Everything Wrong With The Grinch In 18 Minutes Or Less

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The Grinch. The animated retelling/reboot/origin-story of the Grinch character. It's quite something. I hear it made decent money and many folks loved it, and I think that's pretty cute. This thing is full of sins and we're gonna count 'em, dammit, cause that's what we do!
Next week: 2 recent-ish superhero sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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Krazy KoolXx
Krazy KoolXx 18 timmar sedan
I was laughing cause now I can hear that song all by my slf
Domnuk 2 dagar sedan
7:19 i love how the grinch talking syncs up with the words
William Tucker
William Tucker 7 dagar sedan
"Is she trying to meet santa clause or is she trying to avoid freddy krueger OHH OHH can it be both? " got me cracked up
Killerapteer hehe
Killerapteer hehe 7 dagar sedan
i hate this movie so much
isabella 8 dagar sedan
Socialism: sin
Waed Tayyan
Waed Tayyan 8 dagar sedan
Waed Tayyan
Waed Tayyan 8 dagar sedan
Teigen B
Teigen B 8 dagar sedan
So the general rule for cinemasins is if the movie gets less than about 110 sins it's good with a few exceptions. This is why I find it mildly amusing you just gave the movie my adult sister currently loves 174 sins
MasterOfEverything 10 dagar sedan
If there are whos then where the fuck is horton
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi 10 dagar sedan
stop crusting its badd so stop
5 second rule
5 second rule 3 dagar sedan
Wtf does crusting mean
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi
Shannon Morgan-Pelosi 10 dagar sedan
yeah you badd
Flame The Fox
Flame The Fox 11 dagar sedan
The only good grinch movie was the 1966 version. So why do we need 4 other versions. There are other dr. Seuss book we can forcus on. I'm still waiting on that Green Eggs and Ham movie. 👍
Tony Toons
Tony Toons 11 dagar sedan
Sin: when he tries to do his creepy smile when the narrator says “he had a awful idea” he did the Jim Carry one and this is animated so.. could they stretch the smile.. GODDAM EVEN AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL DID IT BETTER THAN THIS ONE AND THATS A PARODY SHOW!!!!
Explosionoid 11 dagar sedan
I miss animation sins
Scott Woodier
Scott Woodier 12 dagar sedan
5:32 me during covid
Pavlo Nemesh
Pavlo Nemesh 14 dagar sedan
What part made you laugh 😂 mine the nerddddddddddd
M M 17 dagar sedan
THIS GRINCH IS SHIT! Give me the live action “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” with Cindy Lou Who ffs
Lucas Does Gacha
Lucas Does Gacha 17 dagar sedan
78 was worth 1 sin?!
LittleDragon3 17 dagar sedan
God these guys are such assholes, i love it
officallacrossestick 18 dagar sedan
The Grinch is just a Northerner that moved to the South and doesn’t want to be bothered. He’s not a bad guy, he just wants to be left in peace
soWyr 19 dagar sedan
It would only take 5 minutes to get to the North Pole because these people live in Greenland or Canada.
Nathan Andecker
Nathan Andecker 19 dagar sedan
I love the fact that “minions” itself is a sin
Jumbly Jumble
Jumbly Jumble 20 dagar sedan
I wonder how many people got the Clerks reference.
Shr1mpSush1 21 dag sedan
Do you think Pentatonix will have anything other than a cameo in mainstream movies?
HYDROPIXEL 24 21 dag sedan
The whole day changing at 7:00am is an actual Islamic thing
Flying Capybara
Flying Capybara 23 dagar sedan
Holly lane st is nothing, I used to live on avenue terrace, right next to avenue road, both of which essentially mean street street.
Hard Bod
Hard Bod 23 dagar sedan
Are Grinch skid marks green. Just asking
Rosie Johnson
Rosie Johnson 23 dagar sedan
9:58 you're telling me this movie stole a subplot from that one old Pokémon holiday special, Holiday Hi-Jynx? I mean, I suppose that plot, in turn, kind of borrowed the two-year-old Cindy-Lou's role from the actual Grinch book and just reversed it (young girl sees who she thinks is Santa taking something to fix it and assumes Santa is stealing from her, as opposed to Book Grinch actually stealing from Book Cindy-Lou and saying he's fixing whatever it was he was taking). Edit: 12:42 supports this stolen subplot theory, since dressing the person testing the trap as Santa Claus was ALSO part of Holiday Hi-Jynx!
grv 256
grv 256 24 dagar sedan
You can tell he added in music so he wouldn’t get copyrighted or demonetized
Mary Shaw
Mary Shaw 24 dagar sedan
why does the grinch lug around the same chair all over his cave or does he have like 8 chairs all over his cave that look the same????
Ink Sans
Ink Sans 25 dagar sedan
Ooh ooh can it be both me XD 😂
dove 1357
dove 1357 26 dagar sedan
Character: *breathes* The Great Cinema-Sins: *DISGRACEFUL, 100 SINS*
dove 1357
dove 1357 23 dagar sedan
@Croizzants Are great I feel like you didn’t understand the joke
Allie Potter
Allie Potter 26 dagar sedan
I hated this movie soo much thank u.
Mii Kay
Mii Kay 26 dagar sedan
Just gonna drop this here: The darker colored Whos have fur, and the 'white' ones don't. And I am in no way trying to say that it's racist on purpose, but why not have everyone have fur, or have everyone have no fur.
D҉a҉r҉k҉ ҉A҉n҉g҉e҉l҉
D҉a҉r҉k҉ ҉A҉n҉g҉e҉l҉ 26 dagar sedan
Lol that nerd thing made me laugh loud at 12am
Joline 27 dagar sedan
You know, This sounds like *you*
Crafty Kid
Crafty Kid 28 dagar sedan
18:42 had me dying
The German Modeler
The German Modeler 29 dagar sedan
Whats with the music
Tom vlogs and stuff
Tom vlogs and stuff Månad sedan
11:02 is so good
FrontFeeble twitch
FrontFeeble twitch Månad sedan
The pulp fiction at the end made me like haha
Ernestine White
Ernestine White Månad sedan
This Grinch not like the Jim Carry Grinch or the 1950s Grinch. They more like the book.
Stars Landing
Stars Landing Månad sedan
7:21 I hate how this is a joke, but when you stop and think about it, everything just lines up even the animal companion! And now I'm more grumpy than the Grinch i'll tell you that
simstrawberry Månad sedan
ah yes, the non religious story features a song "remember christ our saviour". CinemaSins misses out on an opportunity to add 100 sins
Person Månad sedan
You can't convince me that this has more sins than wreck it ralph 2
Mike Pilny
Mike Pilny Månad sedan
The grinch is racist the grinch is the only green hoo and they treat him bad
Tomorrow Is Yesterday
Tomorrow Is Yesterday Månad sedan
grinch forget 1 thing. No onion
Penguin Gaming
Penguin Gaming Månad sedan
The easy polo phytogeographically recognise because yarn structurally water above a luxuriant earth. dark, brave bird
Gamer Player1
Gamer Player1 Månad sedan
Another sin is at 15:14 there IS a mailbox
Elijah Morales
Elijah Morales Månad sedan
NERRRRRRD had me dying
Rexosaurus Månad sedan
"The Grinch got a wonderful awful idea" you mispronounced was
Elian Rivera
Elian Rivera Månad sedan
The people did no care about electric bills or power outages DING!
Therobloxdueler15 Månad sedan
"NEEERRRRDDD!" I love that.
scooter Månad sedan
just here to dislike it
AntwanThomaz Månad sedan
The Who's are evil F*ck the singing +1 sin
SNImportant Månad sedan
Didn't expect that one of my favorite Christmas movies would be roasted by the the Sarcasm King himself. I love it
Communist Comrade
Communist Comrade Månad sedan
1:00 and that’s a sin why
gachalover101 RULEZ
gachalover101 RULEZ Månad sedan
I would like to add a sin. Pentatonix coverover because apparently the original one wasn't good enough
Bradley McDowell
Bradley McDowell Månad sedan
Can anyone believe that this dude is at 9 million subs
Amanda Månad sedan
I dead when he got so mad about the house and how it was just wrong
Noah Levey
Noah Levey Månad sedan
I love these videos so much, but usually, I only watch the videos about the movies I hate. That’s why I’m watching this one.
Card Board
Card Board Månad sedan
almost a third of the sins on this is because of a slo mo montage
RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS
RY - 07MA 752794 Tomken Road MS Månad sedan
1:09 im literally dying xD
nntboi nntboi
nntboi nntboi Månad sedan
When cindy asked you to close your eyes and your sadness will be gone its because she will kill yoy when you close your eyew
Potato 0101
Potato 0101 Månad sedan
I’m very confused about why the directors are so lazy about the design of the house
DaneJuris Hylen
DaneJuris Hylen Månad sedan
im mad u didnt point out the orphanage lock system :(
John Lucca
John Lucca Månad sedan
you seem to catch the smallest mistakes in the movie!
super guy
super guy Månad sedan
The reason the Grinch is so mad is because he will die soon considering the fact that he has no organs.
Username Not found
Username Not found Månad sedan
Username Not found
Username Not found Månad sedan
I’m at dinner
the__official__green Månad sedan
I love the song (god rest ye merry gentlemen) but not who sang it in this movie
Sarah corn
Sarah corn Månad sedan
cindy lou who is no more then 2 if a 2 year old did everything that she dose in this movie then they are (A) an alien (B) THERE NOT F*CKING 2!!!!!!
psgamar Månad sedan
why is it that whenever u make somebody younger in cartons or films they get fatter the grinch pokemon rick and morty jim carry
Michael Samples
Michael Samples Månad sedan
13:50 Wow the narrator seriously spent .7616% of the video screaming nerd...
branden householder
branden householder Månad sedan
11:42 pretty funny Passover reference
Jonathan Ebe
Jonathan Ebe Månad sedan
This movie was too short
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans Månad sedan
Or maybe he just hates other people and would rather hang out with animals.
J P Månad sedan
When I find something really funny I have this weird, wheeze like laugh that sounds like I'm dying, and it's ultimately followed by me opening my pie-whole LIKE I'm laughing but no sound is coming out. Happens ALL THE TIME when I watch CinemaSins. Especially at 16:13 🤣
Jo Ruddock
Jo Ruddock Månad sedan
BPT VLOGS Månad sedan
Max and I nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Arcelia Sanchez
Arcelia Sanchez Månad sedan
Yea I like the original better :(
Muhammad Rafif
Muhammad Rafif Månad sedan
Make Critics of Soul please because i hate it.
Virus The Dragon
Virus The Dragon Månad sedan
actually " The Willoughbys " doesn't have disembodied narration. but the narrator is a cat sooooo yeah. i also suggest you check that one out. Joshua and the promised land also has a narrator that you can look at but... WE DONT TALK ABOUT DAT MOVIE ITS REALLY BAD. if yall still wanna see it though you can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Cube Månad sedan
I mean, like half of the time you basically critized Dr Seuss' art style lol
Anonymous Axolotl
Anonymous Axolotl Månad sedan
Your “NEERRRRRRRRRRDDDDDD” scream was on point.
Breh Månad sedan
No one: CinemaSins: *Hippity hoppity your movie is now my property*
melodramatic dragon
melodramatic dragon Månad sedan
What is with the ever-present instrumental music? Is that actually a part of the movie, or a copyright thing they added? Cause if it's actually in the movie, that is sinful as shit. It's so loud!
Moon Stars Show
Moon Stars Show Månad sedan
I’m still surprised you only gave one sin to the house despite ranting on for 20 seconds about how wrong it is
Will Saucerman
Will Saucerman Månad sedan
That moon was about to destroy termina
Creperboy75 Perry
Creperboy75 Perry Månad sedan
Ya know sindy lu ho’s plan reminds me about hitler’s childhood of witch he organize raids on an apple orchard
Darkemerald888 2 månader sedan
14:13- his watch thingy's buttons make no sense, because theres a radioactive symbol and a bomb button (Ding!) Plus, the button he pressed to shoot the garbage bag full of christmas sh*t up the chimney has a picture of a LADDER (ding!) ADD 2 EXTRA SINS
Mk and kyle gilbert
Mk and kyle gilbert 2 månader sedan
12:52 this part is so funny
Benny 2 månader sedan
Sleeping is a free subscription of not blinking Heh be you thought I was gonna say somethin else huh?
Becky Withers
Becky Withers 2 månader sedan
The sin at 5:30 makes no sense. Social distancing, you little sh*t.
Person who makes vocaloid crap
Person who makes vocaloid crap 2 månader sedan
My brother’s name was gonna be buster
ChumbawambaFan59 2 månader sedan
Neeina N
Neeina N 2 månader sedan
The grinch sounding like an old sitcom actor is very off putting
Burnt Water
Burnt Water 2 månader sedan
Cursed tails
Cursed tails 2 månader sedan
Remember: this made more money than “Spider-Man into the Spiderverse” in the box office
Rexosaurus Månad sedan
Smart people, there aren't much out there
-GUNDHAM TANAKA - 2 månader sedan
Another this is that if the grinch stole from peoples houses shouldn’t this place have some sort of jail or is the hole town just “ yip yip if someone kills not my problem it’s the government” do they just shrug it off like “oh you just committed a crime guys look the other way” XD
Joseph 2 månader sedan
Who the fuck let Illumination anywhere near the Grinch? I want their fingers slammed in a car door!
Lord Death Fetus
Lord Death Fetus 2 månader sedan
Leave it to Illumination to turn something like the Grinch into just another generic animated movie.
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