J Wesley Mays
J Wesley Mays 21 timme sedan
I think the crocodile shows up, because Sarah’s roll didn’t produce a monsoon, it produced a lagoon - and a selection of things that come with it. *shrug* Maybe
Mc Donalds
Mc Donalds 22 timmar sedan
The explosion bonus round was actually shorter than usual. There were at least 20 minutes left in the movie and it was still rife with explosions. *Jeremy just gave up watching.*
Despina Topapaki
Despina Topapaki 22 timmar sedan
Can people stop with the "OmG sHrEeeK sOo HooOtTtt!!" It's getting cringe and annoying as f*ck.
Diya gahlot
Diya gahlot 22 timmar sedan
14:40 so true. that's my biggest problem with this movie. it has so many different plots and things. I love this movie, but i also felt so confused watching it. there's too much going on at once.
Jablonsky100 22 timmar sedan
Everything wrong with "Everything Wrong With The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" 1. 0:52: Yes, there ARE cafees with TV on..5 sins 2: 0:56: Yes, according to the book, AND the trilogy, the newspaper IS Millenium! 5 sins! 3: 1:32: in the reasearch, for Milton Security, shes doin what shes asked to do...! She dindt mean in her private life! 5 sins! 4. 1:50: The background on Mikael Blomkquist, and that its Lisbeth doing that, is essential for ALL three books!! 5 sind 5. 2:28: Have you read the book?? I guess not, because this is how the hacker IS explained!! 5 sins 6. 2:59: Mr Vanger dindt know WHO was investigating Mikael, they just hired Milton Security, for a background check! 10 sins!! 7. 3:48 Who the h*ll is Kurt Vonnagut...?? And does it matter if it was his last book? No1 cares! 10 sins! 8: 4:45 again, this is essential for the rest of the three books (and movies), since Bjurman (the lawyer) ends up dead, with the tattoo, and of course Lisbeth seems to have killed him....!! 20 sins!! 9: 6:00 - yes, as #8, it is an essential point, for the movie, the book, and all three of them! 20 sins! 10: 7:46 you have 52 sins, 4 seconds later you have 51 sins, without any "we take one sin off"...10 sins! 11: 8:20: Why do you think thats mentioned as an option in both the US-movie, the Swedish movie, AND the book?? Maybe they ARE the same?? 20 sins! 12:12 This Photo was from a private person, who was there on her wedding-vacation. AND a kid wasnt suspected... 5 sins 14:20 You earlier gave a sins that the house dindt have any alarm or locks, so why should he have it when he was IN the house! And the torture-chamber was found as she searched the house...read the book! 50 sins! 14:50: again, thats why theres three books...! 5 sins! 15:50: The first time all of the witness and documentation proved to be false, and made up by Wennerstrøm. This time Lisbeth hacked into Wennerstrøms computer, AND it was possible to prove... Read the books! 10 sins! 16:36: Yeah, ok, they forgot this in this movie, but in the book Gregar is willing to share his wife, instead of not having her at all....5 sins almost a minute in the end with...what?? 20 sins! AND 2x2 commercials during this 17 minute..?? 100 sins!! Summary: 300 sins!! Read the books b4 critisizing the movie!!
rocco rath
rocco rath 22 timmar sedan
I got off TikTok and try’ed to scole haha
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 22 timmar sedan
Jumanji is a Hanukkah movie. Fight me.
Chris Allie
Chris Allie 22 timmar sedan
But didn’t alien girl nail a bloke so she gets pregnant,sorry I got mixed up with species but anyways what would happen to a alien ridden hulk even though they’re totally different movies but what would happen to a alien or predator ridden hulk
Henry tuilagi
Henry tuilagi 22 timmar sedan
Cars made kids happy . To some fat nerd it was terrible. I’ve met comic book guy in real life
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 22 timmar sedan
Jesus Christ this movie is giving me a headache it’s so baddddddddddd
ZENITH PHOENIX 22 timmar sedan
"I've never known a time in sports history where an athlete was still in his prime and got completely ignored just because that person suffered a season-ending injury." Carson Wentz: Hold my beer
The lord Tachanka
The lord Tachanka 22 timmar sedan
This movie would be easy if the characters owned a Tesla.
Alex Vance
Alex Vance 22 timmar sedan
It's ten
Cthulhu 22 timmar sedan
“All dogs go to heaven” that means they’re all going to hell
Karate Chap
Karate Chap 22 timmar sedan
1:37 you didn't point out the fact that there was no puncture on her pink jacket.
AJAY SEKAR 22 timmar sedan
I will not give you the 75th sin sir the race without light will help him in a major crash scenario in the race if it happens 11:03
biggouldy 22 timmar sedan
Jeremy is a dick to movies!
Despina Topapaki
Despina Topapaki 22 timmar sedan
We should cancel Cinema Sins, he can't even right. It's "Everything IS Wrong With Ouiji"
Aedrieus 22 timmar sedan
11:27 Aunt Meg may be "tough", but the underlying message is, she can't afford the medical bills.
olivia lau
olivia lau 22 timmar sedan
I don't think the things you pointed out are "sins" just things to add to the plot or character
Carbon Jett Asher
Carbon Jett Asher 22 timmar sedan
Way too many sins for things that were perfectly fine or explained. Someone needs to do better research. Also Gingrich, not Kennedy.
Adam Sharp
Adam Sharp 22 timmar sedan
This style is gross and weird
Carbon Jett Asher
Carbon Jett Asher 22 timmar sedan
Pronoun game with Zed? Let's put it on?
The Kylor Show
The Kylor Show 23 timmar sedan
Being a fan of the Resident Evil games, these movies bothered me so much when I watched them. I almost rage quit watching Resident Evil The Final Chapter after Wesker's death. It was such an embarrassing end to a badass villain in the games and they swapped him out in the final battle for who even remembers what his name was? As much as I like Milla Jovovich, this franchise frustrated me.
Sagnik Basak
Sagnik Basak 23 timmar sedan
what's the joke about the postal worker?
Antonio Vukovic
Antonio Vukovic 23 timmar sedan
"And somehow a dog that looks exatcly like BOLT that is wearing a collar with the name BOLT from a hit show named BOLT hasn't been reported yet. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dwayne Collins
Dwayne Collins 23 timmar sedan
😩😩 remember when these videos used to be THIS good? When they actually picked apart flaws in the movies and made creative jokes about how it’s written, instead of the same clunky jokes and overly ‘woke’ perspectives??
dani brooks
dani brooks 23 timmar sedan
If this movie was the cheese of plot holes it would be Swiss.....or something like that.
dani brooks
dani brooks 23 timmar sedan
Normally I can tolerate big budget movies even if they're bad but I turned this off halfway because it was so stupid.
Unknown Scientist
Unknown Scientist 23 timmar sedan
CinemaSins: "No one is more or less valuable based on their footwear choices." Also CinemaSins: "Wonder Woman fights in wedges??? WEDGES???"
Katie Jeselnik
Katie Jeselnik 23 timmar sedan
Soul is a good movie you have’nt seen it.
Emilia W and Blossom Flower - Production
Emilia W and Blossom Flower - Production 23 timmar sedan
People: IT'S COPY OF INSIDE OUT! Me: It's copy of Wreck-it Ralph.
A nonny Moss
A nonny Moss 23 timmar sedan
I may be wrong here, but weren't all men in Medieval England times required to own and be proficient with a bow and arrow? If I am not wrong that makes the training scene even more of a sin...
Dr. Humongous
Dr. Humongous 23 timmar sedan
Criticizing a movie on some petty points is pretty easy for anyone. Making such a great masterpiece as such a large scale, there are some things that might get missed out.
G4m3s4nd5tuff 23 timmar sedan
"How is Rachel taking a nap during this" It’s middle school, I’ve slept through worse
brigadier-tc 23 timmar sedan
I'm really surprised that the "I was a child" line didn't get more sins, especially as Marion is 25 in this film, putting her at 15 during her relationship with Indy ten years ago, and putting Dr Jones in a position where he should never be allowed within 50 metres of a child, let alone be a professor.
•LunarWolfie-chan!• 23 timmar sedan
"left-handers" whatdidyoujustsay
Big Deezy
Big Deezy 23 timmar sedan
"These guys have the hiding skills of a 3 year old" 😂😂😂 13:47
Juno IrvingIII
Juno IrvingIII 23 timmar sedan
Stephanie B
Stephanie B Dag sedan
The fact they used television to grant wishes is a sin in itself. Imagine if you wished for a billion dollars. You get it. Are you still going to be watching TV when she asks you to renounce it? No, you are going to be going out to spend money or on the phone to tell people. Not, waiting for the person on TV to tell you anything after.
Diamonds Tarot
Diamonds Tarot Dag sedan
xyz abc
xyz abc Dag sedan
Actually the cavalry is one of the worst investment for a defending force. They are worthless in a head on charge. A well placed foot soldiers regiment can make cavalry waste within hours. One culture in the east has already fallen due to this collosal mistake-well it was one of the reason. Right after their golden age, when they could fight off far more blood thirsty hordes as hunas and shakas. When Arabs established their rule, trade involved Horses. The costly horses became centerpiece of army formation. More because it signified the King's stature. So when actual invasion came- they failed miserably. Within next 800 years their lands got invaded, women raped, universities burnt, society crippled and towns and cities burnt. then they endured 800 years of foreign rule + 200 years colonialism, ultimately stripped off everything that made them great. Plenty of reasons were given for why a civilisation which could stop Alexander dead in his path, and kept on rise year after years fell suddenly within a span of 800 years. The over reliance on cavalry is one reason.
SG CHUA Dag sedan
She is not feeding the whole chicken nugget to an infant, it is a dog I guess.
SoapyMess Dag sedan
Okay, but can we talk about how Barbara STOOD STILL AFTER SEEING JOKER POINT A GUN AT HER UTERUS? If she's able to run around hundreds of automatic bullets, she can move out of the way of a pistol.
Cat Mate
Cat Mate Dag sedan
5 sins for wasting water in the shower? Dude, it's not a cinema sin, it's an ecology sin, are you fracking Greta or what :D
zero Dag sedan
I can't fucking believe that's Johnny Depp.
Hey it's Harry
Hey it's Harry Dag sedan
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini
Fat bastard. CartoonyMartini Dag sedan
Painted on it s9 the na'vi know its her.
steven smith
steven smith Dag sedan
6:24 -6:27 i agree
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo Dag sedan
1) Knowing his life was on the line that day, why would Alonzo risk “training” a rookie that day? 2) Right after the heist, Alonzo is already talking to the Mexicans about getting rid of the rookie even though it would’ve been cleaner to kill at the scene as his crew told him. 3) After the heist, even though the rookie didn’t take the money, there was no indication or threat that he intended to rat them out. Why kill him that very same night? 4) Alonzo was running low on time. Why would he risk going home first before meeting the Russians? Further more, did he really plan on meeting the Russians by himself with a million dollars and expect the Russians not to kill him and get the money? Wouldn’t his crew accompany him? 5) Assuming it is believable that an entire Gang would’ve really give their backs to Alonzo and let Rookie walk. They would’ve NEVER allowed him to walk away with a MILLION Dollars in cash! These guys get into shootouts for much less cash! ~ Love the movie but it’s very very Hollywood.
Amalgamate Frisk
Amalgamate Frisk Dag sedan
Apparently CinemaSins completely overlooked the fact that Charlie just had to conveniently hit the boat's emergency horn button right when Blu's apparent demise was upon him, not to mention the BS of Tiago being chewed out for simply being surprised by aforementioned boat horn and yelling in his fear.
Andalusian Illusion
Andalusian Illusion Dag sedan
These are peoples drawings
Hellbolter Dag sedan
What I want to know is how Sonya Blade went from having long hair in the first one to having short hair in the second one when the second one starts right after they get to the temple.
PC__ '
PC__ ' Dag sedan
90% of the comments are sequel bad comments
Miccrhaafetl Dag sedan
Nice fan, Charlie. Keep swingin'. Maybe you'll give 'em a cold. As a kid I loved this movie, still do somewhat, but now as a Youth Coach or I have worked directly for the youth league, this movie is frustrating to no ends. I would be fired if I allowed half this stuff in the movie to happen. You could say it was a different time back then, and I said it doesn't matter league past, present, or future are not going to allow kids to play without the right gear. The team is under-geared is in the top 10 stupid storytelling. you can have the right gear and still be horrible.
Kenneth Pedersen
Kenneth Pedersen Dag sedan
Just wanted to point out those are not floppy disks, those are Zip Drive disks.
MigiMonster x
MigiMonster x Dag sedan
This one was whack cinimacins
༒Toxic Willow༒
༒Toxic Willow༒ Dag sedan
Mmmm a sin video of my favorite movie. I like this
BourgeoisBlues Dag sedan
Man, I love this movie
xyz abc
xyz abc Dag sedan
The whole movie is a sin
Liam Holmes
Liam Holmes Dag sedan
quite an amazing film series.
musiquefrique Dag sedan
Four thousands sins and I’d still watch because... MILA JOJOVICH!!!
Negative Zer0
Negative Zer0 Dag sedan
I finished watching this movie yesterday
Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter Dag sedan
What, no Peggy Hill audio outtakes?
FloofyMoth KingYT
FloofyMoth KingYT Dag sedan
(when I remember when my dad got it for my lil sis and i wnated to die just CUZ )
loveanddreambig Dag sedan
Love that you referenced that the actress playing Emilie is also Wynonna Earp.
G Xenick
G Xenick Dag sedan
Why no sin for the McQueen grills? All they consume is oil!
Hisoka Morow
Hisoka Morow Dag sedan
Kylo simping Rey back to life gotta be the biggest asspull to ever been ass pulled.
Creepvison Dag sedan
If you watched this, you read the book. They combined Frick with another character, that's about it.
Kousand Dag sedan
Definitely a shot at birdman lol
Hylia's Knight
Hylia's Knight Dag sedan
9:55 that sh*t is literally water.
Reginald Sconiers
Reginald Sconiers Dag sedan
The lasers racist stfu
Nishat Zaman
Nishat Zaman Dag sedan
at 4:02 look carefully what the hell is belle from beauty and the beast doing there?
Kayvon Crenshaw
Kayvon Crenshaw Dag sedan
HERE IS THE MILLION-DOLLAR QUESTION: Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here's a quick test: Have you ever lied, stolen, or used God's name in vain? Jesus said, ”Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” if you have done these things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart and the Bible warns that one day God will punish you in a terrible place called H***. But God is not willing that any should perish. Sinners broke God's law and Jesus paid their fine. This means that God can legally dismiss their case: ”For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” Then Jesus rose from the dead, defeating death. Today, repent and trust Jesus, and God will give you eternal life as a free gift. Then read the Bible daily and obey it. God will never fail you!
Bbay person
Bbay person Dag sedan
5:36... LOL!!!
Legendary Luke
Legendary Luke Dag sedan
Am I the only one who would be creeped out by my name being the password of some kid I went to school with and wasn't at least friends
Declan Jones
Declan Jones Dag sedan
Rusty always eating disarms the audience while also creating a sense of subterfuge and a carefree almost blase attitude which instantly makes him seem likeable and cool because he seems unconcerned by the weight and complexity of what he and Danny are planning to do.
Frenzy - TLOPO
Frenzy - TLOPO Dag sedan
The sloth bit was funny but the trailer ruined it.
Ruth Bogan
Ruth Bogan Dag sedan
by just watching this video, I can feel the Ice Age
Eugenio27 Dag sedan
Half of this sins are Jeremy complaining about singing in a musical