not understand humor? Mike Judge is a genius.
Romain R
Romain R 7 dagar sedan
I got fired twice and both times on Fridays. Just saying...
Rubberbandman 529
Rubberbandman 529 7 dagar sedan
Real good movie, but I knew they were gonna find a lot of things wrong with this
William Underhill
William Underhill 7 dagar sedan
Dylan Bailey
Dylan Bailey 8 dagar sedan
take it down, now...
Dan Burke
Dan Burke 8 dagar sedan
2:45 That woman is supposed to be a temp. That's why she doesn't know the guys' names.
A E 8 dagar sedan
How dare you find any sins with this masterpiece?!?! :)
chad miller
chad miller 9 dagar sedan
There's nothing wrong with Office Space. End of video
Joe Cool
Joe Cool 9 dagar sedan
4:40 - +10 sins to CinemaSins for being unable to count -- marking 12 but stating 13 individual pieces of flair.
Dark Eagle777777
Dark Eagle777777 9 dagar sedan
Once again... sloppy. Once again entertaining. Once again, woefully inaccurate
C. W.
C. W. 10 dagar sedan
I have 8 bosses. It's absolutely a real thing.
Jason Radice
Jason Radice 10 dagar sedan
You can tell this reviewer never worked in an office. This is really damned accurate.
Starman82 10 dagar sedan
Thank you Cinema Sins, for being the first person other than myself who was offended by the license plate in the beginning of Office Space. It was so offensive I couldn't enjoy the rest of the movie
Daniel Bo
Daniel Bo 10 dagar sedan
Working on the weekend? This movie was in the lead up to Y2K.
Ima Misfit
Ima Misfit 10 dagar sedan
This guy just doesn't get the humor of it.
Jake Kleitz
Jake Kleitz 10 dagar sedan
When he's singing in his car it's not geto bo t s it's scarface
David W
David W 11 dagar sedan
There is nothing wrong with office space only people who don't like it 😂
John The Bail Bond Guy
John The Bail Bond Guy 11 dagar sedan
Yeah you're picking it apart too much. Remember the Y2K scare? That's probably why his Boss was wanting low level employees to work weekends. They were under a time crunch. Sin debunked. Love this movie and not just because I'm from the part of austin they filmed this in.
Knightess Squallina
Knightess Squallina 11 dagar sedan
Gary Cole is great and he gets nowhere near enough work.
ExcessInModeration 11 dagar sedan
I'm going to have to sin you for sinning office space. There are no sins in this masterpiece! 🎈🎉🥳
Nicholas Saini
Nicholas Saini 8 dagar sedan
For real. Even the sins he gave had explanations out of it if you've ever worked in a place like this.
Andy Lord
Andy Lord 11 dagar sedan
PC Load Letter means: Paper cassette load letter. It's asking you to load a cart of letter sized paper because someone asked the printer to print on letter.
Musical Seizure Guy
Musical Seizure Guy 12 dagar sedan
His dream was my dream! Being lazy 100% of the time! It came true for me in the craziest way... I got epilepsy out of nowhere in my life 😎🤪 Couldn’t drive, work or do anything too “stressful”. Got a little gov money for disability now lol... yeah it’s literally a dream come true. Even after brain surgery I still have seizures so I guess my “dream” is “forever” 🥴
Nirmiti 12 dagar sedan
There's no way you can tell me that The Office wasn't HEAVILY inspired by this movie.
J G 12 dagar sedan
What a terrible idea. It’s a comedy jack eases.
Elliot Brady
Elliot Brady 12 dagar sedan
the chick does look like anne. y'all have been fucking stretching lately. ring up BetterHelp and get some goddamned perspective
I care
I care 12 dagar sedan
Oh your an anti Trumper, well it was ok, but since you cant get over tiny things... Waite thats what you do...
cat 12 dagar sedan
I think it's so funny when you take sins away :D but, i need to rewatch this movie, I don't understand the scenario or humor any more now than I did when I first saw it in high school - It was just a "big deal" back then because ron livingston's brother was our classmate.
Squat Penguin2
Squat Penguin2 12 dagar sedan
10:12 Mazda RX-7 man do I want one.
James Priest
James Priest 13 dagar sedan
Coke sucks but so does Pepsi! Piss water the both and I prey we stop food stamps from keeping these companies going.
EvrydayTrader 13 dagar sedan
Normally I like these but you just ruin the movie. Within 2 minutes, I stopped watching. 😂
The Amazin Taco
The Amazin Taco 13 dagar sedan
Im gonna need you to nooot coomplaaiinn, oh, and if you could gooo and sit at the kiids taable? That would be greeeeaaatt
Erik Johansson
Erik Johansson 13 dagar sedan
1:25 is not racism. If you know statistically that one race commits more crime than another, it's called being cautious.
Jasen Hicks
Jasen Hicks 13 dagar sedan
The only correct answer to this is.... None. There is nothing wrong with this movie !
Knight Arcane
Knight Arcane 13 dagar sedan
The Trump Family lol everything has to he political now huh? Lol Do your research bud. Trump pays his taxes
Ruthless JC
Ruthless JC 13 dagar sedan
www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/09/27/us/donald-trump-taxes.html They did actual research and say you are wrong, so...
Jane Marinelli
Jane Marinelli 14 dagar sedan
I love the Kung Fu line!! I was a big fan in the day👍
Entertaining with E Bernard Smith
Entertaining with E Bernard Smith 14 dagar sedan
Why would a diner have other condiments besides ketchup?? Diners typically have ketchup, salt and pepper and sweetener for coffee or tea. IJS
Keep Moving
Keep Moving 14 dagar sedan
Very well done!!
Mc Diickkkin
Mc Diickkkin 14 dagar sedan
car guys noticed the rx7
Saberus Terras
Saberus Terras 14 dagar sedan
Oh damn, I never saw that Smykowski had "Useless" written right on his personnel file any of the times I watched the movie. Ow.
Tony ???
Tony ??? 14 dagar sedan
Bad Trump joke
Virginia scurti
Virginia scurti 14 dagar sedan
"The Trump family" Cheap political jibes I knew there was a reason I haven't watched this channel in 6 months, you guys are burnt out and getting rather dull. 2 sins!
Anna 14 dagar sedan
Great movie.
M_bandit 14 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who doesn't watch the movies but watches the video
Brandon Ward
Brandon Ward 14 dagar sedan
Tag yourself: I'm the nodder.
not a real name
not a real name 14 dagar sedan
People run about the campus about corporate visits at my work place... In a world with group texts... They do this still
F 15 dagar sedan
Can we all appreciate how important it was in the 90s to wear a white t-shirt under button downs, and even other t-shirts?
F 14 dagar sedan
@Casey M I did in High School for sure. I’m 41 now.
Casey M
Casey M 14 dagar sedan
Growing up, I always had a white t-shirt on under whatever shirt I was wearing, every day.
Justin Smolik
Justin Smolik 15 dagar sedan
The scene in the family guy ep “i dream of jesus” where stewie and brian wreck the record is funny as hell. Also bill appears in an ep
Gerrit Sluyter
Gerrit Sluyter 15 dagar sedan
I watch cinema sins when I have no time for a full movie
Mariyah Ali ‎
Mariyah Ali ‎ 15 dagar sedan
How can you sin this movie? Shameful.
Argyle302 15 dagar sedan
Damn dude, your videos are getting worse. That was sheer crap! Office space is a classic, except for Jennifer Aniston being in it, who we found out is a radical liberal who endorsed Beijing Biden, after Hunter Biden‘s laptop information came out, proving that the entire Biden family are a bunch of criminals. You got so many things wrong in this video it’s not even funny. Dude, you’re off your game, probably because you’re a total liberal yourself,
Argyle302 14 dagar sedan
@Anna 🤣😂🤣. You just got triggered! I’m just stating facts.
Anna 14 dagar sedan
nflpatsman87 15 dagar sedan
Love this channel but the Narrator’s gay libturd views are very distracting. Stick to movies pal leave your leftist garbage in the gutter
Anna 14 dagar sedan
Lol "leftist"
Evil Eye Gypsy
Evil Eye Gypsy 15 dagar sedan
Cinema Sins failed on this one. There is absolutely nothing wring with this movie.
Daniel Nugent
Daniel Nugent 15 dagar sedan
The only good thing about the Coronavirus.
Daniel Nugent
Daniel Nugent 15 dagar sedan
I don't think you get the point.
Corey Cohen
Corey Cohen 15 dagar sedan
Maybe the best CinemaSins episode ever. Office Space is a masterpiece.
Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez 15 dagar sedan
Last 3 CinimaSins still poking at the Trump family. Low hanging fruit man. Get more edgy bruh
Tammie Michelle
Tammie Michelle 15 dagar sedan
No. No issues with this movie. I rebuke you Jeremy.
Felony Films
Felony Films 15 dagar sedan
The Nodder is also Mike Judge.
Herbinator_88 15 dagar sedan
Cinema Sins is a no talent ass clown 🤣
Herbinator_88 15 dagar sedan
Kinda a dumb "analysis" on a movie that is a spoof in and of itself
Herbinator_88 14 dagar sedan
@Anna No of course not. Their analysis of other movie sins are pretty awesome, but for "Office Space", most of the so-called sins don't even apply because the movie itself is a big spoof that doesn't take itself seriously. It's as dumb as doing one on "Airplane" or "Kentucky Fried Movie" for example.......
Anna 14 dagar sedan
Is this your first time on the channel?
zfoxfire 16 dagar sedan
Obviously the person doing this review has never worked in an office before.
Georgie Jessal
Georgie Jessal 16 dagar sedan
A SEmostr that thinks arbitrary horseshit doesn't happen in the work place *ding*
Adam Grise
Adam Grise 16 dagar sedan
Sins being refunded with zero commentary is awesome every time.
Hey You 96
Hey You 96 16 dagar sedan
Lawrence=Rex Kwon Do By the way, I worked for a place that manufactures printers, and how many times I wanted to take one of those pieces of $#!+ out to the country and do Office Space with it.
TheShuShu 16 dagar sedan
Idiocracy is on the way boys.
NippleGuy 16 dagar sedan
The only sin about this movie is it being too accurate
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers 16 dagar sedan
I’m just here so I can watch EWW make fun of this guy...I guess you missed the part where he’s hypnotized to not give a crap anymore which ruins 90% of your sins
art matters
art matters 16 dagar sedan
com'n peeps...workin for the man is wrong..there i said it
F 17 dagar sedan
You bastards! Ok, I still love you. Probably more for sinning my favorite movie. And yes, the delivery of “two chicks” is perfect he looks so damned serious.
B. V.
B. V. 17 dagar sedan
I never eat the office cake.
B. V.
B. V. 17 dagar sedan
2:22. You have clearly never worked for the U.S. Government before.
Patrick Halle
Patrick Halle 17 dagar sedan
Supporting mental health? Subscribed!!
Dave Robson
Dave Robson 17 dagar sedan
Instant classic.
TheSportCompact 17 dagar sedan
What is bullsh** is you making ask these assumptions regarding working a corporate job. The boss thing with the TPS reports, that type of stuff actually does happen. Mike Judge had that happen to him with a TPS report. It is one reason why he put it in the movie. It happened either when he was working in the Silicon Prairie in Texas or even tree was working in Silicon Valley. Even in a 40 person company, which Innotech appears much larger, most aren't going to know the names of people outside their departments.
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown 12 dagar sedan
In the corporate world you are just a number to the upper-level managers and completely expendable.
J S 17 dagar sedan
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 18 dagar sedan
Arbitrary 20 sins for stupid things... just a way to bump up your numbers. Asshats.
Andrew Williams
Andrew Williams 18 dagar sedan
Why did you have to bring Trump into this? 🙄
Kasper 18 dagar sedan
Heyyy, Jeremy. What's happenin? So...I'm gonna need to go ahead and get you to NOT talk about sponsors. Yyyyeah...nobody cares. Oh, and, if you you could just go ahead and sin yourself for what's effectively 27 seconds of logos, that'd be great. Thaaaanks, Jeremy.
John Sciara
John Sciara 18 dagar sedan
If it takes so long for his computer to shut down, that might make up the 15 minutes a week that he does.
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