Everything Wrong With Napoleon Dynamite in 14 Minutes or Less

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Napoleon Dynamite was a surprise hit and still has devoted fans to this day. We thought we'd piss those fans off by counting its sins. So we did.
New memoir from Jeremy (the narrator): cinemasins.com/original-sin
Thursday: sins of a terrible sports movie everyone loves.
Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins should we count next?
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The WigglyTyrone
The WigglyTyrone 57 minuter sedan
I swear to god if u say one thing bad about uncle Rico
Redthepunkrocker Timme sedan
I'm trying to earn money for college Your mom goes to college
Nathaen Wood
Nathaen Wood 3 timmar sedan
Went to a small town highschool we spent most of our PEs playing cards or hackeysack. I think we were mandated to run a mile once at least I vaguely remember it and we were all in regular clothes and walked.
Mox 4 timmar sedan
Ya missed where he broke the bike ramp, they moved the supports so it would break
Swole Wolf
Swole Wolf 8 timmar sedan
12:11 Deadpool F.U. BEOTCH
GD1God2 [GD]
GD1God2 [GD] 20 timmar sedan
Imo nothing is wrong with this movie
SonicStar917 Dag sedan
MR.C&A Video911Game
MR.C&A Video911Game Dag sedan
Dynamite !
Lazy Dag sedan
I love Cinema Sins. But this movie!!!! C’mon, this should have been on at least 5 sins, this movie is AMAZING!!!
The Unholy Messiah
The Unholy Messiah Dag sedan
Can't believe I never saw this upload. Napolean Dynamite is one of my personal favorites.
Angela Kelley
Angela Kelley Dag sedan
I hate this movie but I like to think of it as a demo reel for the cast of Surfs Up.
Ellis King
Ellis King Dag sedan
8:01 Jordan Peterson has entered the chat.
Alejandro sanchez
Alejandro sanchez Dag sedan
Hey woah there buddy it’s just a movie
Misty Benjamin
Misty Benjamin Dag sedan
I just want to say I know Jared Hess's brother... And it has been confirmed that this is actually what it was like.
dagon valdez
dagon valdez Dag sedan
missed sin...the actress playing ricos wife at the end is actually married to the actor playing kip
Leafdum Dag sedan
this movie deserves a CINEMAWINS GOSH DANG IT
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 2 dagar sedan
I wear a fanny pack. I don't see anything wrong with that.
Queensage77 2 dagar sedan
There is nothing wrong with this movie, this is blasphemy.
Sara Tabatabai
Sara Tabatabai 2 dagar sedan
Fun fact: they filmed at my dads high school
The Greek Pianist
The Greek Pianist 2 dagar sedan
Napoleon Dynamite is a comedic masterpiece! One of the funniest movies ever! Jon Heder’s facial and vocal expressions is what made this film what it is! 😂
Josiah Dalton
Josiah Dalton 2 dagar sedan
I'm just ganna say it. I liked your content, watched all your stuff, and recommended this channel to everyone who likes movies because you've always critiqued movies that "tried" and never touched movies that "failed on purpose”. But today, CinemaSins did the stupidly unforgivable by covering Napoleon Dynamite. Even The Room was fully acceptable because it was INTENDED to be a genuine masterpiece, but ended up becoming a cult classic BECAUSE it failed. However, that is NOT the case with this movie. Movies that try but fail are also known as a "good bad movie", which is what you've always covered. To put a precise definition to a good bad movie, "There must be a pervading sense that those who made the film thought what they were doing was great, or at least good. Good Bad Movies have minimal self-awareness." The Ringer, "The 50 Best Good Bad Movies", June 19, 2017. This does not include films that mimic, copy, intentionally recreate, or pay tribute to good bad films, as IS the case with this film here. This channel has shown every possible facet of absolute doltishness by going after such an obviously intentional disaster film (aka a brilliant, intentionally faulty, well thought out, uniquely creative, singularly original film). What's next? The Sasquatch Gang? 22 Jump Street? Superstar? Unicorn City? Stupid...
Cade Cope
Cade Cope 2 dagar sedan
12:30 well...uh...actually...my Jr High AND Highschool both required a skit and had none of the candidates gave speeches. Anyone else have the same experience? No? Okay
Oogly Boogly
Oogly Boogly 2 dagar sedan
I love Jeremy and cinema sins in general but this crosses a line
Charles Burrall
Charles Burrall 2 dagar sedan
ok haha, but this is not everything wrong with this movie
Brian Gruenewald
Brian Gruenewald 2 dagar sedan
This is my favorite movie ever. I still quote it to this day, especially “your mom goes to college” when I’ve run out of other quippy insults. It’s just a stupid movie, the good kind of stupid, and I love it.
Isaac Cohrs
Isaac Cohrs 2 dagar sedan
James Paul
James Paul 2 dagar sedan
What a strange movie! 😁👍👍
Gman's Gnarly Science Show
Gman's Gnarly Science Show 3 dagar sedan
The only sin is the fact that this video exists.
308328928 3 dagar sedan
Bob Is life
Bob Is life 3 dagar sedan
When he started talking about the protagonist's hair I knew these weren't really sins.
Gage is Me333
Gage is Me333 3 dagar sedan
9:09 that uh, that math doesn’t add up😝
Chris Wright
Chris Wright 3 dagar sedan
This is pretty much the worst video ever made.
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers
Scotty secretly loves Chryslers 3 dagar sedan
12:15 uhhh ya she didn’t say anything even remotely racist! So having preferences is racist now? I know clapping is offensive now but preferences are racist? What!
Tara Walker
Tara Walker 3 dagar sedan
Love this movie!
caleb hankerton
caleb hankerton 3 dagar sedan
Yo, don’t win my state, yo Idaho is the best
The Bass Boosted Channel
The Bass Boosted Channel 4 dagar sedan
These are the movies that make us subscribe. PLEASE do more dumb comedies like this one!
Alberto Lopez
Alberto Lopez 4 dagar sedan
Shame they missed 1 real actual “sin” at 4:39, when the school bus passes you can actually see the camera crew in the reflection of the door.
Ethan Crytzer
Ethan Crytzer 4 dagar sedan
Ok to shoot it... I'd say first you take it to the "butcher barn" then kill it. Or you drag it out back to the woods then kill it.
LSU fan 413
LSU fan 413 4 dagar sedan
9:25 This scene cracks me up. A dairy cow can have five teats and still be a good producer, it honestly doesn't matter.
ZDiddy7 4 dagar sedan
Goddamn, settle down guy.... I think SOMEBODYS discovered that amazing feeling of reading a script while blasted to Mars on cocaine
Hank THE Patriot
Hank THE Patriot 4 dagar sedan
I have NEVER watch past 10 minutes of this movie, (3:40 yep, that's where I stopped) but watched the WHOLE 15 min+ trashing it! 🤘
WhispTheFox 4 dagar sedan
We had friends that and it was great. So they let us borrow their copy. 30 minutes in, none of us knew what the plot was supposed to be and we were all incredibly bored. We all hated it and ended up watching something else.
Yung Cash register
Yung Cash register 4 dagar sedan
It’s a sin to sin this movie
Timothy Cox
Timothy Cox 5 dagar sedan
Pretty sure this movie is perfect
Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker 5 dagar sedan
You sinned it, but napoleon randomly competing in a FFA competition and then it never being mentioned again may be the most on brand part of this movie for small towns
In My Mind
In My Mind 5 dagar sedan
Personally. Out of all movies. I find this to be a sin to sin this movie.
Jack Boyd
Jack Boyd 5 dagar sedan
Nothing wrong? good.
Coconut Head
Coconut Head 5 dagar sedan
2:15 I mean, it's rural Idaho, so if anyone's into tractors it'd be them.
alpo6668 5 dagar sedan
This is a great classic movie.
kylesmith405 5 dagar sedan
dude called this movie underrated lol
Nicolette James
Nicolette James 5 dagar sedan
When I was in high school and middle school, yes, you always had to put on skits when running for student council. This is not some new phenomenon unique to this movie.
Tom Hoodie
Tom Hoodie 5 dagar sedan
Yo wtf i juat realized thats macs mom from iasip
Stacey Connolly
Stacey Connolly 5 dagar sedan
Best. Movie. Ever.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 6 dagar sedan
*Everything IS wrong with Napoleon Dynamite
Im Garbage
Im Garbage 6 dagar sedan
I can testify to how bad the tot in pocket attempt is, I’ve had them in my pocket for 2 hours before... they were crumbs...
Earth 6 dagar sedan
took you this long?
zwing1i 6 dagar sedan
Lol at the Service Merchandise reference.
cateyes22Q 6 dagar sedan
Hearing Jamiroquai’s “Canned Heat” as Napoleon danced was my gateway to EDM and exploring other music. I will be forever grateful to this movie for that.
Thomas Cantwell
Thomas Cantwell 6 dagar sedan
Many talk about what a risk it is to sin this movie, but i look back and see the sin videos for silence of the lamb and the shinning, they know what they are doing. also, sin enemy mine please.
Lorne Green
Lorne Green 6 dagar sedan
Ironically, he wouldn’t die in four months either. Lol.
paddfoot 6 dagar sedan
Does anyone know the name of the song that plays at 15:17 ? I looked up the lyrics but couldn't find it anywhere.
Giovanni Moran
Giovanni Moran 6 dagar sedan
Goat movie
American Hero
American Hero 6 dagar sedan
Jack White is a no talent douche. This movie is way to good for him.
MrYfrank14 6 dagar sedan
shooting the cow. I heard one of the writers of this movie say in an interview that most of the scenes really happened to him, or someone he knew. I think it was his brother who really was on a stopped school bus when a farmer really did shoot the cow right there on the side of the road. if I recall correctly, in the movie he shot the cow to provide beef for Napoleon's family, so he probably field dressed it, then quartered it, right there where he shot it. like you do with wild game. makes it easier to haul and cutting into steaks and chops you do yourself when you get it all home.
Teyvion Boston
Teyvion Boston 6 dagar sedan
i love you cinemasins😂you’re the reason why i criticize movies so much
D K 6 dagar sedan
This is pretty much the worst CinemaSins ever made.
Gracie Ayers
Gracie Ayers 7 dagar sedan
Yesss. Another favorite of mine to be crushed. Haha
rapheALtoid 7 dagar sedan
I don't care what all of my peers think, I did not like this movie, at all.
Blanche Quizno
Blanche Quizno 7 dagar sedan
One brilliant touch was the Summer "skit" dance sequence - that looked *EXACTLY* like how midwestern high school dance teams would do it. Totally realistic. Not these glitzy *talented* production numbers like you usually see. Just some normally-proportioned high school girls awkwardly going through some steps...
Blanche Quizno
Blanche Quizno 7 dagar sedan
New EWWs give me life
Abe Ascencio
Abe Ascencio 7 dagar sedan
I saw this movie in 8th grade and I didn't like it. I rewatched it a few years later and I still didn't like it and I spent many years thinking it was overrated. But years went by and i became more of a movie buff. I started writing and giving attention to indie films. I rewatched this last night and I surprisingly found myself laughing my ass off. Best part IMO is gangsta Kip.
Root N toot
Root N toot 7 dagar sedan
Idk how long it's been since I've seen this and I still reference quotes from it all the time lmao
Bill 77
Bill 77 7 dagar sedan
This is the best movie ever
Dallin Rallison
Dallin Rallison 7 dagar sedan
Having grown up in Preston, I can confirm that the high school still looks almost exactly the same including the mismatched lockers and auditorium
z_rnetfranklin 7 dagar sedan
I bet you Rico can throw that football over those mountains
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz 7 dagar sedan
He was out to prove he had nothing to prove. And he was right.
Endless Summer
Endless Summer 7 dagar sedan
I let out an audible "YES" when he removed THREE sins for the Napoleon Dance.
joiedevivre90 7 dagar sedan
I am sinning you here: “ha ha ha! This movie is silly as hell! But there are some legitimate belly laughs”. Your laugh right there- the “ha ha Ha” was the most breathy, HEAD laugh I’ve ever heard- not remotely near a “belly laugh” - and it was annoying and fake
tolfan 7 dagar sedan
Uncle Rico van life before van life was trendy and cool Those old Camper vans were actually pretty nice for camping
Noveris 7 dagar sedan
2:35 as a central floridian im very confused by this joke
Dean From 1988
Dean From 1988 7 dagar sedan
Fuck this one was funny stuff!
Caden Axe
Caden Axe 7 dagar sedan
It was a sin to make this video
Sergiovsousa 7 dagar sedan
You know what´s NOT wrong in the movie? "The Promise" song in the end credits.
luke conradt
luke conradt 7 dagar sedan
Bold of you to assume schools don’t use cheese graders as toilet paper. 8:30
Raymond S
Raymond S 8 dagar sedan
Mike O'Barr
Mike O'Barr 8 dagar sedan
Nothing.. Nothing is wrong with this display of perfection.
C Falcone
C Falcone 8 dagar sedan
How dare you insult the greatest movie of all time
dederekt 8 dagar sedan
How dare you sin this movie... I feel like this should be untouchable...
Miss K
Miss K 8 dagar sedan
Had to really stretch for the "sins" in this one.
Gage Grossman
Gage Grossman 8 dagar sedan
Let’s see Godzilla vs Kong because I have my issues with that movie tooooo
Arthur Dent
Arthur Dent 8 dagar sedan
will there be any sins beyond the opening credits...??? feels like you are stretching on this ....
erasmoag 8 dagar sedan
can we add 20 sins for the number of advertisements in this video. God Damn, monetization sucks.
Mr.JC3241 8 dagar sedan
Bro you missed the point of the movie...
Jarryd Harris
Jarryd Harris 8 dagar sedan
This movie was made: DING!!!!
Games For Cykits
Games For Cykits 8 dagar sedan
Every sin for reupload
Dark Eagle777777
Dark Eagle777777 8 dagar sedan
The biggest sin? The whole movie. I was watching a dork breathe thru his mouth the whole time with that dumb expression. Plus, when you try too hard to be quirky, it never works. Take a lesson from Christopher Walken. He's naturally quirky and a national treasure. This movie just sucks
C6evolution2008 8 dagar sedan
I remember when I first saw this and wondered “WHERE THE F DID ALL THAT CHEESE COME FROM”? I’m so glad you saw it!
BeautyByLinnoria 9 dagar sedan
When you sang in the arms of an angel....THAT ALONE DESERVES 100 SINS🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣🤣🤣
Von Barnes
Von Barnes 9 dagar sedan
Good ass movie🍿
Dat Jason
Dat Jason 9 dagar sedan
Idaho... Idaho never changes.
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