Everything Wrong With Donnie Darko in 14 Minutes or Less

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Donnie Darko is unique, captivating, and eminently discuss-able. We love it. Doesn't mean it doesn't have sins though!
Thursday: Sins in the air.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Jay Katara
Jay Katara Timme sedan
I watched many movies way too young that should have traumatized me. This was the one and only movie that genuinely scared me, purely because of the rabbit. I first saw it when I was 7, and was scared of him for years, and then finally, when I was 12-14, I tried watching it again, but it still terrified me. I'm 20 now and haven't seen it since.
TMAH Dag sedan
Thank you for pointing out how incredibly well directed that montage is. Probably one of my favourite movie scenes of all time.
Jon Feil
Jon Feil 2 dagar sedan
first time i saw this film i was tripping on some blotter circa 2014........I would not recommend that
watergrowsifwatered 2 dagar sedan
The teacher got fired cuz the people at the PTA meeting were complaining about the short story and say that it influenced who ever vandalised the school to do so
Nick Papageorgio
Nick Papageorgio 2 dagar sedan
All around me are familiar faces
♡sp0on♥ 7 dagar sedan
Sparkle motion
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker 7 dagar sedan
I missed so much of this, must have been an extended version!
Kristall Mett
Kristall Mett 8 dagar sedan
My favorite movie ever! I was hesitant to watch, but you took a lot of sins off at the right moments. I'm glad you didnt make me hate you haha
Jason Scott
Jason Scott 9 dagar sedan
Everything wrong is this video. Delete
Jake M
Jake M 9 dagar sedan
I haven’t seen the movie but I’m lost on why a guy from the FAA is following him at 11:45. Is Donnie a pilot or something?
Terry L
Terry L 11 dagar sedan
I have to correct you on the backwards watch thing, it's a tatic the military uses...
adam harp
adam harp 13 dagar sedan
"You don't ELECT queens." Naboo from _The Phantom Menace_ would like to have a word...
Laurie Thrower
Laurie Thrower 13 dagar sedan
Adam Cobb
Adam Cobb 14 dagar sedan
Now its more slow mo than snyders remake of justice league Donnie darko was a movie my parents rented (they rented a new movie every day) and frank scared the shit outta me. Forgot the movie then 15 yrs later i saw it and was blown away. Adult at the time so it wasnt a horror lol. Great movie. Wanna watch it again. Mad worlds on my spotify
John Fletcher
John Fletcher 14 dagar sedan
"You don't elect queens" Tell that to the Naboo
Natty Oda
Natty Oda 14 dagar sedan
(spoilers [duh]) for what it's worth, the director has stated cunningham winds up killing himself in the new primary universe at the end. I forget if it was from guilt or fear of getting caught or the buried memories he has of getting caught while still in the tangent universe, though.
Sharpe Films
Sharpe Films 14 dagar sedan
This fully reminded me how much I need to rewatch Donnie Darko.
IamSkippy Scott Skippy Jessop
IamSkippy Scott Skippy Jessop 15 dagar sedan
06:27 *Not pointing out during her closeup that* _SHE WAS DWIGHT’S DATE_ *and former babysitter* _to __#TheOffice__ dinners party_ *is a sin on YOU❗️*
Kenny Oliver
Kenny Oliver 15 dagar sedan
One of my all time favorites
Joseph C
Joseph C 15 dagar sedan
1:09 sin number 11, that's a well known Escher print, philistine!
Corey AtoZ
Corey AtoZ 17 dagar sedan
The Gary Jules version of mad world is perhaps my favorite song of all time.
S St.
S St. 17 dagar sedan
I drew eyes that well in high-school, and I recently drew one peering through maggots. Yet, here I am.
Charlotte Henderson
Charlotte Henderson 18 dagar sedan
When he’s sitting in the theatre he knows to burn down “Patrick swayzes house” lol cause the portal shows it to him through the screen
Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar
Wolfdoggie Tenkaistar 18 dagar sedan
I see Drew Barrymore in an old movie and just see a zombie/cannibal now
annette schumacher
annette schumacher 19 dagar sedan
Sin 11: drawing of eye by M.C. Escher. Very influential artist. If you check him out you will probably see that some of your favorite movies used work from him.
Greenlee Taylor
Greenlee Taylor 19 dagar sedan
Mad World is the best thing about this movie
Trevor Garcia
Trevor Garcia 20 dagar sedan
As someone who hasnt seen the movie I am very confused a d intrigued
Tonne Black
Tonne Black 20 dagar sedan
Sin.....she falls asleep during Evil Dead. Sin....he leaves during the Evil Dead. He can do his shit after.
Geon 21 dag sedan
The thumbnail looks like corpse husband
Cam Randall
Cam Randall 22 dagar sedan
he makes good points but this is still one of my favorite movies!
Scotty West
Scotty West 22 dagar sedan
Alright , I normally love this show because it brakes down the movies . But I have no idea what the f**k this movie was about. Do it again, but this time more focus on the plot
j marcum
j marcum 23 dagar sedan
I admit I was utterly amazed and impressed with the comment about the southern Nashville car with all the decorations all year long. I grew up there and have since returned and see this on a near weekly basis. Now I gotta seek out CinemaSins for a job knowing just how local Jeremy is!
Zito Keratin
Zito Keratin 23 dagar sedan
This is one of the best movies ever, ever. I still have a hard time understanding its logic, which makes it even better.
Of Time꧂
Of Time꧂ 23 dagar sedan
Cinema sins never fails to crack me up,
CrazyJayBe 23 dagar sedan
I just looked up "superfluous", even though I understood the context
Arlo Bennett
Arlo Bennett 24 dagar sedan
This movie was so bad I couldn't finish it.
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 25 dagar sedan
Just watched Capone and its the WORST movie EVER!!
Guy Williams
Guy Williams 25 dagar sedan
When do you do Gummo??
Vince White
Vince White 25 dagar sedan
My kids had me watch it & when I asked my kids to explain it, they couldn’t
Bucky Barnes
Bucky Barnes 25 dagar sedan
I just watched this on DVD, you reviewed scenes from a different version than I watched.
joskassassin 27 dagar sedan
CinemaSins: it's like someone growing up in Montana then moving to Nashville Me: wait a sec that's me
Dirk S.
Dirk S. 27 dagar sedan
Too many ads... unwatchable
Alkis D.
Alkis D. 27 dagar sedan
10:45 - What _is_ inappropriate, not what _are_ inappropriate. We are talking about _the thing that is inappropriate,_ not her methods! _...ding?_
Lorénzo Richards
Lorénzo Richards 28 dagar sedan
42jwiener Månad sedan
Movie: Shows the portal opening to reveal the house. Frank: Burn it to the ground. CinemaSins: bUrN wHaT tO tHe GrOuNd?????
C.J. Thurmond
C.J. Thurmond Månad sedan
I did not expect to see so many recognizable people in this movie. Ashley Tisdale, Jerry Trainor, Mark from Zoey 101, Drew Barrymore, Seth Rogan, Patrick Swayze, and even the girl from the Ring. Never knew they would all be in a movie together
Walter Burton
Walter Burton Månad sedan
He didn't draw the eye. ***DING***
Tara L. Blackmore
Tara L. Blackmore Månad sedan
Or people don't like rape violence and didn't feel like watching Evil Dead for an effing date.
Ecchi Kun
Ecchi Kun Månad sedan
12:55 Donnie darko explained
John Klaus
John Klaus Månad sedan
I was a little nervous when I clicked this. I love this movie and I thought you might have found some fatal flaws. I think this is one of the leaders for “sin removed” that I can remember. That song through the school moment is one of my all time emersive movie moments. I really dislike all the protagonist theories of this movie. Just takes away from how fun and powerful it is.
Destined To Fail
Destined To Fail Månad sedan
I don’t normally have strong opinions about movies any more, but seriously, how is this a likable movie at all? It’s trash.
Joseph Rhodes
Joseph Rhodes Månad sedan
The kids at Donnie's school - "That Jim guy looks alot like the guy from dirty dancing and roadhouse"
Juan Månad sedan
What I dont get about this movie iz why Darko was even out of his bed in the first time the engine fell in his room. If Frank spent the whole movie helping Darko to set things right, why did he qake him up to begin with?
boi yeet
boi yeet Månad sedan
It's corpse husband lmao
Saiol1000 The Crossover
Saiol1000 The Crossover Månad sedan
3:54 - 3:58 Laughed my fucking ass off! Holy Shit, that "The FUCK?!" was HYSTERICAL! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
SegmentedOdin Månad sedan
Sparkle Motion totally inspired Cuties.
srikar vetcha
srikar vetcha Månad sedan
Adding a sin for 15 second intro😂😂😂
Dno Od Spodu
Dno Od Spodu Månad sedan
In a parallel universe this video is not repeating other content from this channel
MagicalBread Månad sedan
Who else watched this confusing masterpiece for Film as Literature class?
Jake McCoy
Jake McCoy Månad sedan
One more sin: Not only falling asleep to The Evil Dead, but falling asleep in the first 5 minutes!
w vigil
w vigil Månad sedan
Is Donny’s shadow messed up/ random on purpose? Maybe it’s randomly there to foreshadow the end/ re iterate it isn’t real
Alpha Omega
Alpha Omega Månad sedan
Some people are actually angry that there is a version where everything is explained, yet they can still only watch the non-director's cut version. Those people are dipshits, just digging crap for the fun of it. Animals.
Communist Cat
Communist Cat Månad sedan
Jake looks older in this movie then he does today.
fennec !!
fennec !! Månad sedan
actually after donnie resets the timeline per-say, jim cunningham ends up killing himself after destroying all evidence of his,, yknow, so his secret is never discovered. another fun fact, hes found dead next to hole 14, the hole donnie wakes up next to (:
Leeluvs Readin
Leeluvs Readin Månad sedan
Can you do Saved?
加工屋の娘 Månad sedan
Gotta love Mysterio’s origin story
Judas Machina
Judas Machina Månad sedan
I think this is the most sins you've ever removed. Also, sinning for milk and lamps is bulls**it. LOVE YOU!
Nick The Hitman
Nick The Hitman Månad sedan
Very underrated film this.
Honey Hey
Honey Hey Månad sedan
I love this movie😍😍
Jurxnator 27
Jurxnator 27 Månad sedan
2:42 Amogus?
Naughty Cicero
Naughty Cicero Månad sedan
9:05 Holy sh*t was that Ashley Tisdale!?!?! Every future actor of the 2000s is in this movie
ebayfoxxx Månad sedan
pretty sure i tried to watch this one time and it was such phenomenal sh-t.. also, Csins has commercials ¿zz looks like someone who likes flight of the navigator got high and mixed in american beauty.. lets all have a dazed and confused sleepover and post our bitcoin earnings on tik tok zzz world has gone to complete sh-t
Scott V
Scott V Månad sedan
Jim Cunningham's house is shown on screen, then he tells him to burn it to the ground. Nice edit though fck rag
Ayyüce Bahriye Tezcan
Ayyüce Bahriye Tezcan Månad sedan
@Scott V Yeah you can be right. But In my country, It's so hard to find theatrical version of the movie.
Scott V
Scott V Månad sedan
@Ayyüce Bahriye Tezcan why would the directors cut be used as an example to analyze? The theatrical is the known version that's held in high regard. But that wouldn't make for a click baity video
Ayyüce Bahriye Tezcan
Ayyüce Bahriye Tezcan Månad sedan
In director's cut version we can't see the Jim's house on screen. They removed that scene in director's cut version sooo
AsMoose Alter
AsMoose Alter Månad sedan
I love this movie, so glad you finally did it!
TheBigQResort Månad sedan
you should be a rapper 12:56 and then sin your own music video
Freed Orange0
Freed Orange0 Månad sedan
9:04 his laugh gets me and that scene was funny as hell🤣🤣🤣
skapunker1986 Månad sedan
my parents organized a movie day for my birthday, and we went all to Donnie Darko on my 14th birthday back in 2001, im thankful that my parents choose this movie, instead of another Action block buster. This movie felt it had a good story, some quirky things, but overall a good movie for early teenagers.
frozenaorta Månad sedan
How do we sin the cliche of Drew Barrymore's fired teacher character fitting all of her things into one small box -- WITHOUT sinning the fact that her box also contains the classroom's American flag??? This has ALWAYS bugged me! Was this her personal flag she brought from home? Do all teachers own the flags in their classroom. No. She's openly just stealing the American flag from the school, and it's hilarious.
Eh A name
Eh A name Månad sedan
Drew Barrymore go fired because, she had her class read The Destructers and the principle accuses her of like that influencing the kids to vandalize the school. He explains it to her
Jed elmer
Jed elmer Månad sedan
I watched the fuck out of this in the 2000’s.
Scott V
Scott V Månad sedan
The OG is the beloved movie. What jackass would use the Directors Cut to dissect? Someone who needs to make a 14 minute video for more advertising revenue
Guohongwei THEGOD
Guohongwei THEGOD Månad sedan
Do john dies at the end
Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! Månad sedan
Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! Månad sedan
CINEMA SINS! 1) Jake Gyllenhaal
Ruthless Robbery
Ruthless Robbery Månad sedan
"Who enforces the laws with time-traveling rabbits?" Multidimensional police.
ChanceTheExtreme Månad sedan
11:03 She's being fired because of the book she was teaching about destroying the elderly person's home. So from the events that were caused by Donnie Darko, they think she was inspiring people to do these events. Stupid right!?
Johnnie Murray-Monroe
Johnnie Murray-Monroe Månad sedan
9:10 Ashley Tisdale?!
ChanceTheExtreme Månad sedan
If you guys don't know. The reason grandma death was checking the mail over and over again was to get the letter from Donnie Darko. So theoretically she knew what was gonna happen. She just didn't know when. At least that's what I assumed and was then informed by the internet.
Jacob Puig
Jacob Puig Månad sedan
🔥🔥bars at 12:46
10.02.01 vivivi
10.02.01 vivivi Månad sedan
I’ve only been waiting 4 years for this video
beachbum32 Månad sedan
make a video for Clue. plz
Jada Michelle
Jada Michelle Månad sedan
i had the same thing in therapy but instead of sitting out side having the therapist talk to my mom,i had to sit with them.
NoBody NoWhere
NoBody NoWhere Månad sedan
8:41. Is that... is that a you g Ashley tisdale?
DrPlatypus1 Månad sedan
This is CinemaSins. Thank you for shelving the virtue signaling for this legendary film. Fine work my friend, fine work.
Jennifer Hartogensis
Jennifer Hartogensis Månad sedan
The eye-sin at 1:07 is a famous drawing by artist M.C. Escher, not a school project
DepressedTaco 420
DepressedTaco 420 Månad sedan
wtf is 700, either write 19:00 or 7pm, who the fuck says 700
BenMcIrish Månad sedan
Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.
Hyicrotai Månad sedan
The big thing I've always thought about is this. If the jet engine falls through space n time. Isn't there a reality where Donnies mom and sister die in the plane crash?🙄
NinjaBearFilms Månad sedan
Any bets as to how my cohost on Streaming thoughts podcast gets annoyed I haven’t seen this movie and insists we review it?
NinjaBearFilms Månad sedan
I love how SEmost tells me this video was loaded an hour ago when it was actually loaded 4 days ago.
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